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MallforAfrica is Shutting Down its Online Business Operations

An eCommerce platform in Nigeria, MallforAfrica, appears to be suspending its operation in Nigeria for a rebranding per se. 

MallforAfrica is Africa’s e-Commerce platform operating in Nigeria to provide an easy way to purchase items directly from international online retailers. 

Nigerian-born brothers, Chris and Tope Folayan, established the platform in 2011 with the sole aim of providing Nigerians with a platform for easy buying of online goods locally and internationally.

Afterward, the eCommerce company formed an online platform for African retailers to promote their goods to a universal audience digitally.

Following the company’s partnership with eBay, customers from different parts of the world were able to buy African goods on eBay’s MallforAfrica store.

The company has received support from distinguished investors, partnered with well-known UK and US stores, and in a short while, turned to be one of Africa’s most popular eCommerce platforms.

By 2018, the MallforAfrica online platform is already available to customers across seventeen African countries.

The number could have reached 34 countries with a DHL partnership as the eCommerce site “MarketPlaceAfrica.com,” which provides an easy way for African artisans to sell in any of DHL’s 220 delivery countries, Chris said.

Chris, the founder of MallforAfrica, reveals expansion plans to the Middle East and Latin America.

The company’s shutdown has affected the fate of DHL Africa eShop as MallforAfrica is a backbone to the platform.

A closure notice on its website reads, “We appreciate your patronage over the years, funds in individual MFA account will be refunded, and we’ll order you made before our closure as MallforAfrica is no longer taking orders.”

Signs the e-Commerce Platform Has Shut Down.

  • MallforAfrica has shut down the significant sign that the ‘App’ is no longer on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • The company has stopped taking orders, and customers that have the app before its shutdown can no longer log in.
  • MallforAfrica has not posted on its social media page since September 30, 2021, despite customers’ complaints.
  • Customers are unable to withdraw their funds or get any response from Mallforfrica.

Takes of the C.E.O, Chris Folayan

Chris, the company owner, stated that MallforAfrica is temporarily closed but prays to have it back running better than ever though he did not disclose the date of resumption.

He promised that the company would refund customers, but it will take longer than usual due to diminished staff size.

He further assures customers that they can’t let their loyal customer base down or ruin their ten years of patronage.

Additionally, Chris vehemently denies the claim that investors have pulled out, adding that the company still maintains a good relationship with investors.

Why MallforAfrica is Shutting down its Online Business Operations

 The renowned Africa-focused eCommerce platform has allegedly closed down the operation of their online shopping website for the following reasons:

– They want to rebrand the platform imminently, and secondly

– The current, unstable forex rate in Nigeria and unpredictable policies of CBN. The issue with forex and CBN policies affected the company, and investors pulled out, thus the shutting down of MallforAfrica.

Bottom Line

The shutting down of the e-commerce platform, MallForAfrica, does not mean a permanent closure but a temporal one for imminent restructuring and rebranding.

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