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12 Most Finest Cities in Africa

Despite some negatives views many may have about Africa, you can still see some exceptional beautiful cities . The continent are known for their...


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Why Turkish Company, Dearsan Shipyard Builds Offshore Patrol Vessels for Nigerian Navy

Sequel to the supply order from the Nigerian Navy, the Turkish Shipyard Company, Dearsan, on the 3rd of October 2021, contracted with them to...


20 Most Popular and Influential Women in the History of Africa

Today, several influential African women in leadership inspire the women of the next generation across the globe. Gone are the day's women were marginalized...

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6 Effective Ways on How to Look Slimmer in a Bikini

If you are interested in knowing how to look thinner in a bathing suit and more appealing in the summer despite having undergone a...

5 Effective Tips on How to Lighten the Intimate Areas

The skin, which serves as the body's primary protective barrier, continually changes throughout our lifetimes.  The intimate area is not exempt from these variances, which,...

9 Effective Tips on How to Add Volume to Thin Hair

Achieving volume in one's hair is a common desire among women who have straight, sparse hair.  Not to worry if this is the situation for...

11 Foods for a Supple and Radiant Skin

Eating healthy diets is one of the essential factors in looking more attractive.  A healthy and balanced diet may help you obtain beautiful results such...

10 Effective Homemade Night Masks for a Glowing Face

When we sleep, our entire body builds up its strength and prepares for the upcoming day, and our skin also rests and regenerates similarly.  As...


14 Reasons Why Calabar Carnival Festival is West African Best Event

The annual Calabar carnival festival tends to be the most interesting among other festivals in West Africa, including the Ogun festival, the new yam...

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