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Good Relationships: 8 Things You Should Not Do To Please a Woman

Men should take the responsibility of making their women happy at all times but should not be too emotional to do stupid things to please a woman.

When a man overdoes things, the woman will perceive you as a weakling in the name of love. Although men are unique in their ways of expressing love, you don’t have to be over-expressive.

 As much as you love your woman with passion, you should rationally review certain things before you do them because affairs of the heart are pretty challenging to understand fully.

Love indeed is beautiful, but you shouldn’t do some awkward things if you want to maintain a good relationship. 

In this article, we’ll pinpoint the eight (8) things men should NEVER do to please a woman.

1. Do not commit a crime because of a woman

It boils down to an exciting and unique idea, which will make you think further about your choices for relationships on the relationship scale.

Many will be like, ‘I can do anything for you just to prove that I love.’ However, this is wrong because there are crazy things you should never do to please a woman.

When they meet a stylish woman they would want to have, some men can go the extra mile to meet her demand.

That’s wrong! Do not indulge in any criminal activity to meet up with a woman’s financial life.

If you steal to make your woman proud, she’ll perceive you as a stupid person; when she finds out, she may walk away, leaving you behind bars.

2. Never disregard your family for her sake

Yes, you love your woman so much and wouldn’t want anything to come between you both, do not ignore or disrespect your own family.

Although your wife should be your first obligation in marriage, that is your no.1 before your family; it doesn’t imply you should not talk to them anymore, except they’re horrible.

Be a loyal husband catering to the new dynamic to have a stronger marriage, but do not go against your family to please a woman unless they’re trying to come between you both.

The love of a family remains and the love of a spouse, so the woman you love should not override the essential people in your life, and vice versa.

3. Don’t be completely submissive

As a man, you must give honor to your woman, be attentive, caring, and treat her with understanding as you live together, but never you become entirely submissive to her.

When a man becomes submissive to a woman in the name of love, she takes charge and controls the relationship, making the man look like a fool.

It’s not harmful to please a woman you love, but try not to turn yourself into a fool by giving her permanent control over you.

Even the scripture says that ‘woman should learn quietly with all submissiveness with a zero permission to exercise authority over a man.’

When a woman takes authority over her man, she perceives him as a “mumu” (African word with Ghanaian origin), which implies a mute or dump person and, figuratively, a stupid person.

4. Forget not your life vision

Do not love a woman foolishly with your heart and brain, and then forget your dreams/visions. Your vision is the big picture with several components comprising the sketch of your daily life.

A big mistake most men make is changing their minds over their aspirations and dreams to make a woman feel comfortable.

It’s wrong. Before you meet the woman you love, you have a dream, so pursue those visions and achieve them. Do not stop because the woman you love does not like what you do for a living.

5. Don’t be suicidal for her sake

Of course, you should love your woman deeply, but don’t let it take you to the extent of thinking about suicide.

Just the same way you should not kill because of a woman, you should not become a martyr because you love a woman so much.

You’ll hear many folks say that “I can happily die for love because it shows true love and how much you care for each other.” Never do it, even if even she rejects you when the love you have for her has become uncontrollable.

Emotional memory can cause a heartbroken syndrome, which can be fatal, don’t commit suicide when she walks away. Instead, work on yourself and move on with the life you would find many women bidding for your attention.

6. Do not stay hungry to spend on her

Hang out with your woman, buy her expensive gifts, and take a back seat to make her happy while you’re starving. Don’t go of your comfort zone to comfort her; it’s sheer stupidity.

And most women, when they notice you behave this way, they keep on making an order for anything and everything, while you take only water pretending that you’re okay when you aren’t.

Don’t go hungry to feed her. Do what is within your capability; she’ll still love you and stay with you if the feelings are genuine.

7. Don’t pressurize yourself unnecessarily for her sake 

You love your woman and want to compromise and please her. Well, do not go out of your way to provide whatever she requests.

Do things for your woman out of kindness, don’t pressurize yourself to do what you know you can’t stand just because you want to please her.

She might start a story of how her friend has classy things and all that, and then you begin to mount pressure on yourself to keep her in the same class or a higher one.

Don’t buy her car when you do not even have a tricycle, except if you are married to her.

8. Don’t train her in school

Don’t pay for everything concerning her education except if she is your wife. It’s not necessary because she might still walk away after investing in her.

You can offer support for her education but don’t take reasonability when it’s not marriage. Remember, she’s not indebted to you if you choose to pay everything for her from starting till the end.

And do not expect that she’ll stay with you forever because you did train her in school. Change is constant in life, people do change, and she might change tomorrow and decide to leave you for another.

What should you never do for a girl you love?

  • Disregard your family for her sake.
  • Overlook or forget your vision completely.
  • Don’t spend on training her in school, except if she’s your wife.
  • Never commit any form of crime or do any stupid thing to please her.
  • Compromise your needs for hers, instead adjust yours to accommodate hers.

What should ladies not do in a relationship?

Ten mistakes ladies should avoid in their relationship include but are not limited to;

  • Carrying the duty of a man, being too giving and taking the man’s responsibility.
  • Ignoring sudden behavioral changes or red flags.
  • Being emotionally dependant, financially dependent, or completely transparent with your spouse.
  • Appearing unattractive or awkward
  • Making their spouse your only priority
  • Spend all your time with your partner
  • Losing your identity

What should a woman not do?

A woman should not give up her passions or compromise on her relationships, change her appearance or life plans, or forgo her own opinion for a man or anyone else.

Last Words

No matter the depth of your love for a woman, you should not do what we highlighted in this post. And it boils down to saying that some men need to re-orientate about how to love with their heart, not their sense.

The potency of using your heart is that you will lead a more satisfying life while deeply in love. The heart plays a crucial role in emotional experience, although it results from the 

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