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Top 10 Construction Companies in Africa

We curate this article to help governments, organizations, and private establishments get reliable construction estimating services for their projects in Africa, and beyond.

In that case, the helpful information about each company, including their notable projects, innovations, annual revenues, and niches in the industry. 

Are you wondering about the big fish in the African construction industry?

Read through the compilation below comprising the list of ten (10) largest construction companies in Africa, you’ll get familiar with the key players in the industry.

1. WBHO Ltd – South Africa 

Wilson Bayly Holmes-Ovcon, abbreviated as WBHO, Ltd, is a renowned full-service construction company in Cape Town, South Africa. 

It focuses on complex and most significant infrastructure projects such as greenfield airport developments, international pipelines, landmark building developments, nation-building road projects.

Also, it provides expert opinions on land acquisition, design, construction phase, and completion.

The multidisciplinary construction company is on the JSI list, the largest African stock exchange, and the Johannesburg Securities Exchange.

Annual revenues and financials

WBHO Ltd has a yearly revenue equivalent of AUD$4.5 billion.

Specialty Areas

The activities of WBHO have subdivisions viz; building construction, civil engineering, road construction, earthwork services.


WBHO has several locations in Cape Town, Durban, Gaborone, Port Elizabeth, Accra, Botswana, Mozambique, with their head office in Wynberg, Johannesburg.

Noteworthy Projects

WBHO Ltd, in its 50 years of history, has executed the following notable projects:

  • OTMS Oil Tanks
  • Discovery Headquarters
  • Umhlanga Arch
  • Copperton & GAROB
  • PWC
  • Alice Lane Precinct
  • Kusile Powr Station Main Civils
  • Mall of Africa
  • Ressano Garcia Gas Power Station
  • Kusile Ash Dam & Coal Stock Yard
  • Kathu Solar Project
  • North South Carrier Palapye to Pikwe
  • Cape Town Container Berth Deepening & Quay Refurbishment
  • Mbabane Bypass Swaziland
  • Berg River Dam
  • ORT Central Terminal
  • Moses Mabhida Stadium
  • Gauteng Freeway Improvement
  • Greenpoint Stadium, and 
  • King Shaka International Airport, among others.


The majority choose WBHO over other construction companies in Africa due to its broad specialization, professionalism, extensive experience, conservative approach, and consistent execution.

2. Julius Berger Nigeria PLC – Nigeria 

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC is a leading Nigerian company that offers holistic construction solutions and related services.

The construction company has specialization in the execution of complex works and implementation of state-of-the-art construction technologies.  

The company can act on behalf of industry clients, handle the operation of a building, and refurbish facilities as obliged.  


Julius Berger Company effectively manages and fulfills construction projects, from the inception of an idea design engineering to construction, utilizing in-house expertise and cutting-edge facilities.

Major Services

Julius Berger Nigeria PLC offers various engineering planning, design, building and construction, industrial, and infrastructure development.

Notable Projects of Julius Berger

Julius Berger has completed numerous building and construction projects, including Nigerian roads, bridges, etc. Some of their notable projects are:

  • Second Mainland Bridge or “Eko Bridge” – 1965
  • Delta Steel plant
  • Itoikin-Epe Road Construction – 1972.
  • National Assembly Annex
  • Construction Of Volkswagen Assembly Plant – 1973
  • Falomo Bridge – 1974.
  • Lagos-Ibadan Expressway – 1978.
  • Lagos Ring Road – 1975.
  • Jebba Road Bridge – 1976 
  • Akwa Ibom Stadium Complex, etc.

Annual Revenue

Julius Berger’s annual revenue as of 2020 is $634.91 million.

3. ARUP Engineering – Ghana  

ARUP Engineering, a subsidiary of ARUP Group, is a top construction company formed in Ghana in 1946. 

The company’s dedicated teams and focus on construction provide exceptional performance to customers.

ARUP, a multinational enterprise, specializes in providing consulting services and project management to organizations around the globe.

The company, with its professionalism, has been honored with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award.

ARUP Specialty Areas

Service ARUP renders include civil engineering, planning, designing, consulting, architecture, and technical specialists.  

Annual Income

The annual revenue of ARUP Engineering is £37 million.

 Notable projects

 Some of the noteworthy projects of ARUP Engineering include; 

  • City of Manchester Stadium
  • Donbass Arena
  • Beijing National Stadium
  • Singapore Sports Hub
  • Allianz Arena, etc.

4. EPCO Builders Limited – Kenya 

EPCO Builders Limited is a prolific company that has been at the forefront of Construction Companies in Kenya since 1978.

The EPCO Company boasts a portfolio of buildings, energy, mining, marine, cement, ports and, infrastructure growth.

EPCO, registered as an NCA 1 category by the National Construction Authority, is a vanguard enterprise in the building and civil engineering sector. 

Operating divisions of EPCO 

EPCO, a limited private company, operates in divisions like civil engineering work and general building construction such as banks, auditoriums, hotels, etc.   

Notable Projects

EPCO Builders has undertaken iconic projects like the construction of;

  • Kenya Airways
  • Kenya National Assembly
  • CIC Plaza
  • Moi University Pension Scheme Complex Tower
  • Kwale International Sugar Company, etc. 

Location of the company

With the head office of the company in Kuguru Road Nairobi, Kenya, EPCO also exists in Mombasa.

 Annual revenue 

 EPCO Construction Company has annual revenue of $6 million.

5. Advent Construction Limited – Tanzania 

Advent Construction Ltd is one of the most renowned civil and building construction companies in Tanzania with more than 1000 workforce.

As a valued construction company in Tanzania, it partners with diverse clients and serves as a local representative to international contracting groups.

The master building construction company has constantly delivered excellent services to its clientele and turned corporate and individual dreams into reality.


Advent, headquartered in Dar es Salaam in 1996, has built portfolios in interior design, residential, commercial, industrial, and building works.

Specialty Areas

The area of specialty in Advent Company includes aviation, port works, waste treatment plants, heavy extraction, marine engineering, dams, pipeline works, etc.

Notable Projects

Advent Construction has completed several notable projects in civil building sectors, viz: 

  • Kipawa Filling Station
  • Gypsum Plaster Board Plant
  • Rice Mill, Kihonda Area, Morogoro Municipality
  • Schlumberger
  • Mlimani 
  • Filling Station
  • Gypsum Plaster Board Plant

 Yearly Revenue 

The yearly revenue of Advent Construction is $106,350 million.

6. Orascom Construction PLC – Egypt 

Orascom Construction PLC is one of Africa’s front-line engineering, procurement, and construction contractor headquartered in Cairo, Egypt.

The public organization serving as the first multinational corporation in Egypt is active in over 25 countries.  

Orascom, unlocking expansive knowledge on cutting edge construction, is ranked 38 in ENR Int’l Contractors Ranking and currently has more than 200 running projects.


Orascom construction with footprints in Africa, the Middle East, and the United States covers industrial, infrastructure, and commercial sectors.

Orascom Construction Specialty Areas

The Orascom construction Plc renders services in construction, equipment services, concessions & investments, building materials, O&M, and facilities management.


Orascom Construction Company projects include but are not limited to;

  • The Grand Egyptian Museum
  • Greater Cairo Metro
  • Egypt’s Monorail
  • Data Center Egypt, etc.  

Yearly Revenue

The yearly revenue of Orascom Construction as of 2020 year-end is 3.37 billion US dollars.

7. Sahelian Company of Enterprises – Senegal  

Sahelian Company of enterprises is a forefront construction company in Senegal exclusively good in civil engineering and industry.

Since its establishment in 1970, Sahelian Company could address complex topics and have its approach rigor.

Specialty Areas

Sahelian specializes in civil engineering works such as road construction and bridges, infrastructure, government public works, and complex buildings.

Location: Rocade Fann, Dakar, Senegal.

Yearly revenue

The yearly revenue of Sahelian Company is 73,508 US dollars.

8. Concorde Construction – Zambia

Ahmad Alkhatib Investments Limited T/A, known as Concorde construction, was established in Zambia by a foreigner from Jordan in 2012.  

Concorde construction, one of the private cherished and celebrated companies in Lukaku, Zambia, is owned by Mr. Ahmad Alkhatib.  

The Concorde, a full-service general contractor, offers knowledgeable skills when dealing with large projects.


The Concorde construction company delivers construction equipment, steel fabrication, and building construction services.

Notable Projects 

The Concorde construction is part of renowned projects like;

  • Three office blocks at Zambia city
  • A Big Tree Beverages Factory
  • A double-story House in Rhode Park, etc.

 Annual revenue 

The estimated yearly revenue of Concorde construction is between $25 and 100 million.

9. Unik Construction Engineering (Pty) Ltd – Botswana

Unik Construction Engineering (Pty) Ltd is a construction company incorporated in 1996 and developed enough to undertake big projects.

Unik, a leading construction company in Botswana, has grown into a competitive firm through its years of steadfastness.

While maintaining steady growth, Unik Construction Company has increased its yearly turnover from $100,000 to $100 million.

Services of Unik construction

Unik, with its experience, is known for delivering state-of-art projects in infrastructures, roads and bridges, real estate development, water and sewer pipelines.


The popularity of Unik construction was from its superb delivery in projects, which among them include;

  • Construction of a Railway Spur to Tshele Hills, and
  • Mabeleapudi-Tshimoyapula-Se rule Road

 Annual revenue

Yearly revenue of Unik construction isn$77.22 million


Apart from Botswana being the headquarters, the company has extended its business to Zambia, Lesotho, Namibia, and other southern African countries.  

10. Fair Construction – Rwanda

Fair construction is one of Rwanda’s highly regarded construction companies recognized for delivering exotic projects under any circumstance.

Fair construction, launched in Uganda and established in Rwanda in 1995, has built iconic structures like the BCDI building, New Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, and more.  

Services at Fair construction 

Apart from civil and construction services, Fair Construction has other capabilities like metal works, carpentry, electrical and mechanical installations.

Noteworthy Projects 

Some of the reputable projects of Fair construction include;

  • High commercial court building in Rwanda
  • Substation, and 
  • Civil works for a 20.5 MW Thermal Power Project, etc.

Fair Construction Notable Projects

Some projects of Fair construction include high commercial court building, substation, and civil works for a 20.5 MW Thermal Power Project and lots more.

 Annual revenue

The total yearly revenue of Fair construction is $90,987

What is the best construction company in South Africa?

The best construction company in Africa is WBHO, followed by Group five, Aveng Group, Reubex, and Stefanutti Stocks. 

Which construction company is the richest in Nigeria?

The most prosperous construction company in Nigeria is Julius Berger, which became eminent after completing the Lagos Eko Bridge in Lagos. 

Which construction company is the best in Africa?

WBHO, the leading construction company in South Africa, is the best construction company in Africa.


Saying that Africa’s construction industry is extensive would be a gross understatement as the industry has skyrocketed over the years.

Fully licensed and insured, construction companies in Africa offer different quality performance in all contracting jobs.

Beyond meeting the world’s most fundamental building needs, construction companies (large or small) in Africa impact the global economy.

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