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12 Homemade Good Smelling Perfumes and Easy Steps to Produce Them

Fragrances or perfumes you apply to your body tell a story about you and your personality. Good fragrance improves body scent and makes us smell rich. 

Various homemade perfumes smell good, and they are effortless to produce. 

Below are lists of homemade perfumes and easy steps to produce a homemade, good-smelling fragrance:

1. Flower Perfume

Flower perfume is one of the homemade perfumes that smell good. The necessary things to produce flower perfume are chopped flowers, a medium-sized bowl with led, cheesecloth, a small saucepan, and a small glass bottle with an air-tight stopper. 

Easy steps for producing flower perfume are:

  • First of all, cut the flower petals very well and ensure that it is clean. It prevents it from harming your skin while using it.
  • Secondly, after washing the flower petals, soak the perfume for about 24 hours. Soak with a transparent cloth and ensure that you cover it very well.
  • The next step is to extract the scent of flower water. When you remove the scented water, boil it on low heat and cook till the water remains very small.
  • After boiling the water on low heat, pour cold water into the liquid and put them on the bottle.
  • Finally, allow the perfume you poured in the bottle to settle for 24 hours, and then your flower perfume is ready.

2. Vanilla Perfume 

Vanilla perfume is also one of the homemade perfumes with a lovely fragrance. 

The ingredients for making it are vanilla bean, organic sunflower oil, bergamot essential oil, cedarwood, anise essential oil, and glass containers.

Production steps for vanilla perfume;

  • Before doing anything else, open the vanilla bean, remove the seed, and cut it into smaller particles.
  • After cutting the vanilla bean into small sizes, put them in a bottle and add your organic sunflower. Note that the number of things you add, it determined by the quantity of mixture you are using.
  • The third step is to close your bottle very tight and let it stay in a calm environment for 2 to 3 weeks. Try as much as possible to shake the bottle once every 3 to 4 days.
  • In two weeks, add the cedarwood, bergamot, and anise essential oil to a spray bottle.
  • Take something like straw or dropper as the case may be to get the vanilla oil, and add the oil to the mixture. Do this carefully in other not to add the seed to it.
  • Lastly, you pour your mixtures into your spray bottle and shake it very carefully so that the combinations will mix very well.

3. Patchouli perfume recipe

Patchouli perfume is a homemade perfume that smells nice. The recipe for producing it are; Vodka, distilled water, glass bottles, sweet orange oil, patchouli oil, cedarwood oil, lavender oil, and ylang-ylang oil.

The steps in producing patchouli perfume are;

  • The first thing to do while making patchouli perfume is to mix your alcohol and water in a glass.
  • After distilling the alcohol and water, add essential oil, turn it very well.
  • The third step is to allow it to settle for about two to three days.
  • The final stage is to shake it very well then allow it to mix up very well.

4. Jasmine Perfume

It is a homemade perfume that smells good. The things needed to carry out the production are a glass bottle, cheesecloth, essential oils, orange blossom water, and vodka.

Easy steps to produce it are;

  • First of all, mix up essential oil blends it with vodka. Allow the mixture to mix up for two to three days.
  • After you must have allowed your vodka and essential oil to mix up, add your orange blossom water to it and ensure that you shake it very gentle for an even mixture of the substance.
  • Thirdly, allow the mixture to cool and try place for like one month.
  • After leaving the mixture for one month, there will likely be a sediment stain around the cheesecloth you used in putting it, but if you did not notice any color, leave it for more than one week. Then pour your perfume into your container or spray bottle. Remember that determined by the quantity you want to get.

5. Essential Oil Perfume

It is also one of the homemade perfumes that we have; it has an exquisite fragrance. Things needed for the production are carrier oil; Vodka, bottled water, essential oil, a small funnel filter, and dark glass bottles.

The steps to produce essential oil perfume are:

  • While producing essential perfume, you have to put any carrier oil in a bottle then add your base.
  • After that, add your alcohol.
  • The third thing to do is tighten the lid and allow it to settle for two days or more, depending on how strong and effective you want your perfume to be. Some people may want it to stay one week so that the scent will be more aromatic, but it all depends on the individual.
  • Once the perfume has stayed up to the number of days you want to say, put a small amount of water and shake it very well so that the mixture will mix up well.
  • The last thing to do is to sieve it and put it in your bottle. To filter it, you can use your funnel or something that looks like a straw to turn it in your bottle.

6. Rose Perfume

It is a homemade perfume that smells very good and is used majorly in producing rose petals.

The other ingredients required for making this rose perfume are lavender, vanilla bean, proof vodka.

The steps for producing this perfume are;

  • Put your petals together with the vanilla in a bowl. Don’t forget that you must wash your pedals very well to avoid any form of sand. You also need to know that petals will either be fresh or dried; the same applies to the lavender.
  • The next thing to do after the first stage is to pour your vodka into the petals. Allow the vodka to cover its petals.
  • The third step is to cover it up and allow it to stay for a month or a month and two weeks. When it has stayed up to that, dry the petals. You can do this by squeezing out the liquid.
  • The last stage is to pour your liquid into your already prepaid spray bottle. With this, your homemade perfume is ready.

7. Summer Perfume

This perfume smells nice, and it is effortless to make at home. You need ingredients like peppermint oil, rosemary oil, lemon essential oil, sage essential oil, vodka, and distilled water to produce “summer perfume.”

The steps for producing summer perfume are;

  • First of all, mix all the essential oil with the alcohol. You have to ensure that the mixture is evenly mixed up in other to get a homogenous substance.
  • Put the mixture in a bottle and allow it to stay up for 2 to 3 days. Shake it very well before allowing it to settle down.
  • The next thing to do is to add your distilled water to the mixture. Ensure that you mix the mixture slowly.
  • Allow the perfume to stay up to 3 weeks in a cool, dry place to obtain a lasting scent.
  • Once the perfume is due, filter it with your cheesecloth, then pour it into your bottle and your homemade perfume is ready.

8. Beeswax Solid Perfume

Beeswax solid perfume is also a homemade perfume that one can quickly produce in their comfort zone, and it has a pleasant smell. 

Ingredients needed to produce this perfume are carrier oil, beeswax pellets, and essential oil.

The steps to prepare it are:

  • Firstly to prepare the solid beeswax perfume, melt your beeswax. You do this by filling up your glass bowl with water, putting it on medium heat, and allowing it to boil. When the water boils, put the oil and base wax in the glass bowl and dissolve.
  • When the base wax has completely met, bring down the glass bowl, turn the mixture very well, and ensure evenly mixed.
  • Transfer the mixture to a container. 
  • Allow the mixture to cool. Once it gets cold, add essential oil. Note that you can add any essential oil of your choice depending on the fragrance you want to get. After that, turn very gently and cover the container very tight.
  • Finally, allow your mixture to dissolve before you use it. Remember that the perfume becomes more substantial based on the number of days you want it to stay. Note that the longer it lasts, the stronger it will become.

9. Solid Coconut Oil Perfume

Solid coconut oil perfume is one of the best homemade perfumes, and it smells good and lasts long. Things needed for producing this perfume are beeswax, fractionated coconut oil, and essential oil of your choice.

The steps for preparing it are:

  • Put your fractionated oil and beeswax in a jar. A jar is a wide-mouthed cylindrical container made of glass or pottery and typically has a lid.
  • Secondary put the jar in a saucepan with hot water. Don’t forget that the amount of water you will use depends on the quantity you want to get.
  • Turn the mixture and ensure that it mixes up very well.
  • After turning it, the mixture will combine very well, then bring down the mixture and allow for a few minutes to cool down.
  • Once you bring down the mixture, add the essential oil of your choice and turn it in very well.
  • In the final stage, all you need to do is pour your already made perfume into your container.

10. Fruit Roll-on Perfume

A lovely perfume made from a combination of mandarin essential oil, orange essential oil, neroli essential oil, cedarwood atlas essential oil, and liquid carrier oil.

The steps to obtain this homemade perfume are

  • Gently pour your essential oil into a bottle or container of your choice the turn it so that it will mix up very
  • After that, add your carrier oil
  • Pour the mixture into a roller bottle
  • The fourth step is to shake the mix very well.
  • Your fruit roll-on perfume is ready for use.

11. Vanilla Rose Perfume

K.vanilla rose perfume is a homemade perfume that has a lovely fragrance. One can easily make it at home. 

The ingredients used in producing it are carrier oil, vodka, bottled water, essential oil, funnel, filter, and bottle. 

Steps in preparing the vanilla rose perfume.

  • The first thing to do is to put your carrier oil in the bottle. Add your base.
  • After that, pour your alcohol.
  • Tight the lid and allow your perfume to settle for two days or more, depending on how strong and effective you want it to be.
  • Add water to the mixture after it has stayed for the number of days or weeks you want it to last. Shake it very well so that the mixture will mix up very well.
  • Finally, filter your perfume using the filter, and then use your funnel to pour it into your bottle.

12. Bergamot Eucalyptus Roll on Perfume

It’s a homemade perfume that smells very good, obtained by combining jojoba oil, rosemary essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, pine essential oil, bergamot essential oil, and mandarin essential oil.

The steps for producing this are;

  • To begin the production, add all the essential oils to our bottle.
  • After that, add your Jojoba oil to the oil which you have already added to the bottle.
  • Shake the bottle gradually until the mixtures mix evenly well, then your perfume is ready.

What ingredient in perfume makes it last?

Ingredients that can give lasting fragrances are Peru, tolu balsams, myrrh, frankincense, olibanum, benzoin, etc.

Finally, we can also use sandalwood to fix our perfume and make it last for like a month or more.

Why does perfume cost so much?

Perfume is expensive in the market because the ingredients used in making it are costly. Again people spend a lot of money to package, launch and create awareness for their products. We can see that most perfumes come in unique, expensive bottles.

Bottom Line

Having stated the different homemade perfumes and steps one can use to produce them at home, you will also find ingredients that make a perfume last longer, even up till one month, in this post. 

By learning one of the steps listed above and practicing it, you can become an entrepreneur in that field. We should also have in mind that a good fragrance indicates our personality.

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