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Another European Institution Returns Looted Benin Bronze to the Nigerian Delegation

European university returns Benin bronze that gets raided in 1897 to the Nigerian delegation on Thursday, the 28 of October 2021, following the university’s repatriation approval in March.

The information states that the bronze depicting the Oba of Benin, the then-mighty king of Benin kingdom in present-day Nigeria, is amidst several artifacts plundered by the British in 1897.

The University of Aberdeen in Scotland agrees that they got the bronze head via market auction in 1957, and when a report states that the item is among the stolen artifact, they decide to return it.

The Benin Bronze means the head of an Oba, also called the king of the formal Kingdom of Benin situated in Nigeria.

The university’s chancellor, professor George Boyne, says that the bronze has been a primary symbol of injustice for four decades now.

George Boyne drops this speech during the celebration conducted by the Benin people while waiting for the arrival of the bronze.

Furthering his statement, George says that it would have been bad if the University of Scottish decided to hoard the Bronze.

The incumbent Oba of Benin, Eweare 11, in his speech, says that the bronzes have the spirit of those who own it.

Wrapping up his statement, the Oba says that this action will motivate other institutions to learn from the School’s examples. 

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