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9 Things Makeup Lovers Should Know

There are some essential things all makeup lovers should have at the back of their minds. These include the dos and don’ts, odds, and some balance of advantages in using makeup.

Here, you will discover everything that will help you with makeup application, removal, and other related things. 

If you love making up or want to step up in the makeup game, here are nine essential things a makeup lover should know, and they are:

1. Color matching

Learning how best to color match your foundation is essential, understanding other professional things about shades and colors. 

It helps to blend for a perfect match, and the color matching will determine if the look will be neutral or pop with color. 

Good color matching will help better the foundation and concealer on different skin colors.

2. Makeup bases are the pigment and tones.

90% of makeup lovers usually buy kits based on brand names and packages that are glittering. 

Good numbers of makeup lovers often go for products that are well known, so ensure you go for the pigment that can perfect your highlighting, contouring, and blushing. 

3. Washing of brushes used for application

You should have more than one brush as a makeup lover because it takes time for a wet brush to dry.

Washing brushes remove dirt and oil and accumulate less acne-causing bacteria that can become harmful to the skin. 

Apart from removing dead skin cells, clean brushes apply makeup better.

4. How best to apply concealer

A makeup lover should know how to apply concealer flawlessly, and it is one of the essential things a makeup lover should be conversant with. 

Well-applied concealers remove the discoloration around the eye to be younger, disguise puffiness, blemishes, scar, and imperfections. 

For your concealer to look flawless, you have to do the following:

  • Use more than one shade
  • Prepare your skin very well
  • Use more than one concealer
  • Pad and dot it very well
  • Make its stage.

5. Learn the makeup terms, materials, and uses 

Some of the items include primer, eyelid, lips primer, foundation, skin correctors, bronzers, powder, etc. all these listed tend to hide imperfections and levels the sleep. 

When applying makeup, the term is contouring, highlighting, baking, over-lining, cut crease, stipping brush, and fan makeup brush. 

All these work collaboratively in makeup art. You can’t achieve a desired goal without the other when applying any makeup.

6. Creativity in makeup art

Being creative means learning new things and having a higher chance of becoming an expert. As a makeup lover, you should constantly use the work of your hands to create something unique. 

One can be creative by ditching the oil stick, trying colored eyeliner, styling your brows, adapting to the sheer foundation, and trying to create a wet look.

7. Update about all the trends related to makeup.

 It’s essential you know the new makeup application technique and applies the trendy ones. 

Once the new idea and innovation have set in, the makeup lover must drop the cartload of styles learned in previous years.

8. Test the Foundation

A makeup lover must know that the foundation shade is better tested on the side of the neck rather than inside of the wrist. 

The essence of testing it on the neck is to be too sure that the foundation is a perfect match for the skin.

9. You should keep soled brushes away from others.

Try as much as possible to sharpen your eye pencil before and after every application. 

A makeup lover should know that one doesn’t ever need to double-dip the mascara wand.

What should every makeup lover have?

To be makeup, they are things such a person can’t die without, and it includes a perfect brow kit and mascara. 

A natural makeup lover must also have an under-eye concealer for banishing dark spots. 

Lastly, it is of high importance that the said makeup lover must have eye primer, eyeliner, and eye tools so you can deliver effectively like a pro.

What are good makeup questions?

As a makeup lover, you are prone to answer questions relating to makeup and even buttress it in some cases.

Some of the questions a makeup lover get asked include how do I pick the perfect red lipstick? And also, how do I contour my face? Makeup lovers also ask which foundation works best. 

Can I wear foundation every day? A makeup lover often receives a question like how do I get rid of wrinkles?


Are you a makeup lover, and you can’t boost of knowing the basics of makeup?

You can be conversant with the things every makeup lover should understand by checking the above-listed nine (9) points. It will help if you know the essential technique at the tip of your finger as a makeup lover.

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