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10 Tips on How to Grow Your African Fashion Design Business

Fashion designing is a very lucrative business in Africa but can be challenging if you do not know how to grow it.

Aside from improving your customer base, which is very important to the success of every business, there are other strategies one can quickly apply to expand their fashion designing business in Africa. 

In this article, you will get the top secrets to growing your fashion business. Read on to find out.

1. Identify a need in the market

A growing fashion designer needs to carve a niche in the business area to enable fast growth, and it goes in line with focusing on your target audience.

Choosing a niche will help identify the specific brand you want to focus on and make it different from other brands. 

Identifying a need in the market will ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

2. Pay attention to details

Proper attention needs to be paid to every detail to thrive well in any business, not just in fashion. 

A well-designed garment will always put a brand ahead of competitors and make the noise for you.

Paying attention seriously to details is a skill that shoots up effectiveness and productivity at work and lowers error. 

A detail-oriented person is more likely to prevent mistakes. 

3. Widen your experience

Widening experience in the fashion design business is vital, and it won’t only get you the necessary idea needed in the business expansion but also helps improve your fashion business. 

People who are renowned in the fashion industry today learned from an expert, and as a matter of fact, continued to widen their experience to thrive in the business. 

In the fashion business, experience and training are of the essence as they will provide you with sufficient knowledge on how to turn fabrics into fitted dresses. 

No one can live without learning, so whatever one learned can make or mar the business brand, and a business based on experience has the advantage of knowing that there are customers to buy what you want to sell.

4. Offer an excellent retail shopping experience

The price of garments is solely dependent on the location of your business and customer experience.

Designers selling apparel from home or in a tiny tailor shop can’t charge a premium price. 

Enough attention should be paid by the growing designers in location-related matters because where you sell, how you welcome and treat customers indirectly adds value to your brand. 

Providing a wow retail experience encourages customers, boosts long-term profit and recommendations.

 5. Diversify your brand portfolio

To survive and thrive in African fashion brands, your brand portfolio needs to be diversified. Jewelry, purses, belts, shopping bags, and pillowcases can be added to clothes, thereby offering as much as possible.

In local markets especially, added value and innovation bring about more money in business. 

Diversification permits more variety of products and, when done correctly, enhances a tremendous boost to brand image and profitability.

6. Sample your brand in flyers

Though online marketing connects one to wider audiences, flyers are an excellent way to run sales promotions. Flyer tends to tell people about what you do rather than displaying designs. 

Fashion owners should tailor down the information contained in the flyer to the services of a brand and what makes it so unique. 

The message should be able to lure people’s minds into wanting your services. 

A target flyer needs to speak directly to the audience, and it’s the most affordable and cost-effective way to gain more customers.

7. Utilize marketing strategies 

In the fashion business, creativity and time management are the selling point, and marketing aims to build brand recognition. 

Steadily disappointing customers in fashion design related will grow an adverse effect on the business, and reputation for fashion business will be at stake.  

The most effective marketing in fashion design is featuring fashion influencers, fashion bloggers, fashion photographers, fashion PR, and showing up in magazines, etc. 

In addition, the internet and social media are other powerful platforms that have an A-game in marketing, especially in fashion. 

Furthermore, another vital platform to market your brand is to appear on fashion shows like Arise Fashion Week, Africa Fashion Week, Vogue International Fashion Week, etc., with incredible apparel.

8. Understand your target customers

Before a fashion design business grows as expected in Africa, the target customers must be known for a perfect delivery. 

For a fashion designer to deliver effectively and efficiently, he must specify the genre of fashion he wishes to delve into. 

Identifying and defining a target customer is crucial as it is impossible to reach all at once; hence, identifying your audience allows your business to focus marketing efforts. That way, you are generating business leads. 

Targeting a specific audience may seem exclusive, but it doesn’t mean eliminating people who do not fit your criteria. The target customers can either be men’s, women’s, lingerie, casuals, or kiddies.

9. Be unique and passionate

For a fashion design business to excel in Africa, it has to be creative and unique as Africa is a continent with creative and unique fashion icons like Mai Atafo, Ituen Bassey, Frank Osodi, and lots more. 

In fashion, the uniqueness of your garments creates loyalty from your current customer base and helps you get referrals on an ongoing basis with a particular worth. 

Every successful designer who has distinguished themselves from all odds attributes their success to passion. 

Passionate designers draw inspiration from everything around them, like wildlife, arts, science fiction. 

Being passionate gives business owners a decisive edge to stay one step ahead of competitors no matter how complicated the process.

10. Get a strong fashion marketing brand

For your fashion to gain ground in Africa, you must work with a recognized fashion marketing agency. The brand you work with is more than just a logo because it determines how you will be perceived and separated in the industry. 

A marketing agency should be capable of answering the artistic-related question of the designer. Brands with solid reputations offer higher shareholder returns because there is a connecting line between brands and revenue. 

In what ways can I improve my fashion design skills?

Improving your fashion design skills requires some steps like studying fashion design, developing your skills, focusing your efforts, and building your brand. 

Improving your fashion design skills for an incredible life-long career demands that one be unwilling to quit, be prepared to start small, and lastly, constantly network.

What skills do you need to run a fashion business?

There are numerous skills required before running a fashion business effectively, and they are creativity, negotiating photography.

The skill of calculation, copywriting, and a good understanding of programs is akin to a fashion business.


Every fashion design business in Africa desires to grow. However, it is essential to know the fashion product you want to create, target customers, acquire enough funds, develop brand identity, be present on all socials. 

A long-term career in fashion design requires tenacity, creativity, dedication, and business sustainability depends on your ability to satisfy customers. 

If you aspire to be a top fashion designer, nothing should stop you from starting your fashion business; follow the above tips.

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