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7 Ways on How African Musicians Will Benefit from New Boomplay Addition in Billboard Chart

Boomplay is a music streaming platform that pays music artists a proportionate of Boomplay’s subscription revenue per month.  

The launching of the new Boomplay platform in billboard charts takes effect on October 15 through October 21, 2021, while the date on the Billboard charts is October 30, 2021.

The inclusion provides an avenue to add the African music industry among the data that makes up the charts for Artist 100, Billboard 200, Billboard Hot 100, and

Billboard Global 200, among other worldwide and billboard U.S. charts for

streaming music data.

No doubt, the annexation of Boomplay’s stream data in the Billboard charts will do more good than harm to African musicians. 

Read more to know how African musicians will benefit from the new Boomplay addition in the Billboard chart.

1. Increase chances of global stage performance

With countless African songs on the international platform, the inclusion of Boomplay’s stream data in the worldwide chart will grant African musicians higher chances of performing on the global stage.

Through the “artist 100” charts, one of the charts in the new Boomplay billboards, African musicians showcase their performances and innovations to local and international viewers and listeners.

2. Opportunity for more exposure

The inclusion of Boomplay’s stream data in the billboard chart will increase the opportunity for more exposure as millions of African songs will be on the worldwide chart. 

Billboard chart is a platform that provides a complete view of music consumption, thereby making African musicians popular across the globe.

3. Provides a complete view of music consumption 

As stated by “Billboards,” the sole aim of Monthly Recurring Charge, MRC Foundation (previously called Nielsen SoundScan and Nielsen Music Products), is to provide data for music sales worldwide on the billboard music chart.

Including Boomplay’s data on the billboard will help the African music industry and individual artistes from across the continents have a complete view of music consumption.

4. Boost the number of weekly listeners

The annexation of Boomplay will as well increase weekly listeners of African musicians. 

The billboard “artist 100” shows the combination of music artists’ performance across the ‘internet-centric social 50 chart’, ‘billboard 200 album chart’, and ‘the hot 100 chart’. 

By showcasing the music of African artists on the billboard, it will improve the number of their followers and listened on the internet streaming and social media platforms.

5. Provides fair and equal representation music albums

More so, the addition of Boomplay to the chart will guarantee fair and equal representation of African musicians in areas that

matter the most and offer them a safe ground to thrive. 

The publication of the new Boomplay billboard is done by a billboard in the United States every week.

Adding the African content will give African musicians better exposure, just like the American musicians. 

6. Provides international recognition

Additionally, the inclusion of Boomplay stream data in the global chart will grant African musicians the same opportunities available to international artists. 

Definitely, with Billboard Hot 100, Billboard 200, Artist 100, and Billboard Global 200 charts, music fans of African musicians will expand across the world. 

Furthermore, the addition of Boomplay in billboard charts will increase the chances of African musicians gaining international recognition

7. Helping them reach the highest potentials

Boomplay Music, as a music download service and media streaming platform, has been a great help to African musicians. However, including this stream data in the billboard chart will help them expand to unlock their more tremendous potential.

To wrap it up, this new development will surely help Africans musicians to achieve the standard they are capable of.


Undoubtedly, including Boomplay music streaming data in the famous chart will grant African musicians global exposure as millions of African songs will be streamed globally on the platform.

It’s a significant effort towards helping African artists achieve their full potential and a safe ground for upcoming artists to thrive.

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