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13 Finest Cities in South Africa

When it comes to the prettiest cities, South Africa has some stiff competition across the African continents. 

Most South African cities, especially the ones in the country’s capital, are born with the intent of showcasing everything straight-up pretty, beautiful, and styled.

South Africa has excellent cities for vacations, holidays, excursions, and several memorable places you can’t afford to miss. 

Below are the thirteen (13) finest cities in South Africa.

1. Cape Town

Cape Town is a great city and the finest in South Africa, with gorgeous farmlands, beautiful coastal views, and picturesque lakes.

It’s home to the most famous and best vineyards and wine-growing regions such as Paarl, Constantia, and Stellenbosch.

The city is the home to the inspirational South Africa president; it is also among the finest cities in South Africa.

It is the mother city, and it ranks second-largest city in South Africa largest with beautiful terrain that makes it suitable for a perfect road trip. 

2. Johannesburg

Regarded as the 19th-century mining city, Johannesburg, the capital of Gauteng province, is the most significant financial and industrial metropolis in South Africa. 

Johannesburg is also the largest city in South Africa, generating about 16% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product [G.D.P], and employs approximately 12% workforce. 

It has a giant artificial forest globally, powerful commercial centres in Africa, and the friendliest climate ever. 

Features that make it one of the country’s finest cities are the historical and archeological heritage, including the must-see Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto, Liliesleaf Farm, and the Apartheid Museum.

3. East London, SA

East London is an ancient city situated in Buffalo City metropolis, between the Nahoon River and Buffalo River, on the Indian Ocean coast within the southeast coast of the country’s Eastern Cape. 

The city is beautiful and famous for hosting South Africa’s “inland port,” sited on an inland waterway, including a canal, river, or lake that may connect with the sea.

Talking about the atmospheric condition of East London, South Africa, it has a friendly oceanic climate with warm temperatures as moderate as typical of the country’s coastline.

There’s a recent proposal to change the city’s name from East London to ‘KuGompo,’ though it has the Xhosa name, ‘eMonti.’

4. Bloemfontein 

Bloemfontein, otherwise called Bloem, is “The City of Roses,” as its nickname implies, a beautiful city situated in South Africa’s Free State Province.

People see this city as a city of roses because of the roses beneath it, and the city holds a rose festival every year.

It is a judicial capital among the country’s national capital, housing the third oldest school in South Africa.

What makes Bloem a lovely city is its fountain of flowers, fine arts and crafts, fine dining restaurants, Waterfront, musical theatre, poetry, and shopping malls. 

Also, it is the safest city in South Africa to walk around downtown both daytime or at night.

5. Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is a beautiful port city on Algoa Bay and one of the finest in South Africa, situated in the eastern part of Cape Town. 

The city has a lot of fantastic beaches, which is what made it beautiful and also among the finest cities we have in South Africa.

People call Port Elizabeth a “Friendly City” because of its friendly atmosphere, exciting museums, stunning beaches, and award-winning wildlife destinations. 

Port Elizabeth is the most populous city in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa in terms of population. Port Elizabeth’s new name, South Africa’s famous tourist attraction, is “Gqeberha,” renamed in February 2021.

6. Polokwane

The city is midway between Pretoria and the Zimbabwe border. It happens to be the capital and the largest urban area you can find in the Limpopo Province of the country. 

Polokwane, formerly called Pietersburg, houses a beautiful lineup of baobab trees, the biggest one we can find in the world. 

The city is also among the beautiful cities in South Africa because it has sunny weather; it also has spas and green space, which allows for fresh air.

7. Pretoria

Among the finest cities in South African, Pretoria happens to be one of them. The city is fine for its outdoor adventures, easy access to the game, and sports viewing arenas.

It is the country’s administrative capital, featuring a complete history of the Afrikaner people, fantastic year-round weather for tourists visitors, and, to mention but a few.

Pretoria has the longest urban street in South Africa, with a lineup of beautiful trees like the Jacarandas in bloom, craft beer areas, excellent food markets, and malls to shop at until you drop.

Interestingly, the largest diamond ever discovered is in Pretoria, and Nelson Mandela (former President of South Africa) sculpted statue located at the Union Buildings ground in Gauteng province.

8. Soweto

The city is in the urban complex in Gauteng province in Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa; it is the most famous and one of the most acceptable cities of the nation.

Soweto has fascinating places like the Nelson Mandela National Museum (at Vilakazi Street, Orlando West), the Hector Pieterson museum, the Orlando towers, the Soweto Theatre, and the Ubuntu Kraal brewery.

As a township city of Joburg, Soweto offers a rewarding taste of South Africa’s lifestyle through safe walking tours, bus or even tuk tuk tour, bicycling, and other adventurous activities. 

9. Durban

Durban is a city on the northeast coast of South Africa, and it is among the beautiful cities in South African. 

The city happens to be the largest in the KwaZulu- Natal province, with idyllic beaches of the golden mile, making it a perfect destination for tourists to explore a lot of indoor and outdoor displays or activities.

Apart from the beautiful beaches in Durban, you can also see the attractive Moses Mabhida Stadium, the city’s leading venue for athletic and music centers.

Finally, the uShaka Marine World is another beautiful place in Durban that one needs to visit. It comprises different zones like reptile houses, saltwater aquariums, iconic cargo, and other breathtaking views.

10. Pietermaritzburg

Pietermaritzburg is the finest city in South Africa and the second-largest city and the capital of KwaZulu-Natal province, all in South Africa. The city came into existence in 1838.

People see Pietermarit as the melting pot of Africa, and this is because it offers sunny weather, rolling green hills.

Pietermaritzburg features some game reserves, lovely beaches, and even sugar cane plantations, among other things that make it a fine city.

11. Germiston

Germiston is one of the fantastic cities and the largest railway junction of South Africa that is why one gets to see a considerable number of rail repair shops.

The city came into existence in 1886, during the discovery of gold, and the fascinating place you can go there is the park station and Tambo International Airport.

12. Vereeniging 

Vereeniging is also a beautiful city in South Africa; it is in the South of Gauteng province, in South Africa. 

The city is one of the industrial manufacturing areas in South Africa. Its main product ranges from pipe, bricks, tiles, and iron.

People believe that Vereeninging city has the highest vehicle dealerships in square meters.  

13. Newcastle

Also, in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa lies this beautiful city of Newcastle, with proximity to glorious coastlines and an excellent independent foodie scene.

Newcastle has impressively beautiful landmarks, sporting prowess, as passionate as the rich historical and cultural attractions.

Among other things that are so great about Newcastle city are the iconic bridges, nightlife activities, wealth of art, and rugged countryside.

What is the finest city in Africa?

Either Cape Town or Johannesburg is the finest city in Africa. However, other fine cities on the continent are Cairo in Egypt, Marrakesh in Morocco, and Kigali in Rwanda.

Which city is the nicest in South Africa?

The most delightful city in South Africa is Cape Town, with its most beautiful larger-than-life mountain overlooking the city bowls, beautiful white beaches, and many more. 

Final Words

Indeed South Africa has uncountable beautiful cities where one can go for vacation. These cities have many picturesque, eye-catching destinations to have fun.

These unique cities above have extraordinary things that make them beautiful and the finest, including the attraction sites, mineral resources, and other good things.

As one looking for a city to go for a tour in South Africa, you can leverage the cities above – they are a better option for you.

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