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11 Interesting Things to See in Algiers, Algeria

11 Interesting Things to See in Algiers, Algeria.

Algiers is an exciting and dynamic city that offers many experiences for tourists and visitors.

There are plenty of great places in Algeria for those who want a complete escape to nature and cosmopolitan expertise. If you’re looking for a small-town retreat, Algiers has plenty of opportunities for that.

Although Algiers’ attractions can be overwhelming and intricate when you first step off the plane, it never fails to generate powerful new experiences and temporary pop-ups that will astonish your senses for days on end with each return visit.

However, we put together a list of some fantastic attractions in Algiers. They’re beautiful and unique things you can see and explore there.

1. Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma 

A 32-hectare garden in Algiers named “Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma,” or “the green lung of Algiers,” has one of the best attractions in the city.

The botanical garden is a building that opened in 1832, staffed recently by the Algerian National Institute of Agronomical Research.

Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma isn’t a botanical garden but one of the better traditionally Algerian green places. Recently, it has been contributing to research in Algeria.

Algeria is an excellent destination if you want to organize a fauna and flora exhibition, do some guided tours, or research in the field.

Operating Hours: Jardin d’Essai located in Belouisdad, Algiers, opens from 10: 00am till 5: 00 pm.

Aside from travelers enjoying Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, it’s also a center for field studies, guided visits, and fauna and flora expositions.

Appealing Things aBout Botanical Garden

· Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma is a relaxation center featuring hundreds of plant species, including fountains and gorgeous sculptures.

· It’s a perfect destination that fills travelers with nature.

· It boasts art museums, decorated fountains, and a zoo, offering excellent air and a fresh atmosphere upon arrival.

Collections of plants in the garden 

The garden with a temperature not below 2º and not above 35º has collections of plants, which include;

· Systematic plant collections

· Exotic plants

· Native plants

· Succulent plants, and 

· Artificial Mediterranean wet areas. 

At Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, they have a small cafe on site with tons of options to satisfy any taste and over 1200 different species of plants. Guests can enjoy delicious food in a cozy atmosphere.

The stunning green space is unusual in comparison to the other areas of the compound. Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma is a test garden with all-natural beauty used for films like “The Tarzan of the Apes.”

2. Memorial du Martyr 

One of the most famous monuments in Algeria is the Martyrs Memorial – a memorial made up of three palm leaves and housing an Eternal Flame. It’s an iconic monument that respects Algerian martyrs from all ethnicities and backgrounds.

This memorial is a tribute to the Algerian war for independence, located in Algeria. It serves as a point of interest for tourists visiting this specific site.

On the hills overlooking Algeria’s capital city, a large memorial is 92 meters high.

It’s a striking architectural design unwrapped to the public in 1982 with more of a monument and less of a building, specially dedicated to the soldiers’ assassinated in the Algerian War of Independence.

Iconic Things about Memorial du Martyr 

Memorial du Martyr has stunning views and a surrounding plaza, an admired gathering spot. Travelers spot the attractive monument for the following reasons;

· Standing 92 meters tall and made of concrete, the monument represents three huge palm leaves crutched against each other, joining the mid-height.

· The crutched leaves against one another form a tripod while an “Eternal Flame” burns beneath.  

· Each edge of a palm leaf punctuates a statue of a soldier representing the effort for independence.

· Martyrs Memorial indirectly tells the history of Algeria as the three soldier statues mark the three stages of the nation’s struggle.

· Tourists can see the 302 feet tall concrete monument from miles away.

3. Kasbah of Algiers 

One of the exciting attractions in Algeria with a historical backdrop is the Kasbah or Casbah of Algiers, part of old Algiers, seen as an iconic part of Algiers downtown.

It is a unique Islamic city standing at the finest coastal sites, encompassing narrow streets and white houses, flowing down to the Mediterranean Sea.

Algiers is the capital of Algeria, a country that occupies the Mediterranean shoreline with its coastline centered on a wide bend of the Bou Regreg River.

The city is famous for its Roman ruins, Arab heritage sites, and colonial architecture. Kasbah of Algiers has exciting spots such as palaces, traditional houses, mosques, and souks.

Alluring Attractions at Kasbah of Algiers 

The Kasbah of Algiers attracts many travelers as it embodies the splendor of Algerian heritage. 

· It is worth viewing due to its traditional urban structure, Ottoman palaces, and ancient mosques. 

· Another alluring quality to see in Kasbah of Algiers is its aesthetic character, architectural elements, and retained value.

· Buildings in Kasbah of Algiers give the best view of Algiers city. 

4. La Grande Poste d’Alger

La Grande Poste d’Alger is one of Algeria’s grandest historical landmarks and most impressive buildings, made for travelers intending to see it.

The street is more beautiful at night when the lights are on.

An admirable architect is a post office turned into the biggest telecommunications museum in Algeria in 2015.

There are trees, coffee shops, and even arches that greet you the moment you step into the building. It’s very fitting, so there is no surprise at how much people enjoy being around it.

La Grande Poste d’Alger is a central post office in the city of Alger. It has many names, including La Grande Poste, Grande Poste d’Alger, central post office, and La Grande Poste.

Why La Grande Poste d’Alger is Worth Visiting

La Grande Poste d’Alger is one of Algeria’s most beautiful buildings and architecture. Visiting it is worth doing for the following reasons;

· It’s an iconic monument with early 20th- century Moorish architecture and adornments of stunning mosaics on the ceilings.

· It has tree aches at the building entrance, making it beautiful. 

· The building’s exterior and interior are fantastic.

· It features minarets, domes, marble staircases, large wooden doors, and elaborate ceilings. 

5. Fort Santa Cruz 

Fort Santa Cruz is the second-largest port of Algeria and one of the three forts in Oran connected by tunnels. 

Fort Santa Cruz is a famous attraction in Oran and one of the top sights in Algiers, Algeria, built 400 meters above the Mediterranean Sea by the Spaniards between 1577 and 1604. 

Aesthetic Attributes of Fort Santa Cruz 

· Fort Santa Cruz offers vast scenery to the city, allowing travelers to enjoy the astonishing view of the Mediterranean Sea.

· It offers tourists an opportunity to see and feel the influence and culture of Spain due to its proximity. 

· Also, sightseers at this incredible attraction can view Santa Maria (California), approximately 10153 km from Algiers. 

6. Bardo National Museum 

The Bardo National Museum is a beautiful 18th-century ethnographic and prehistoric museum with a Moorish villa structure.

Also called El-Mathaf El-Ouatani Bardo, the national museum features artifacts, writings in French and Arabic, and exhibitions that introduce places with English explanations. 

The Bardo is a museum in the countryside with fairly old roots. It’s been around since 1927 when Algeria transitioned into a modern nation. Now it is in Algiers’s modern city.

Why the Bardo museum is suitable for sightseeing

· It’s a good sightseeing spot because it showcases an extensive collection of ancient artifacts. 

· The beautiful landscapes in the museum are worth viewing and appreciating.

· It’s an ideal sightseeing spot as each large museum room showcases different themes and the country’s history.

7. La Rue Didouche Mourad 

La Rue Didouche Mourad is a designed tree-lined boulevard with a Baron Haussmann building style. 

This place is excellent for walking around and watching French architecture, culture, and European-style buildings. It’s also the perfect time to do so when the sun goes down.

Every day, tourists from all over the world come to Algiers to take in the sights and explore its culture.

Is La Rue Didouche Mourad worth viewing?

· La Rue Didouche Mourad is Haussmann-style architecture good for visitors to sit, watch, and sip coffee. Its fantastic scenery allows travelers to enjoy a fresh breeze and watch the sunset. 

· La Rue Didouche’s street features beautiful trees that make an evening walk picturesque.

· The vibrant street demonstrates what life in Algiers is like by watching.

8. Notre Dame d’Afrique 

Notre Dame d’Afrique is a Roman Catholic Church, one of the famous landmarks in Algeria, also called Madame l’Afrique.

It is an 1872 basilica sitting on a cliff of 407 feet at the city center of Algiers, with its attainment achievable by taxi or cable car.

Notre Dame d’Afrique is a neo-byzantine basilica that offers visitors a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and sprawling sightseeing opportunities in Algiers.

The church has a carving that says, “Our Lady of Africa, pray for the Muslims and us.”

Why Notre Dame d’Afrique draws tourists to Algeria

· Travelers visit the catholic basilica to see religious art pieces, mosaics, and stained glass windows. 

· It features a more-is-more interior that matches fantastic views, providing a city and coast backdrop.

9. Le Bastion 23

Le Bastion 23, also known as Palais des Rais, is a 16th-century historical monument and the last surviving quarters of the lower Kasbah. 

Following the restructuring of the Kasbah during the French era, Palais des Rais detached from the Kasbah. 

The area has three palaces, six houses, and a couple of baths. It is mainly known for its unique architecture; the last quarter on the lower level was still intact.

Breathtaking views of Le Bastion 23

· Visitors troop into L Bastion 23 (Palais des Rais) because it is home to the center des Arts et de la Culture.

· Also, people visit to view fine arts and photographic exhibitions.

· One can also have a moment of the day by watching the beach behind Le Bastion 23. 

10. Pont Sidi M’Cid 

Most travelers visit Constantine, Algeria, to see Pont Sidi M’Cid. It is a pretty spectacular bridge that stretches 175 meters into the sky. The view of the canyon, city, farm and other things is beautiful from up there. It also has a stunning view of the surrounding area from its vantage point in the rock.

Built in the 19th century, Pont Sidi M’Cid was the highest bridge on earth until 1929, during the establishment of the Royal Gorge Bridge. Ferdinand Arnodin designed the bridge.

Top Attractions Near Pont Sidi M’Cid 

The Pont Sidi M’Cid bridge is one of the most peaceful spots, and it’s possible to see some great views while waiting for all traffic to pass. The atmosphere, however, is quite tranquil, with just a minute walk through the “Constantine Walking Tour grounds.”

While walking on the iconic bridge, you can get views of the remarkable gorge and part of the town, including the following spots:

· Prince Abdl Kader Mosque

· Cirta Museum

· Palais du Bey

· Pont Bab El Kantra

· Pont des Chutes

· Pont Mellah Slimane

· Piscine Boulefkhad

· Pont Salah Bey

· Monument aux Morts Constatine

11. The Great Mosque of Algiers

The Great Mosque of Algiers is the largest in Algeria, established in the 10th century. It is also the tallest global minaret and has been standing for over a thousand years. The mosque overlooks the Mediterranean beach and is situated adjacent to the Kasbah of Algiers.

Its features include a cultural center, prayer hall, fire station, library, museum, Imam School, research center, and apartments.

Apart from Medina and Mecca, Djama-El-Djaza’ir is the largest mosque in the world, with a capacity to accommodate 35,000 worshipers.

Things to Do in the Great Mosque of Algiers

· Tour the mosque to discover the most prominent features, including facilities and pillars.

· Reading at the mosque’s library.

· Watch the foreign imported world’s giant chandeliers within 12 meters radius imported from abroad.

· Take various souvenir photoshoots of all the creations you saw in the 3rd largest global mosque.

· Explore the mosque’s expansive green space reception yard, including many plants and flowers.

Why do visitors visit the Great Mosque of Algiers? 

Majorly the aim of visiting the Great Mosque is to see the tall minaret in the complex, the observation deck, and the white marble columns. 

The intricate mazes of these mosaics and the multi-hued tiles that adorn most of its surfaces make this destination intriguing.

Location: Rue de la Marine


Few would consider visiting Algeria when choosing their first destination for a North African tour simply because of misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about the surroundings.

Algiers is a city that offers excellent views and other rich amenities to travelers. It also contains lots of World Heritage Sites that are fun to visit.

Are you still basking in the euphoria of the aesthetically pleasing spots in Algiers? The places mentioned above hoist travelers to the stunning views of iconic monuments in the city; take advantage by exploring them.

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