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A Glimpse Inside Accra Fashion Week Coming Up This December

The upcoming edition of Accra Fashion Week, scheduled to take place from 8th – 12th December 2021, will be an awe-inspiring event to host both local and international fashion designers.

The runway fashion brands will have numerous creativity and culture portrayed in art and design.

Accra Fashion Week is an event that gathers African designers to display their latest collection in runway fashion shows to potential buyers and the media. 

Objective of Accra Fashion Week Event

The primary aim of this fashion exhibition is to bridge the gap in African creativity and culture and eradicate the absence of operating fashion infrastructure across the continent.

The Accra Fashion Week was initiated in 2016 by Nana Addo Tamakloe, and the event has now acquired international recognition and reputation.

The upcoming international exhibition for fashion designers will also celebrate its 5th anniversary at the Memory Lane Park Airport, Accra, Ghana, on 10 -12 December 2021, implying that the organizers of Accra Fashion Week, 2021 mark the 5th anniversary of the outrageous fashion event.

According to Sharon Ojong, a famous Nigerian blogger, Accra Fashion Week slipped into Africa’s top five fashion events after hosting a 4-day event in 2017.

African Fashion Brands that Will Be Exhibiting at the Event

Numerous African fashion brands and celebrated designers will showcase their recent designs at the stage during the 2021 Accra Fashion Week event.

Some of the renowned fashion brands that will exhibit include Nallem Clothing, Yvonne Ex, Bri Wireduah, Red cotton boutique, Mikoko Deluxe, and FashionGHANA.com, together with brands from other countries.

1. Groupe Nallem STM 

Groupe Nallem STM or Nallem Clothing is a Ghanaian fashion brand that creates professional designs of all kinds for urban residents.

It’s also a retail group that combines elegance, creativity with a style that embraces the essential element of African culture. 

It functions under the ownership and management of Gregory Kankoh, a famous Ghanaian entrepreneur. 

2. Yvonne Exclusive Designs

Yvonne Exclusive Designs, or Yvonne Ex, established in 1996 by Yvonne Tawiah, is one of Ghana’s most prominent fashion brands that design top-notch unisex European and African clothing.

Attendees and participants to the 2021 Ghana Fashion Week should anticipate the latest innovations from this very brand.

3. Bri Wireduah

Bri Wireduah is an Afrocentric brand in Ghana that promotes African culture through fashion.

It’s a household brand name that is conscious of empowering local businesses and enterprises through fashion art.

4. Red Cotton Boutique

The Red Cotton Boutique is an exclusive epic design owned by Naa Kwarley, focusing on the heritage of the African prints. 

Accra Fashion Week 2021 will also unveil the latest designs and creativities from Red Coton Boutique. 

5. Mikoko Deluxe 

Mikoko Deluxe is a womenswear brand formed by Millicent Tamakloe in 2017 and has worked as a brand manager for different designers in Ghana.

The brand has been an expensive one for the inhabitants of Ghana.

International Exhibiting Brands

On the other hand, attendees will have the opportunity to get in contact with international brands such as: 

  • Clavon Leonard unisex collection from New York, USA
  • Impari Moda color combination fashion brand, Berlin Germany
  • D’Marsh Couture, a New York-based Jamaican stylist and fashion brand creating synergistic designs, and 
  • Mark Johnson – a UK fashion label formerly called House of Esther, among several other foreign brands.

This year’s Accra Fashion Week will take a different twist from its usual structure by merging a cocktail-style atmosphere with excessive runway fashion shows.

Accra Fashion Week 2021 is coming with many twists to celebrate its successful consecutive 5-year run.

The organizing committees in charge of Accra Fashion Week have promised that the event will return to its bi-annual schedule in 2023.

They also promised that the event would bring West African weather seasons to the edge of the international fashion scene.

It made notice to the public that designer registration is still ongoing


Accra Fashion Week is an extravagant show that has been doing exceptionally well since its inception in 2016. 

The 5th anniversary of this event will come with lots of breathtaking moments as international designers will grace the fashion week. 

Also, brands from over ten different countries will as well be present. Just wait and watch out as it unfolds.

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