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11 After Birth Things You Can Do To Improve Attraction for Women

A woman’s body changes after birth, but your attraction doesn’t need to fizzle out event at that. You can make a little effort to improve it again. 

Just because you are not having as much time or money as possible should not limit how you care for your body before childbirth. 

To know possible things you can do to improve your attraction, read on.

1. Exercise daily

Exercising after birth does not necessarily mean a lady in her postpartum should rush into the gym house. 

It is essential to exercise slowly and gently after birth as it stretches ligaments more than usual. 

No doubt, exercise like walking, pelvic floor exercise, aerobic exercise, and a bit of speed of jogging after a feed will help put the body attraction in check. 

A regular workout routine after pregnancy contributes so much to improving appearance. 

After birth, women should incorporate yoga or Pilates into their routine workout as it will help them with strength and flexibility. 

Also, you should include bridge and plank exercise in the steady workout routine because it will help strengthen the abdominal and core areas. 

It’s also notable to add cardio-focused exercises such as swimming, biking, treadmill workout, etc. 

More so, a strength training exercise that will target the entire body can help drop unwanted fat.

2. Healthy eating

For a woman that wants to put her body in good shape after birth, it’s advisable to take in meals with the proper nutrients. 

Nonetheless, while having a healthy diet, ensure that your fat intake is down. 

Choosing a healthy diet with high fiber foods, low fat, fresh fruits, fewer junks, and fewer soft drinks is essential.

A good diet can benefit health generally; favor the skin specifically, leading to a healthier glow. 

Poor dieting can cause different skin issues. Therefore, a nutritious diet can keep both the inward and outward appearance of a woman after birth.

Maintain good eating guidelines 

Eating healthfully entails maintaining healthy diets and good eating guidelines. During pregnancy, it’s natural for women to eat things they feel like and get away with it. 

However, a rule concerning nutritional needs has to be established to get back or improve your attraction after birth. 

It’s essential to focus on smaller balanced meals throughout the day, always have a vegetable on hand, and incorporate protein to control hunger.

3. Drink water always

Research has it that mothers who hydrate are closer to recovery and desirable comfort. 

It helps the body absorb and transfer minerals, vitamins, and hormones to the blood cells. 

Excess water intake during post-birth will also help flush out toxins in the body. 

After birth, hydration increases blood flow to the skin, giving the skin a glowing look, minor irritation, and blemishes.

4. Get enough rest

It might sound new to you that lack of sleep on postpartum mothers will increase cravings, upset metabolism, and make it difficult to lose extra pregnancy weight. 

Getting plenty of rest for women in their postpartum period will reduce the rate at which they exhaust their energy.

Rest helps boost blood flow, reduce wrinkles, and lack of rest post-birth can cause drab complexion, blotchy.

5. Buy new undies

Keeping the post-baby stomach and all the wobbly bits in check is crucial while improving attraction. 

It’s clever to discard loose waist maternity undies in approval of some tummy-hugging skivvies. 

Top-notch, stylish maternity bras have a higher tendency to spark joy, and spicy panty can contribute to improving attraction.  

6. Have a basket for touch up

Getting a basket or a small container containing nipple cream, face wipes, mirror, lip balm, brush, etc., speaks of somebody. 

Immediate access to all of these will surely help maintain neatness, make it presentable and put together.  

7. Take care of your skin.

Giving birth and focusing on your newborn will not stop one from taking care of their skin. 

Proper care of the skin will help improve the attraction in women after childbirth. 

Though taking care of a baby makes a woman’s needs take a back seat, it’s still good to squeeze out time for self-care. 

Gentle cleanser and moisturizer with built-in sunscreen for the mornings and plain moisturizer at night will improve attraction after birth. 

Caring for your skin at home using good body masks recipes and peels will keep your pores looking fresh.

8. Wear perfect fitted clothes

Good numbers of women don’t do well at all after childbirth. Saying goodbye to maternity clothes and yoga pants will help improve attraction. 

Dressing well does not necessarily mean breaking the bank or getting a whole new wardrobe. 

It simply entails wearing a clean, neat dress that fits perfectly well. 

Endeavor to pick outfits you are comfortable in for easy boob access.

9. Avoid strenuous work

During postpartum or post-birth, it is wise always to seek assistance or entirely avoid strenuous work. 

Attraction tends to decrease when a woman stresses over household chores, errands, and other tasks. 

Strenuous work can lead to physical health problems like bleeding, infection, and backaches.

10. Use of dry shampoo for the hair

Using dry shampoo to wash the hair after birth may sound weird, but it’s a hygienic way of improving appearance that is worth embracing. 

Ensure to do this when your baby might not need your attention, preferably when they are asleep. It is safe to have a moment of hygiene with dry shampoo. 

Dry shampoo is recommendable because it saves time, keeps hair healthy, neutralizes odor, absorbs oil, and increases color longevity.

11. Get new makeup

The after-birth body shape can be emotionally challenging as women don’t fit into their pre-pregnancy clothes and make-up anymore. 

One of the ways to restore and vamp pre preggo beauty is to apply a few pieces of makeup. 

Makeup like foundation, mascara, powder, etc., will help freshen up the look, prettify the face, and be attractive.  

How do I look attractive to my husband after having a baby?

Improving attraction to your husband’s desire after birth is not rocket science. Instead, you can achieve it by taking appropriate care of yourself, forgetting your “mom” jobs for some time. 

Making worthy time for each other and always expressing yourself by voicing the things you need will help make you more attractive.

How can I improve my intimacy after having a baby?

It is not a daunting tax to improve intimacy after childbirth, as we all know that a connective spouse inspires passion. 

You can improve it by cultivating gifts, scheduling intimacy, nurturing twosomes, and inviting passion through compassion.


Giving birth comes with lots of dramatic changes to the body. It usually produces a hormone that makes tendons, ligaments, joints, and muscle fibers more pliable. 

Some basic things to do after birth in other to improve attraction are listed above. 

Days are gone when women eat anything they feel like eating, wear oversized clothes and turn to obesity, all in the name of childbirth.

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