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13 Good Signs Your Spouse or Partner is Cheating on You

Infidelity, otherwise called cheating, is one of the challenges facing many relationships today, and to find out if your partner is cheating is always a hard truth to take in. 

There are several signs to detect when your partner is cheating, and below are the good signs that your spouse is into such an act.

1. Change in phone habits

One of the common signs that your spouse is cheating is the change in phone habits.

Your husband or wife will suddenly change the phone lock pattern and password and steadily keep the phone in their corner. 

Once a partner is extra protective of their phone, deletes a list of calls, whispers when talking on the cell phone, etc., there is a possibility that they’re having an affair with someone else. 

If you experience these slight changes in your spouse, it’s a sign they might be cheating.

2. Less disclosure of daily activities 

When a spouse is cheating, they tell you less or no intimate details of their day due to a shift to the new fling. 

At a point, they might not even remember they are no longer sharing intimate details of their day anymore. 

This scenario often happens when a partner is having an affair outside the relationship.

3. Less close to the partner than usual.

A cheating partner tends to be outside than usual because they have to make out time and spend emotional time with their side chick or fling. 

They spend more time with their fling at the expense of quality time with their partner. Hence, a sudden change can be a result of cheating. 

For cheaters, the fascinating aspect of their day will indeed relate to their new flirtation.

4. A sudden change of hobby

Sudden change in a partner’s music taste or hobby can result from cheating in the relationship. 

It usually occurs when they try to impress the new person by meeting their likes and dislikes. 

When a spouse you have known for long doesn’t like playing tennis, for example, suddenly develops an interest in the game may be a sign of infidelity.

5. Decrease or increase in libido

A significant sign in a cheating partner is reducing the frequency of sex at home, meaning they are getting it elsewhere. 

Sometimes, they endeavor to have more sex at home to cloak their cheating tricks. 

A cheating spouse can be less-sexual towards the partner because they satisfy feelings with another. 

On the other hand, requesting more sex could be a sign, as partners with much guilt can make up for their cheating by being active in bed.

6. Sudden transformation in appearance

A partner who suddenly spends more money on new clothes, especially if it has not been their thing in the past, might be cheating. The act is common in women. 

A spouse dressing nicer than before, brand new interest in working out, wearing a new perfume, or increasing interest in their appearance can be signs of cheating. 

Though people might decide to change their appearance when combined with other suspicious behavior, it directly links with cheating. 

All these changes could be an appeal to someone else other than you, the spouse.

7. Changes in communication

A communicating gap like refusing to listen to, respond to, or accept what you are saying can be an infidelity signal. 

A breakdown in communication, constant change of subject, ignoring what you say, accusations all signal infidelity. 

Frequent silent treatments, condescending retorts, shifting of blame, yelling over insignificant things, and steady silents are all attributable to a cheating partner.

8. Lying and avoidance

In a relationship, lying and avoidance is big-time red flag. 

A spouse who lies about various things doesn’t feel like going places with the partner anymore, and it’s common in men when they start cheating. 

When this happens, he will possibly abandon religious faith and accuse you of cheating, suspecting that the wife might be in a similar game – all these are indications of an external affair.

Other forms of lying that show a partner is cheating include irregular speech, excessive fidgeting, the direction of eyes, saying too much, etc. 

Individuals with an avoidant attachment style are most likely to cheat because the attitude helps them keep their distance from their partner, maintain freedom or secret space and avoid commitment phobia.

9. Unclear answers to simple questions

Spouse giving an evasive answer to a simple question may serve as a defensive form to their secret tracks. 

A spouse that overshares has a higher tendency of cheating on a partner. 

For instance, a wife asks the husband to update her about the party he attended, and he strays to another thing entirely is a sign of infidelity. 

Naturally, a cheating spouse will always create long tales about strange stories and places. 

Also, such a partner will avoid sharing too many details, so they won’t mention what will make the other find out the cheating attitude.

10. Getting lots of gifts

Cheating partner always sends a lot of gifts to their partner as a way to cloak their stench of guilt. 

Too many gifts from a cheater or generous behavior change may please and throw the partner off the tracks. 

Though loving partners offer gifts, a cheating partner will always take it to the highest level to cover up their secret. 

If your partner doesn’t buy you gifts randomly, they are probably masking their guilt.

11. On top of your schedule

It’s always odd when your partner is more interested in knowing when you will or will not be home. 

Cheaters often do this to know the best time slot to enjoy freedom and quality time with their fling. 

Spouses usually cheat when the partner is away, maybe have gone to the gym or night out with co-workers.

12. Their friends are no longer as friendly as before

There is a higher tendency for your partner’s friends to know when they are cheating. 

They are often less careful in hiding their deeds in front of friends. So, to avoid revealing their cheating secrets, they reduce the level of closeness with most friends. 

When a spouse friend feels uneasy and anxious around you, it is a sign of cheating since they know something you don’t.

13. Nagging feelings

Once you start developing that nagging feeling that your partner is cheating on you, trust your instinct; you are probably right. 

But, this may not be what you think, so you can dig deep to discover if your feeling is true.

Of course, partners are prone to jealousy and suspicion, especially when they notice changes in attitude, which might be true most time. In other cases, it can arise from other issues, so be sure of what you feel. 


Cheating is one thing that causes severe mental and emotional impacts in a relationship. Any of these signs will reveal to you that your partner is cheating.

When you notice one or two of these signs, it is perfectly ok to seek an explanation to correct the action, meet a counselor for advice, or quit.  

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