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10 Weird Reasons Why African Men Ignore Their Women

The ability of African men not to pay attention to their women is an issue of concern. 

Women lament that their men don’t listen to them, and the most painful thing is that even when they have something serious to say, these men play a laissez-faire attitude to them.

This scenario is a serious one, as many relationships have fallen apart due to this single reason.

Women, in general, don’t like the idea that their men pay little or no attention to them when they talk to their men.

Below are some reasons why African men ignore their women:

1. Women Talk Too Much 

Most men believe that generally, women are known for their talking attitude. Because of this, they don’t want to be disturbed by their too much talk.

They see women as parrots that derive joy in talking about both meaningful things and foolish things. 

For these reasons, any time their woman approaches them to discuss with them, they will start looking for a way to avoid them with the excuse that they don’t have time for too many talks. 

When things like this happen, the woman will be angry, thinking their man is snubbing them. Most women must minimize the way they talk to others to gain attention from their men. Be mindful of your words as a woman; choose when to speak and when not to talk.

2. Women Nag Too Much

Men believe that women always complain over every trivial issue, and for that reason, they won’t listen to what they have to say.

Most women argue over little things, and they form it as a habit, as for a man who is conversant with such attitude, any time she brings up an issue to discuss, he will pay little attention to her because he already knows that she will argue about it. 

He doesn’t have the strength to start dragging the issue with her. So when this kind of thing happens, women will feel bad about it.

3. Men think that they are being controlled

African men have the mentality that when they start giving in to whatsoever their woman tells them, it will give a chance for them to ride on them.

This threat happens to be a common phenomenon among men. One will even notice that our African men bring in the issue of gender inequality in everything they do. 

To them, she is a woman; why should I devout my time to hear what she has to say? After all, I am the man of the family. If I give this woman chance now, she will be controlling me, or people will think that my woman is holding me. 

For this reason, most men tend to show a calm attitude any time their women want to talk to them.

4. Most men are Impatient

Most African men are impatient when it comes to listening to too many stories from women. 

They are not that energetic to women gossip, so they only try to avoid looking for a way to prevent you any time you bring up the senseless issue. 

It is hard to see a man listening for over an hour or 30 minutes to what you have to say as a woman. They prefer it short and straightforward. 

Women have to understand that it is in their nature, and they should find a way to package their message in other to get their man’s attention.

5. The Tone the message is presented

There is this saying that a female voice makes a man work harder. In other words, men react to every message based on how it is being presented.

Most women are rough while talking to their men, and they don’t like such a notion. Men want their women to be soft, sweet, and romantic despite the information you want to give them. A sweet voice melts a man’s heart and draws his attention to you.

When you talk to him anyhow, he will not want to hear you out, but when you mind your choice of words, you will see him paying too much attention to you. It will be of great importance to mind our choice of words to get our man to listen to us.

6. Not knowing the right time to talk

Not knowing the right time to talk is one of the reasons African men snub their women. They think that there is always time to discuss things.

For example, when the man is busy watching football or busy with his office work, the woman tells him something and expects him to pay a hundred percent attention to her.

It doesn’t work like that; you have to know the right time to talk to him, know when he is in the mood to hear you out, find out if he is less busy, happy, and also if he wants to hear you out, this will enable you to get his attention.

Again know his “time belt” this means know when it’s suitable for you people to discuss. Some men prefer talking about it after eating dinner, while others prefer when they are already in bed resting. Just find out this and watch him listen to you.

7. Discussing so Many Topics at a time

African men can’t keep up with such character. For instance, you are telling them something, and suddenly, you remember another, you jump into it, and wham, you end up confusing the person.

Another example of this is that you are telling your man how you went to a shop then you remember that you met your friend on the way. Suddenly you start talking about your friend and other related issues regarding that, your man will be confused, and he will not know the particular discussion to tackle or the main point to handle. 

This character makes men uncomfortable. Treat one issue at a time, segment your stories if possible arrange it in the manner of occurrence for even understanding.

8. Wanting the man to have interest in everything that is of interest to you

Most women are like that, and they want their men to develop an interest in everything they like.

If a woman loves fashion, she will want her man to love it too, and for that reason, she will always bring up the issue of style and expect her man to sit down and listen to her.

Men don’t like that, which does not mean that the man did not love his woman. It is never a must that both of you will have the same views or interests about a particular thing.

A man can have his area of interest likewise the woman, if he wants to like what you like, allow him, understanding and taste differ.

9. Not being able to Control their Emotion

Men, in general, find it challenging to handle the situation when their women’s emotions are running high.

The woman is narrating the painful experience she had about something, and suddenly, she starts crying or feeling pathetic. To save the situation, the man may decide to ignore her or act as if he doesn’t hear her.

In some situations, the women may not be able to control their anger. When such a thing happens, the man may pay a deaf ear to anything the woman says.

10. Trying to Impress the man

Trying to impress or compete has been a significant issue why most African men don’t listen to their women. Some women want to compete with their men by proving that a man can also do to them. A woman can do it better: maybe she did something commendable, the way she is exciting herself about it may make the man uncomfortable. 

The man will be left with no option than to pay less attention to her. You can also observe that most women dwell in what is called “Over embellishment of the story” this happens when a woman keeps praising herself over every little thing she does. 

Most men are not comfortable with such ideas, and they always want their women to regard and see at the top. Allow your man to protect you.

11. Providing every detail of what happened

Women are good at giving a detailed explanation of everything that comes their way, and men don’t want it. 

They prefer the story concise and straight to the point. Please don’t give African men too much background information. 

An example of this could be seen that you want to tell your man about the meal you prepared for him, and you start by telling him that first you boil your water, add salt and other things, men are too busy for that, go straight to the point and save them the time to do other things.

 Final words;

The fact remains that women as full love attention from their man, but in as much as they need this attention, it will be of great importance that women take note as well as observe the above-listed reasons when their men don’t listen to them; they should find a way to curtail most of them.

The truth remains that the fifty percent reason men don’t listen to their women is caused by these same women who complain, but most don’t know that they are the cause of their worry. You need to find out if the problem is from you or your partner.

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