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Black Skin Makeup: 5 Do’s and 6 Don’ts


Over the years, women with dark skin have had fewer chances of applying suitable makeup. 

Worry no more, with the dos and Don’ts of the black skin makeup; one can confidently say it’s time for that perfect touch. 

The guideline includes:

1. Master your Highlighting and Contouring

A dark-skinned woman in the quest for a blusher should better look for brown and copper undertones. 

Though the foundation has the possibility of giving a flawless complexion, it still shouldn’t be relied on when it comes to the skin of dark women.

A black woman can sculpt her features more by contouring little with a bronzer, highlighter, and perhaps a variety of foundation shades.

2. Wear Dark Blush

Dark-skinned women should use a cream blush because it is much easier to control the intensity adversely; coral, deep orange & wine tones can still assist.

3. Have Fun with Eye Make-Up

Bold eye makeup effortlessly fits dark-skinned women! An electric blue or hot pink always brings out the fun side of the dark-skinned, just that you have to ensure one thing to keep hips & cheeks muted.

4. Make use of shimmery eye shadows.

Shimmery eye shadow, gold, purple add a perfect touch on the dark-skinned. Brown or black eyeliner can as well do the magic.

5. Do Color Correct

No matter the type of skin color one may have, color correcting will go a long way. 

Always go for concealers that neutralize discoloration and cover up a dark spot.


1. Don’t Wear Pale Frosty Lip Colors

The best lip colors for darker skins are bold colors like hot pink, violet, burgundy, oxblood, and red.

Pale bubblegum pink and lilac is still lovely, though, but it has the capacity of washing out the gorgeous dark complexion. You can still opt for browed nude and earthly tones.

2. Don’t Skimp on Powder.

 The powder is enough for someone that has oily skin.

3. Don’t Use Foundation That Doesn’t Match.

The most challenging task for women with dark skin is finding the most suitable foundation. 

At times, the solution to this problem is walking to a makeup store with a professional makeup artist.

It’s not funny when the face is brighter than the tone of the chest. So, in the cause of selecting the most suitable, match the foundation to the skin tone on the neck. 

4. Don’t Forget To Sculpt Your Brows.

Whatever your makeup might look like is paramount to shaping your eyebrows properly because it makes one look awakes.

5. Don’t Skip Concealer. 

The concealer helps brighten the eye area of the dark skin.

6. Don’t Go Pale 

Dark-skinned women should stay away from the color that is dull or has too much white pigment.

What makeup looks good on dark skin?

Women with dark skin are more beautiful when they apply brighter skincare products, champagne, golden tones, glitter, and shimmer, though weird. 

The darker the skin is, the more orange in the undertone, but the lighter the skin, the pinker. 

Makeup products like foundation, Concealer, etc., should be aimed at enhancing the natural shade.

Foundation that best suits black skin is what?

The dark skin women should know the best foundation for their skin so that people will not turn them into laughing stock. 

The “Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation” and “Beauty Bakerie Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation” are the best. 

Another foundation suitable for dark skin is Black Opal True color skin perfecting stick foundation and skin by Mented Stick Foundation. 

One more foundation that looks good on the dark skin is Black Up Matifying Fluid Foundation and, lastly though not least, Pat Mc Grath Labs Sublime Perfection Foundation.

How do you pick a concealer for black skin?

Before choosing a concealer, it is essential to understand how and where you will be using it.  

For instance, if you are to use it under the eye, be sure to take a shade that gives you much brightness to counteract the darkness. 

Therefore, picking a concealer for black skin demands two shades lighter Concealer than the foundation. 


With the dos and Don’ts of the dark skin makeup, women with black skin can now flaunt their makeup with a second thought of looking inferior.  

Are you dark-skinned and still find it challenging to apply that fabulous makeup and look nice? Kindly check out the Dos and Don’ts for a super result.

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