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Moments in History When Serena and Venus Williams Dazzles the World

Serena and Venus Williams are two African American tennis stars from Compton, California, who have made history in the world of sports with their sister act. The Williams sisters have faced each other 31 times in professional matches.

They started playing tennis when they were kids with their father Richard Williams as a coach. Together in doubles, they have won 3 Olympic gold medals and 14 grand slams.

Venus, the older sister, has won the gram slam tournament titles seven times, while her sister Serena has won 23 times. Serena ranks number 1 in female gram slam tournament titles worldwide.

The siblings have graced the grass court with their perseverance and athletic luminosity. No wonder they have been featured 16 times out of the past 20 Wimbledon ladies’ singles.

Read on to find out the moments in history when Serena and Venus Williams dazzled the world.

The William Sisters Earliest Professional Match

When Venus was 17 and Serena 16 in 1998, they played against themselves at the Australian Open second round.

The match came to an end with Venus winning 7-6(4), 6-1. Despite the win, Venus felt remorseful for kicking her sister out of the game.

However, at the quarter-finals, Venus lost the tournament with 6-1, 5-7, 3-6 to Lindsay Davenport. But it is just the beginning of many other matches.

The Grand Slam Cup of 1999

At the grand slam cup in 1999, one year after the first rivalry with the Williams sisters, Serene won her sister Venus for the first time in a professional match.

She won in a match of 3 sets scoring 6-1, 3-6, 6-3. The 18-year-old Serena had won her first singles grand slam title scoring 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) against Martina Hingis in the US Open championship.

She would have competed with her sister Venus if she hadn’t lost the three-set semifinal to Martina Hingis.

Win at the 2000 Wimbledon Semifinals

The Williams sisters competed again in the semifinals of the 2000 Wimbledon competition, with Serena losing to Venus.

After a tough battle on grass, Venus scored 6–2, 7–6(3), beating Serena. After that, she secured her first-ever Grand Slam singles trophy at Wimbledon.

World Top 2 Singles Ever Recorded By Sisters

After the 2002 French Open, the Williams Sisters were ranked the top 2, and sisters have taken the position for the first time.

The Grand Slam finals of 2002 ended with Venus losing to Serena 7-5, 6-3. This feat made them Venus rank 1st and Serena 2nd respectively on the world of females with Grand Slams.

At the Wimbledon final, Serena won 7-6(4), 6-3 against Venus in a close two-setter match.

One of Women Singles Best Matches

At the US Open in 2008, Venus and Serena met again in a fierce battle to win the tournament. The competitive nature of the game made the world note is among the best in women singles.

The match for that season’s semifinals ended, earning Serena a win against Venus, scoring 7–6(6), 7–6(7). They both recorded a 9-9 head-to-head afterward.

2010 top World Rankings in Tennis

After eight years of the Williams Sister accomplishing their world record of the top 1st and 2nd ranked players, they attained that feat again in 2010.

This achievement came after they won the world record as the top women’s double players ranking No one, which they attained at the 2010 French Open.

All-Time Grand Slam Singles

The Australian Open Championship witnessed Venus’ absence for 14 years, but she returned grandly.

During the 2017 Australia Open finals, Serena defeated her elder sister Venus 6–4, 6–4. This feat won her the 7th title in the Australia Open.

It was also her 23rd Grand Slam which took her to the world rank as the player with the second-most Grand Slam singles title.

Williams Sisters in the History of Summer Olympics 

The duo has won many times in Olympic history. They have won Gold medals at Summer Olympics double titles at Sydney 2000, Beijing 2008, and London 2012.

Venus has won a gold medal at the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics singles titles, while Serena has picked a gold medal at the London 2012 Summer Olympics singles titles.

 Women’s Singles Titles

While Venus has won 49 times at the women’s singles title, Serena has won 73 times. On February 25th, 2001, Venus ranked No 1 in the singles ranking, while on July 8th, Serena ranked No 1 in history.

Women’s Doubles Titles

So far, Venus women’s double titles, while Serena has 23 of the duplicate titles. They both have 14 Grand Slam women’s double titles attained in different years.

How did Serena Williams impact the world?

No man or woman has ever acquired 23 central singles titles in the open era, but Serena has. Her marvelous success is the result of her resilience and hard work.

She broke many protocols even as a mother, and at some point, The Women’s Tennis Association gave her number 1 both in singles and doubles.

How many times have Serena and Venus played against each other?

The Williams Sisters Serena and Venus have played against each other 31 times, most recently their game at the 2020 edition of Top Seed Open.

They have both had significant impacts in the athletics world, as seen in their numerous titles. Serena is known not to allow anyone to defeat her twice.

Why is Venus Williams important to history?

Venus Williams and her younger sister started playing tennis when they were minor or no black person in the sports.

She does not just come in to play because she made her marks, won 4 Olympic medals among so many other titles.

How old is Serena Williams’s baby?

Serena Williams and her spouse Alexis Ohanian have a baby named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. The baby was born in 2017 and is four years old as of 2021.

Final Words

These black tennis heroines from the same mother have changed the tennis world with their feats, encouraging black participation.

Despite their rivalry as sisters, they are still best of friends. Since 1968, no one else has earned major titles as Serena did with her 23 grand slams earning the siblings 30 total grand slams.

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