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7 Tricky Ways to Catch a Lover Cheating On You

Cheating occurs in a relationship when infidelity sets in and partners start doubting each other, ruining a relationship when neglected.

When cheating becomes a problem, the ability of the spouse to dictate the culprit turns out to be a big issue since cheaters know their way out. 

Surprisingly, there are still ways you can find out if your spouse is cheating rather than suspecting them till you end up in divorce.

Below are the tricky ways you can catch your lover who is cheating on you

1. Use phone spy apps

The easiest way to find out that your spouse is cheating on you is to check their phones when they are not around, covertly using the spy app.

Checking on their phone in their absence will enable you to see their call log, which contains both the list of calls they make in a day and the numbers that call them as well.

Also, checking their phones when they are not around will give you access to their message box, where you can read all the messages they receive and the ones they send out to people.

After accessing your partner’s phone, the information you get will clear your doubt about whether they are cheating.

2. Always check what they come back with

For one who wants to catch a cheating lover, constant checking the things they come back with will go a long way in exposing such a fellow. 

The checking includes their bag, the trash they dispose and any other thing you can lay your hands on. 

If your partner is cheating on you, you will find strange things when you search the bags. On the other hand, you will find odd things that they aren’t used to by checking the trash they dispose of, like credit card receipts to the movie or even condoms.

3. Install secret apps on their tablet 

Installing a secret app on your lover’s tablet will enable you to trace their actions and movement at any given time.

Some of the cheaters are usually smart, they end up removing their entire chat and call details from their gadget, but through the help of these apps, you can easily retrieve their message even when they delete them.

The app can also tell you the location of your lover if you want to find out where he spends most of his time.

All you need to do is install the app on their tablet and each time your partner returns, check the tablet without their consent.

4. Follow him if time permits.

Following the person may sound strange and challenging, but the truth remains that no positive result comes easily. 

You may form it as a temporal habit when you suspect that their reason for going out is not genuine or that the reasons aren’t worth it.

Ask your partner to accompany them to where they are going, and the response you get will surprise you if such a partner is cheating.

You may not have the chance to follow your partner, but finding the best moment to follow them, will help you know the truth. 

5. Interact well with your partner’s friends.

On a serious note, being on friendly terms with all the people they’re close to will go a long way to unearth the cheating behavior of your partner. 

Be in good talking terms with your lover’s friends and relations to get valuable information that will clear your doubt.

Sometimes, when chatting with them, they can unleash your spouse’s secret, including who they mingle with or what keeps them late at night.

From being close to their friends, you can get updates on new development of your lover’s whereabouts.  

6. Sending someone after them

If you want to catch your lover cheating quickly, send someone after them secretly.

Secret monitoring agents, otherwise called private investigators, can help unfold the movement of your spouse and all the activities when both of you arent together.

The agent will help you monitor your lover’s movement, both the going out and coming in, including places they go daily.

In a situation like this, make sure that your agent is on a hide-out not to expose your plans.

7. Pay a surprise visit. 

An unexpected visit is another way to catch your lover who is cheating on you. Visit your spouse the office when they least expect you, coming back home unannounced, and if possible, meet them in their regular joint. 

The surprise visit will help you dictate, and at the same time, catch them on the act.

 Most of the time, the partner tends to act strange or pick a quarrel with you for not telling them that you are coming. In this way, you don’t need anyone to tell you that there’re certain things they want you to know.

Also, when you come back home unannounced, you will notice that your cheating lover will have mixed and uneasy feelings if such a person is cheating.

You can also catch them red-handed on this type of occasion while they are on the act.

In what ways does a private investigator catch a cheating spouse?

A private investigator uses an advanced surveillance method to watch your spouse. The technique helps them obtain the message they need, track their movement, search their assets, and monitor their internet activity.

 What is the best way to find out if your spouse is cheating?

The best way to find out if your spouse is cheating on you is to find out that they lock their phones, noticing that they now have a second phone and a new line. 

You can also check their phone locations, and lastly, you can check online documents.

How can I legally catch my cheating husband?  

In other to check up on your cheating husband, you can obtain private cameras to conduct surveillance all around him or set up hidden cameras in your home. Also, you can apply the method of using a tracking device to track his every move and know where he is going.

Again, a decoy can also be of help. You can use a decoy to tempt the cheating spouse and see if he will fall.

Finally, you can work with other investigators and lawyers to help them with the investigations.

Bottom Line

Cheating is an act of dishonesty in a relationship that leads to emotional damage and divorce at the extreme.

However, one can apply the strategies above to catch their cheating partner red-handed while on the act. Partners, however, should be careful of making assumptions if the partner is cheating or predicting what is not, as it can be devastating.

Again, to be the safer side, try to find out if your lover or partner is cheating instead of predicting. The above-listed ways will clear your doubts and stay on good terms with your lover.

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