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Top 12 Best Secondary Schools in Africa

Secondary school in the African setting is regarded as a home away from home, and this is because parents believe that school generally continues its discipline from where they stop their own at home.

You can find desirable and excellent secondary schools in the African continent.

These top secondary schools have their locations in all parts of the African communities.

They are rated the best because of the sophisticated state-of-arts enabling environments and educational facilities.

Below are the top 10 Secondary Schools in Africa

1. Rift Valley Academy[Kenya]

Rift Valley Academy is a Christian boarding school situated along Kijabe Road, Kijabe, Kenya.

According to the African calendar, as of 2013, this secondary school ranks the second-best high school in Africa.

This school was founded in 1906 by Charles Hurlburt.

2. The Accra Academy [Ghana]

The Accra Academy is a top secondary school in Africa, established on 20th July 1931 by Dr. Kofi George Konuah, Messrs.

The school has recorded a lot of success stories. That is why it is among the best secondary schools in Africa.

Location: Dr. Busia Highway Accra, Ghana.

3. Lycee Lyautey [Morocco]

Lycee Lyautey is a French secondary school in Casablanca, Morocco. This school is a private secondary school established in 1958.

The school took its name after Marshal Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey, who happens to be the first French Resident-General in Morocco. Lycee Lyautey secondary school is known for its success stories. 

Adress: 260 Bd Ziraoui, Casablanca, Morocco.

4. Rainbow International School [Uganda]

The school is located in Tyaba Zone, Nanganda- Lukuli Makindye Division Kampala, Uganda.

Rainbow International School was established in 1995 by Akila Bailable.

This school has won so many notable awards in Africa due to its excellent performance.

5. Christ the King College Onitsha [Nigeria]

Christ, the King College, is also known as CKC Onitsha, or Amaka Boys, located in Oguta Road, Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. 

The school is known for its incredible performance in academies. It is a private and non-profit boy’s secondary school established in 1993 by Archbishop Charles Heerey.

6. Methodist Boys High School [Sierra Leone]

The school is in Free Town, Sierra Leone, and it came into existence on 6th April 1874.

Rev. Benjamin Tregaskis found the Methodist Boys High School.

The school is regarded as one of the best schools in Africa because of its outstanding actions when it comes to academic exploitation.

7. Lycee Francais de Tananarive[Madegascar] 

Lycee francais de Tananarive is a French international secondary school which is in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

The school has a reservation for a hostel with four segments of campuses. 

The establishment of this secondary school was in 1972, and it has both past and recent glory, making it one of the best secondary schools in Africa.

8. King Edward Vii School [South Africa]

King Edward Vii School is an all-boys secondary school situated in Johannesburg, South Africa’s Gauteng Province.

The secondary school happens to be one of the historically significant Milner’s schools. 

The secondary school is a public school with an enrollment of about one thousand, one hundred students.

This boy’s secondary school is known for its beatable academic excellence all over Johannesburg, where it is situated and African as a whole. This school came into existence in 1902.

9. St. George’s College[Zimbabwe]

St. George’s College is among the most renowned boy’s secondary schools in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and it is also among the best in Africa.

Founded in 1896 in Bulawayo, St. George’s College Zimbabwe has accomplished high academic standards with numerous awards it has gotten and is still getting. 

Some of these awards include the Rhodes Scholarships and many others. This school also has accommodation for a hostel which accommodates about a hundred students.

10. St. Paul College [ Namibia]

This Secondary School is a private school which comprises of primary school too. The school’s foundation came from the Catholic church mission through the Tilburg Fathers in 1962.

St. Paul College is the talk of the town due to its academic excellence.

Address: 393 Sam Nujoma Drive, Windhoek, Namibia.

11. Bingham Academy[Ethiopia]

Bingham Academy is a secondary school established in 1946 as a home for missionary children.

The missionary Secondary School is in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and it got its name after one of the initiators of the SIM, Rowland Bingham.

The school is among the best School in Africa due to its academic excellence. 

12. Royal College Port Louis [Mauritius]

Another renowned secondary school in Africa established in 1799 as a state high school is the Royal College Port Louis. It is one of the outstanding secondary schools in Mauritius. Princess Margaret first built the school, and that was in her first visit to the country. The school is known for its superb achievement towards education.

Which African country has the best educational system? 

According to the World Economic Forum’s rating, the African country with the best educational system, as of 2017, is Kenya. 

Which African Secondary school is the best in the world?

The best Secondary School in the World includes the Collegiate School in the US, St. Anne’s School in the US, Trinity School located in the US, and finally the Phillips Academy Andover in the same US.

Which Country has the best school in Africa?

South Africa and Egypt have the best schools with 10 and 21 universities, respectively, according to the African school ranking. However, Egypt, Nigeria, Uganda, and South Africa are among the destinations in the top 500 universities in the global ranking.

Which School is the most prestigious private school?

The most prestigious private schools are the Phillips Academy, Harvard- Westlake School, Phillips Exeter Academy, and Trinity School.

Bottom Line

One will observe that Africans have good secondary education, which is too many to mention in all parts of the African community.

These schools are tested and trusted; they have qualified academic and non-academic staff who ensure to carry their students along at all times.

The above-listed best secondary school will inform African parents on the available best schools to send their children.

Still, it will also serve as a pointer to other schools in all parts of the African countries to enhance and standardize their educational system for further recognition.

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