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10 Effective Ways Ladies Can Use to Pamper their Men

Some men love their spouse to vocally tell them that they love them, while others prefer actions from their ladies.

Not minding how many years you have been together, your relationship, you can sometimes pamper your man to keep the spark alive. Yes, you can reverse the pampering he gives to you.

The thoughtful pampering ideas here will help you show your man how you genuinely feel and, in turn, make him feel special.

1. Prepare his favorite meal

Making your man his favorite meal without him asking for it is a sure way of pampering him. Just as the saying goes, ‘the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’

You don’t even need to prepare the whole meal. Keep it simple, and then surprise your man with it. With your effort, he will indeed feel loved.

The fact that you know a little detail about him, especially the food he likes to eat, will spark up your love life.

In addition to that, you can bring him breakfast in bed. If he has an alarm, put it off before it wakes him up. Then with you sitting just close to him with his cup of coffee in your hand, he will feel relaxed for the rest of the day.

2. Let him enjoy his all-guys time

In as much as your man enjoys hanging out with you, he also loves to hang out with his friends too, so to pamper him by letting him have his time alone with his guys.

Often, the men will not say this, but they love their all-boys trip or all-boy nighttime a lot. To spice it up, you can even plan the hangout or picnic for him.

By planning the hangout for him, he will be surprised and love you for being calm and caring.

3. Spend time with just him

Sometimes ladies devote so much time to their jobs, and sometimes when married with kids, they give much time to their children and less to their men.

To pamper your man, spend quality time with just him. You both can chill indoors watching Netflix, or you can go for a picnic.

The time you spend alone, even just 10 minutes doing nothing with your man, will ignite your love and make him understand how important he is to you.

4. Instigate physical intimacy 

To pamper your man, you can instigate physical intimacy, especially when there is no time for sex. You can surprise your man with soft kisses first thing in the morning or before you go to bed.

When you leave for work, or when he does something nice for you, you can plant a kiss on his forehead or hug him. The unprompted sweet physical contacts will remind him of your love for him.

5. Leave sweet short notes for him

To express your love and feeling for your spouse, you can leave short notes for them. By doing so, you will spark up your relationship and make your spouse feel special.

You can drop the notes on his laptop or lunch bag, his pillow, or any other spots he sees often. If you cannot drop him a letter, you can also send a short text message.

The note’s content or message could be ‘I miss you,’ a motivational quote, or just your thoughts. If it comes all the time, it will become something to miss you for.

6. Give him a manicure or pedicure

Bring out the supplies and give your man a manicure and pedicure once in a while. Men enjoy it when their women pamper them this way.

After working on his toenails and fingers, nails rub in lotion on his arms and give him a massage as well. Gently work on his foot and head.

To make the extra experience memorable, play soft background music and light colorful aromatic candles in the room. If you have to, book a luxury spa or massage for him.

7. Partake in his hobbies

Men love it when their women take part in their hobbies. Always bear in mind that couples that partake in a hobby together enjoy it more and stay together.

You can take an interest in playing video games or riding the bicycle with him if that is his hobby. If, however, he is good at reading, you can as well read with him.

If you are not good at your spouse’s hobby, ask him to teach you or make an effort to learn it. If you can understand his hobby by yourself, surprise him with it when next he is at it.

It’s more fun as you both can laugh at your imperfection. The idea is to pamper your man and let him know you support his hobbies.

8. Plan dinner dates

Putting together a romantic dinner date will sure make your spouse feel special. It is true that he has been the one planning on your dinner date but to pamper him, plan your date and take responsibility for the night.

Do not let him know your plans beforehand but let the events of the night surprise him. You can plan something related to your first date.

You can buy tickets for his favorite show or movie or book a table at his favorite fancy restaurant and see him smile as the events unfold.

9. Surprise him with a gift

If you observe that there is something your man wants but could not buy it at the moment, surprise him with it.

Buy him gifts ordinarily, don’t wait on special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or his birthday.

You can buy that thing he is already making plans to buy for himself before he completes does that. Apply creativity and careful observation in this one.

If you are used to buying him a particular kind of thing, change and buy him an expensive gift this time around. It could be a headphone, a mobile phone, play station, a phone case and so on.

10. Compliment him

The same way you enjoy compliments is the same way your man will feel when you compliment him.

Appreciate his little efforts if you want to pamper him, and it will lift his ego and make him feel happy. If he is making efforts in fitness or cooking, let him know how wonderful he is at it.

If he is with family or friends, you can praise him in their presence and watch how his face will glow. Let him feel you value him with your compliments.

How can I pamper my husband at home?

To pamper your husband at home, give him a little surprise gift, send him a message, give him a manicure, spend time each day with just him, leave little notes, watch his favorite movie with him, surprise him at work, participate in his favorite sports, and do one of his duties.

What can a woman do for a man to make him happy?

If you are a woman and you want to make your man feel happy, do the following; look directly into his eyes, compliment him, buy things for you both, appreciate him, do not use the phone while you are talking, give him space, play with him in the bathroom.

How do I spoil my man?

To spoil your man with love, here are what you can do; give him a sexy surprise, cook his favorite meal, compliment him, send him sexy messages, organize a date night, get him random gifts, drop love notes to him, and get flowers for him.


Always bear in mind that little things matter so much in relationships. Just figure out what works for you and your spouse and do it.

The thoughts in this article about how to pamper your man will also help you maintain a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

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