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12 Remarkable Things Men Should Do During Wife’s Pregnancy

Some men usually back off during pregnancy while they’re supposed to comply with their responsibilities as faithful husbands.

Pregnancy comes with hormonal changes that swing the mood of women. Therefore, men should help their wives ease stress, make them feel happier, support them, and strengthen their bond. 

You might still be wondering how to help your wife enjoy a less-stressed period of pregnancy.

In this post, we have drafted a guide that will give you insight into your duties from the period of your wife’s conception to birth.

Read the twelve impressive points highlighted below:

1. Be sensitive to her emotions.

Always be sensitive to your wife’s emotional struggle, pain, mood swing, and cravings. 

Try to make her understand you feel her, respond to her with kindness, and be eager to hear her request.

Comfort her when delivery frightens her. Be ever ready to be calm her down during the most challenging days.

2. Lend a hand in house chores

Ensure you do the cleaning and related chores when she can’t without a mean face. Don’t guilt-trip her while trying to lend a hand in the house chores.

It will also be nice to reduce the laundry rate or still employ dry cleaners for pregnancy.

3. Cook with her

Try and be cooking with her and for her voluntarily. Let her know you enjoy doing that and don’t give her reason’s to be bored. 

Alternatively, you can try eating out with your wife at times; make her see cooking as less of a burden.

4. Offer a proper massage when she needs it

Massaging will always lift the pain she is passing through make her feel very comfortable bee around you. Ensure you give her a regular foot massage, keep her happy and smiling, hold her and constantly rub her back.

5. Pay attention to her needs

Listen to her talk at ease, don’t find it tiring. Enjoy the stories she had to share, listen to her complaints, cravings, demands, etc. be ready to follow her do’s and don’ts during the pregnancy.

6. Be a reminder to her

Keep serving as a reminder, ensure she takes a good quantity of food, takes adequate diet, water, and prescribed medicines. 

Always support her in completing doctor’s suggestions, accommodating their hypertensive nature on smells, and always vent when she feels like it.

7. Encourage and reassure her

Always try as much as possible to encourage and reassure her she will be pleasing and safe. 

Make her understand that she will gradually adapt to her lifestyle and body shape changes and, most importantly, do it with affections.

8. Understand her desire for sex

During the pregnancy period, some women have less urge for sex. At this rate, the husband will have to adapt and not feel guilt over the decision. 

Show her she’s still your no.1, and you still care to support her throughout the period, even without the sex.

9. Support her during nausea and vomiting 

Early morning pregnancy sickness, otherwise known as nausea and vomiting, can be as inconvenient as ever. 

Please don’t make her feel wrong about when this happens. Always try and make her path to the bathroom smooth and easy.

Give her the support she needs, encourage her, make her feel comfortable, and provide a resting space for her after vomiting.

10. Encourage her to take breaks and baps

Some women are strong in doing all the house chores, while others do it for peace to reign. 

Always encourage her to take breaks and naps, making her see naps as one of her daily doses. 

Don’t raise voices when you see her sleeping, and try and place yourself in her shoes and know what it means to bring a baby into the world.  

11. Visit the doctor with her

 It is nice to accompany your wife to antenatal if you don’t have a tight schedule. 

The reason is that there may be complications, and if this becomes the case, it will be stressful for her.

It’s nice if you can make time to go with her whenever she has a schedule with the doctor, encouraging her, making her feel that you’re in it together.

12. Get all the resources for delivery

Of course, you’re waiting to receive a bundle of joy in your home, so you should prepare for the delivery of your baby.

Preparing for the delivery can be stressful. Therefore, you have to show full support by shopping for all the necessary maternity items together.

Pack maternity bag as the big day draws near while ensuring that everything she will need for delivery is available as requested by the hospital.

Learn baby spit-up, swaddling a baby, diapering, and other necessary things because it’s your responsibility to take care of your pregnant wife and baby when they arrive.

What should a husband do to support his wife during pregnancy?

Husbands can support their wives during pregnancy by applying all the tips in this post, geared towards encouragement and physical and emotional support.

What can fathers do during pregnancy?

Fathers should listen more during the wife’s pregnancy and talk to her in a mild voice. Most importantly, they should help in household chores and get packing to welcome the new baby.

Final Words

Though pregnancy comes with a tough time and agitation in some cases, it’s more or less like expecting a bundle of joy and anxiety at the same time. 

You can still cherish, preserve and experience each moment with ease from the above-listed guidelines.

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