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Surfing in Liberia: 7 Reasons Why Surfers Love to Visit Liberia Each Year, with 10 Best Surfing Destinations

Liberia has fantastic varieties and spectacular places for surfing across the continent, making it the best, classy surf spots in Africa.

And indeed, Africa has appealing surfing destinations, and more and more surfers realize the surf potential in Liberia.

First of all, let’s highlight why surfers love to head to Liberia each year for surfing before looking at surfing in the country; remarkably, they head to Liberia annually for the following reasons.

1. Best waves in West Africa

Liberia has world-class waves for amateur and experienced surfers, and the wave size increases as the wind blow harder.

Liberian waves are perfect waves that grant opportunity for all surfers, and one can ride the waves for 200 yards.  

Since Liberia borders the Atlantic Ocean, they have perfect waves all year round.

2. Quality boards

Liberian surfing spots provide individuals with good surfing boards that are easy to paddle stably with high buoyancy.

The surfboards are usually light but are well-built enough to carry individuals when riding an ocean wave support.

3. Standard hotel to stay in

Liberia has by-the-beach resorts that provide cozy lodgings, a delicious dining experience, and impeccable guest services for visitors, including surfers that flood the country year in, year out.

The surfing spots in Liberia includes standard hotel or resorts that embodies free Wi-Fi, comfy bed, clean bathroom, etc.

The hotel or resort grants people easy access to their favorite beach and gives outsiders a superb experience throughout their stay.

4. Perfect tour guide

Another reason why surfers head to Liberia each year is because they provide a perfect tour guide for the people.

This tour guide exhaustively explains when best to surf, especially to learners, outlines the most suitable wetsuit, lists the best surf facilities, and everything you need to know.

5. Surfing in Liberia connect people to their culture

Liberia surfing connects surfers to the nature and happiness of the community or country at large.

It also serves as an avenue to make friends and be absorbed into an amazingly positive community.

The country’s culture continually spreads as surfing engages visitors from across the globe to their fashion, language, and lifestyle.

6. Good swell and wind direction

The excellent direction of swell and wind has a more significant effect on how waves form and break.

Liberia has an appropriate swell direction and is essential because if the swell doesn’t hit the region correctly, surfers cant perceive good sound waves.  

Liberia has an ideal wind direction that usually blows offshore and keeps waves from breaking till they become steeper than usual.

The best wind direction for surfing is offshore winds because it cleans the wave’s surface and results in a barreling wave. This type of wind blows from the land out to sea.

7. Best tide height

Most Liberia surfing spots have the best tide height that determines how a surfing session will go.

The deeper water allows the raw swell force to move closer to shore with less friction factor from the bottom during incoming tides.

The best tide for surfing is low tide, which means an everyday rise and fall of the sea level.

10 Most excellent surf spots in Liberia 

Liberia has numerous exciting surf spots, but the best surfing spot with superb waves includes the following.

1. The Fishermans Point

Located northwest of Liberia, the fisherman spot has a steady, perfect wind from the northeast and a swell direction from the south-southwest, making it best for surfers.

It has regular waves that hold up well for longer rides, and the most fantastic time to surf at this spot is November during the winter season.

2. 8th Street 

One of the most impressive surfing spots with ideal waves that let beginners prevail is the beach at 8th street in Monrovia.

The beach life is fascinating, and it always has a crowd following and cheering all surfers from across the globe.

3. Cassava beach 

Cassava beach is a beach in Robertsport and is one of the famous surfing opportunities in Liberia.

Its location is 70 kilometers north of Monrovia, one of the spots one can experience the Liberia surf, and it’s a beach for ambitious surfers.

4. Cotton trees surf spot 

The cotton trees surf spot in Liberia is an uncovered reef break that is reliable and works all year round.

Its offshore wind blows from the northeast, and the best time for cotton trees surfing is in winter.  

5. Bernard Beach

Bernard beach in Liberia, located in the southern part of James Spriggs Payne Airfield, southwest of Nipay Town, has the best winds appropriate for kitesurfing, windsurfing, and other related types.

6. Mamba Beach

Another destination for better surfing in Liberia is the Mamba beach, located at the back of Capitol Hills, facing the Mamba Point Hotel. 

7. Tropicana

Surfing and relaxation in Tropicana beach and resort offer a memorable experience for surfers. 

The local surf height, swell period, and wind are superb. Hit the beach at Mills Center, Liberia, for the best surfing you would ever want.

8. Coopers Beach

Located close to close to RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas, near Kendesa community, Coopers beach makes another best location for surfers who head to Liberia for surfing.

From a recent report about the surfing condition at this beach, the primary swell is 2.5ft at 6s. The secondary swell is 2.5ft at 6s, the wind swell is 0.4ft at 10s, and the cloudy air is at 53°f. 

9. Dorothy’s

Dorothy’s surfing spot has an excellent swell constituency and pleasant offshore wind for surfers.

10. Homco Beach

Homco beach in Bomi, south of Kpaia, Northwest Liberia, has a terrain elevation above sea level of approximately 9 metres.

The winds, swell, and cloud air is superb for surfing.

A Complete Liberia Surf Guide

The Best time to surf in Liberia

The appropriate time to surf in Liberia is between May to October, though it is primarily consistent in April to August.

Budget planning

It is advisable to visit Liberia surf spots with some money because of miscellaneous expenses.

The price of simple meals is not the same with mid-range meals nor drinking/dining in high-end restaurants, same with cheap restaurants.


Though it’s not compulsory, it is ideal that people take vaccines for polio, hepatitis A&B, shingles, typhoid, measles, chickenpox, pneumonia, influenza, mumps, yellow fever, etc.

Surfers have to present the evidence of vaccination, especially those coming from a country with suspected contagious diseases.

Surfing Apparels

The dress code for surfing can’t be similar to the dressing style we pull up for the office, which means surfing has an ideal dress code.

The attire for surfing can be elastic swimsuits, wetsuits, bikinis, board shorts, and preferably anything that will make you relaxed and comfortable.  

Avoid clothes like tie tops, bandeaus, t-shirt, strapless swimsuits when surfing.


The climate in Liberia is steadily hot and humid though an almost steady breeze tempers the heat.  

Necessary things to know before heading to Liberia for surfing

It’s a good idea to know that English is the official language, and it is vital to check the forecast a week before the trip.

Understanding the nature of the waves is paramount as it will enable you the type of gear to pack.

You also need to know that Liberia surf is not too challenging, has uncrowded waves, has the best-left pointbreaks in Africa with consistent SW swells.  

What type of kits are needed when going for Liberia Surf? 

It’s necessary to go along with basic kits for safety purposes though you may or may not use them eventually.

The basic kit should encompass ear drops, bandaids, eye drops, alcohol, gaze, mosquito repellent, earplugs, and broad-spectrum antibiotic ointment.


For travelers and vacationers willing to surf in Liberia, it’s crucial to note that public transportation is limited in the country.

You can move around by private taxi and bush taxis daily from Monrovia (Monrovia is between $5 – 7 USD).

Also, motorbikes, otherwise called pen-pens, are available all over the street, but there is no train service because the gas price is $0.75 per liter.

Currently, the prepaid packages for public transport in Liberia start at $30.    

What are the health benefits of surfing?  

Surfing is not only a feel-good game but an exercise that provides many health benefits, including;

  • Cardiovascular fitness 

Surfing improves cardiovascular fitness and builds up the heart through paddling and standing on the board.

Since it’s an activity that involves physical activeness, the heart condition is impressive as it supplies enough oxygen to the blood. 

  • Stress liberation

Surfing is one of the movements that relaxes body and soul and comes with a chance to push limits.

The energy one uses in the session is wholly self-determining and relaxation through enjoying the scenery.

  • Builds muscle

Paddling during surfing builds and strengthens the shoulder, back muscle, chest, and leg strength.

  • enhances flexibility

The surf session is an exercise that permits one to twist and turn the body into different positions.

This stretching and tossing occur through the power of the waves, and it conversely improves body flexibility and mobility.

  • Self-fulfillment

Surfing is not just a sport, it comes with commitment, perseverance and therefore, it gives a surfer the feeling that nothing is unattainable.

  • Assists mental health

Due to the reason that surfing is a sensory and bodily experience, the activity lets surfers escape from mental troubles.

The excellent mood that comes from surfing manages mental health, lowers depression, anxiety.

Where is the most complicated place to surf in the world?

The most complicated and most dangerous surf spots in the world consist of Seal Island, South Africa, Big swell in Praia do Norte, Teahupo’o, and Waimea Bay in Oahu, Hawaii.

Is wave in Liberia?

Liberia experiences waves all through the year since the country borders the Atlantic Ocean.

What is Liberia known for?

Liberia is the oldest republic in Africa, rich in natural resources, including rubber, iron ore, diamonds, timber, and gold. It is the best surfing destination in Africa.

Where is the best surf in the world right now?

The world’s best-surfing destinations now include Puerto Escondido, Mexico, Tavarua Island, and Taghazout Morocco.

Other surf destinations worldwide include Biarritz France, San Clemente, Arugam Bay Sri Lanka, and Hanalei Bay Kauai.


The above-listed write-up is a sort of clarification on why people troop down to Liberia every year for surfing.

For those in search of the best location for surfing, Liberia is the best surf spot that gives rejuvenation to people or surfers.  

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