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Top 10 Poultry Farms in Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest poultry farm producer and one of the leading chicken producers.

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent. It has various cultures and food, but many people have never tasted African food. The continent also has many poultry farms that produce a variety of foods.

African poultry farms need help finding ways of making their business more profitable. This article will explore the top 10 poultry farms in Africa and show how they found success.

In Africa, poultry farming is prevalent in Egypt and Nigeria. Both countries have a large populations and are among the most populous in the world. Other African countries practice poultry farming, such as Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger, and Tanzania, to a lesser extent.

Top 10 Poultry Farms in Africa

African giant poultry farms are in South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, and Nigeria. The top 10 poultry farms in Africa are as follows:

(1) El Wafaa Poultry Farm in Egypt

The El Wafaa Poultry Farm in Egypt is the world’s largest poultry farm. The farm was built by the company “Saudi Basic Industries Corporation” (SABIC) and the Egyptian government under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s rule. 

The farm is located in the El Wafaa area of Egypt’s Delta region and has a production capacity of 60 million chickens annually.

El Wafaa Poultry Farm is Egypt’s first poultry factory located at Banha, in the province of Qalyubia. A group of Egyptian businessmen founded it in 1992.

El Wafaa Poultry Farm produces high-quality chicken and eggs exported to Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East.

Location: 20, Haroun St. Dokki Giza Egypt Telephone: (02) 38172547 Telefax: (02) 38172164

(2) Sege Poultry Farms Nigeria Ltd

Sege Poultry Farms Nigeria Limited is a large-scale company that is into the production and processing of poultry products in Nigeria. Its headquarters are in Lagos, with farms and feed mills.

The poultry farm offers a free range and organic poultry products to the Nigerian market with an established market in the West African sub-region. The company is a family-owned business founded in 1990 to provide healthy poultry products to consumers.

Sege Poultry Farms Nigeria Limited is the largest poultry producer in Nigeria. They have a production capacity of 2 million chickens per week and 120 million eggs annually.

It is a large-scale poultry farm in Nigeria that specializes in breeding and raising the best chickens. The farm has been in operation for many years and has expanded its chicken production capacity to include 1200 chickens, but it can accommodate up to 5000 chickens.

Location: 60 Christ Redeemer St, Alagbado 102213, Lagos, Nigeria

(3) Cairo 3A Poultry – Broiler Farming

Global chicken production is rising, and Cairo 3A Poultry is riding the crest of this trend. The Cairo 3A Poultry Company is a leading producer of all-natural, free-range chicken products. The company’s broiler farming facilities are in the Nile Delta, north of Cairo.

Cairo 3A Poultry produces fresh, halal poultry for the Egyptian market. The company sells various poultry products, including whole chickens, chicken parts, and frozen poultry.

Egypt has announced plans to produce 60,000 tons of meat in the first phase and 120,000 tons in the second phase, which makes Egypt self-sufficient in broiler chicken.

The Bahareya Oasis mega poultry project aims to become the largest poultry producer in Egypt, with a capacity to produce 100 million chickens per year. This ambitious project is to meet the demand of the Egyptian market as well as other regional markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Company Office Location: 62 B, El Tagamoa El Khames Service Center. New Cairo, Egypt

(4) Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited

Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited (OFNL) is a poultry processing and farm located in Sango Otta, Ogun State, Nigeria. They are doing a production of more than 130 million chickens annually.

Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited is a company whose primary goal is to produce quality poultry and eggs for the Nigerian market. The company operates in a new and modern facility that enables it to create top-quality poultry meat, eggs, and feed.

The company was established in 1965 and has grown to become the largest producer of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, potatoes, and onions in West Africa.

Obasanjo Farms Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian poultry company that produces chickens for both the local and international markets and has grown to become one of the largest poultry companies in Africa.

(5) Hy-line South Africa (PTY) Ltd Poultry Farm

Hy-Line South Africa (PTY) Ltd is a South African poultry farm that produces and distributes eggs, chicken, turkey, and other poultry products. The company’s eggs are in the market under the Hy-Line brand.

Hy-line South Africa has established a reputation with its chicken meat products and egg production. The company is based in Gauteng and is the 3rd largest poultry producer in the country. 

Hy-Line produces Broad-Breasted White, a type of chicken bred to grow so fast they can be for consumption at 18 weeks.

Location: 3 Carl Preller Avenue, Parys, Freestate, South Africa, 9585

(6) Remma Poultry Farms, located in Ghana

Remma Poultry Farms is a new international poultry company located in Ghana. It has been operating for three years and employs over 200 people. 

The company produces various chicken and egg products for the local market and other countries.

Remma Poultry Farms is a family-run company that exports poultry to many countries. The company’s products are also available at several supermarkets and grocery stores in Ghana.

The Remma Poultry Farms is known for producing a wide array of poultry, including chicken, turkey, and duck. They also export their poultry products to European, Asian, and American markets.

(7) Yieldingtree Feeds

Yieldingtree Feeds one of the top poultry feed suppliers in Zambia. They use the latest technologies to create commercial feed used in chicken farms all over the country.

Yieldingtree Feeds Zambia is a poultry farming operation in Zambia that specializes in producing high-quality chicken feed. Their mission is to improve rural African people’s living standards by providing food, work, and education.

They produce a variety of poultry feeds, such as corn-based poultry feed and wheat and barley-based poultry feed. Some products they offer include sunflower seeds, soybeans, maize, and more.

(8) Notwane Poultry Farms Botswana

The poultry industry in Africa is increasing, and many companies are looking for ways to be more efficient and produce fresher products. 

Botswana’s poultry industry is no stranger to this trend and has been seeing an increase in production.

Notwane Poultry Farms is a well-known poultry producer in Botswana that has been operating for over 50 years. They provide a variety of fresh and frozen chicken, eggs, and turkey products to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, schools, and institutions.

Botswana is home to some of the world’s most fantastic chicken farms that produce a variety of breeds, such as the Barred Rock, White Rock, Rhode Island Red, and more. Notwane Poultry Farms is one of the country’s premier producers. They are a leading regional poultry company serving customers from all over Africa.

(9) Firew Tsigereda Chicken Farm Ethiopia

Tsigereda chicken farm is a new chicken farm in Ethiopia that provides each bird with a giant, comfortable nest and the best feed possible. The farm has an automated feeding system that is environmentally safe and helps the birds to avoid sickness.

It is Ethiopia’s first integrated poultry farm. It was established in 2009 by the Hamer tribe, who were pastoralists. Since then, Tsigereda has been steadily growing and has become a successful model business while generating employment opportunities for the Hamer people.

(10) RCL Foods Poultry Farm South Africa

RCL Foods is a food producer in South Africa focusing on poultry. In 2013, the company became the first in the region to introduce an “integrated management system for sustainable production” for its farms.

RCL Foods is a leading poultry farming company in South Africa. The company produces chicken, turkey, and other poultry products for local and export markets.

They produce different types of chicken such as Red, White, and Brown Label. They also have a range of trusted, quality brands such as Crown Chicken, Crown Fresh, Proudly South African, and more.

With a production capacity of 1.8 million tons per year, it has nevertheless needed help to keep up with demand. Yet, this might soon change as the company is expanding its production capacity with a new plant that will increase its output by 50% to 2.5 million tons per year.


Poultry farms are rapidly growing in Africa, and the continent is becoming a leading meats producer for local consumption and export. Chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys are the most popular birds raised on these farms.

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