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Kenya May Hold 2025 World Athletics Championships

Kenya May Hold 2025 World Athletics Championships.

Kenya is hosting the World Athletics Championships in 2025 as a sign that the President admires commitment to bringing international competition to the East African region.

Confirmation of the bid officially took place on Friday, 1st October, the World Athletics deadline. 

Authentication of the plan followed suit after the announcement of bidding documents received by Tuwei.

Jackson is determined to cement his intention, and the world junior championships will provide him with an opportunity. The event was a success in Kasarani stadium in Nairobi in 2017 and 2021, supplying Jackson with a reason to make another attempt.

The world junior championships in Kenya generated multiple world records and personal bests.

As proof of the country’s capabilities, Jackson said it’s Kenya’s time to host the leading event since the previous event came with lessons well learned. 

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum, head of African athletics, hoped that the host country of the 2025 World Championships would be Kenya.

Kenya’s sports cabinet secretary further said the facilities in Kenya must assure free, safe, and secure competition.  

When the global World Athletics event was approved, they assured its implementation across all continents on a rotational basis.

Criteria for submitting the proposal 

Since bidding is a competitive process allowing other countries to register their interest, you must ensure your offer includes all necessary modalities.

The only surest way of winning the hosting rights by any country is to submit a formidable proposal. 

NB: World Athletics Championships is a leading athletics competition founded in Sweden and held by the governing body. 

The Championships, a biennial games competition organized by World Athletics, was formerly known as IAAF until October 2019. 

Why Kenya Stood a Chance of Winning the Bid

  • One of the numerous chances of Kenya winning the bid is the confidence level of the country’s administration. 
  • The sports Cabinet Secretary highlighting the nation’s ameliorated infrastructure is a big plus to their desire. 
  • Kenya has a good chance of winning as they are reliable and trusted to host world sports events. 
  • Another reason Kenya is likely to win the bid is they have the World Safari Rally Championships and a second continental tour. The nation sees winning the hosting rights as an opportunity for discovering the African continent and not just for Kenya.
  • Hosting the 2025 Athletics World Championships in Kenya will mark Africa’s first championships.
  • Kenya is in good stead to host the World Athletics Champions, as the nation has recognition as a spiritual home of athletics. 
  • Kenya has consistently competed in all editions since the inception of the IAAF World Championships.
  • The country has won the second-highest number of gold medals and the second-highest medals.  

Personnel in support of Kenya hosting the 2025 World Athletics Championships

The vast majority of the people across Kenya hope their country wins the right to host the 2030 World Cup. These include Jackson Tuwei, Amina Mohammed, and Hamad Kalkaba Malboum.

Jackson Tuwei, in his speech, said Kenya had organized two successful junior championships where they discovered personal bests.

NBA superstar Amina Mohammed is optimistic that Kenya will host the Championships. It is mainly due to the country’s outstanding infrastructure that supports events of this magnitude.

Hamad Kalkaba Malboum had always wanted to have the continent host the 2025 World Championships, but Kenya was a possible host in his vision.


If Kenya is selected to host the Athletics World Championships, it will be the first country to give the event to Africa.

And the country’s President of Athletics showed gratitude for the government’s support in helping them get the bid document.

In the end, the World Federation for Sports announced it would visit Kenya before the championship.

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