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List of Top 10 Music Studios in Africa

The music industry has always been global, but it is especially so in Africa. With more and more artists from other countries coming to the continent to create, record, and release their music, the need for studios has grown.

Africa is a continent with a lot to offer. Its musical heritage dates back hundreds of years, and it has boasted successful artists and recording studios since the 1960s.

This list provides a glimpse into the growing world of African recording studios reshaping what is possible in music production.

We have compiled this list of top African music studios based on high recommendations from people’s review and their reputations. Read through to get detailed information about all of them.

Top 10 Music Studios in Africa

If you are looking for the top music studios and the most prominent music companies in Africa to work with, consider these ten companies. 

These studios have helped African artists reach audiences worldwide while being a part of African culture.

Music is something that everyone enjoys, and with the growth of technology, there are more and more opportunities to create music. Many people in Africa have started investing in music studios to produce unique sounds and make their mark on the African music industry. This list showcases the top ten music studios in Africa.

1. BOP Recording Studios (BRS) – South Africa

BOP Recording Studio (formerly known as Bophuthatswana Recording Studios) is the best recording facility for sound and music production in Mahikeng, located next to South Africa.

The present managing director of BRS is Saj Chaudry, the sole shareholder of the music studio.

Specialty Areas/Facilities

One of the excellent facilities that BOP Recording Studios has is its music academy, where they train up-and-coming music engineers to master their skills.

They offer various services, with a specialty in the following areas;

· Sound recording & mixing

· Record & production label

· Academy of audio sciences

· Events, marketing & management

· Mastering studio

· Preservation hub

· Music campus

· Restaurant & resort

How They Started

BOP Studios opened its door to employ musicians who were out of work due to the collapse of the apartheid government. They were established in 1991 by Sefalana Employee Benefits Organization (SEBO) – a government pension fund in the Bophuthatswana Republic.

This most luxurious recording facility in South Africa has top three residential studios on the global scale since the early 1990s and elevated South Africa’s reputation around the world. The music they produce should be proof enough!

Noteworthy Projects

BOP Studios has handled various notable music recording projects for global entertainment companies and private music labels.

Founded in 1990, BOP Studios is a well-known international company that specializes in recording, mixing, and mastering. It has worked with many high-profile music labels and entertainment companies, including Universal Music Group, Warner Bros., Sony Music Entertainment, and Viacom.

It recorded an award-winning soundtrack (The Lion King) for Disney, America’s multinational entertainment and mass media corporation.

Artists and Private Labels Recorded at BRS

Many other well-known artists and popular music in Africa recorded at this studio, and they include the following;

· Brenda Fassie

· Ladysmith Black Mambazo

· Miriam Makeba

· Stimela

· Over My Heart by Laura Branigan

· Soweto String Quartet

· The Lion King soundtrack


Bop Recording Drive (off Nelson Mandela Drive), Mmabatho, North West Province, South Africa, P O Box 4552, Mmabatho, 2735



2. Mavin Records (Supreme Mavin Dynasty) – Nigeria

Mavin Records is a foremost entertainment company in Africa, founded by a famous Nigerian recording artist and producer, Michael Collins Ajereh, professionally called Don Jazzy.

The company is home to some of Africa’s most talented and successful recording artists, such as Tiwa Savage, D’Prince, Korede Bello, Runtown, and others.

Mavin Records, a Nigerian record label for top musicians in the country, is a music content production company that publishes original music and markets it to consumers.

Annual revenues and financials

According to research, Mavin Records generates annual revenue estimated at $12 million.

Specialty Areas

The major specialty areas of Mavis music label are;

· Brand Partnership & Activation

· Music Sync & Licensing

· Performance & Appearance

· Content Production

How They Started

Mavin Records started on May 8, 2012, through the innovative vision of the famous Nigerian record producer, Don Jazzy.

The fruition of this music label’s establishment emerged after the shutting down of Mo’ Hits Records, founded by Don Jazzy and D’banj.

Don Jazzy rebranded Mo’ Hits immediately after D’banj exited the label, changing its name to Mavin.

After rebranding the record label, Don Jazzy stated that it was about to become a powerhouse of music in Africa, which is already happening.

Noteworthy Projects

The Nigerian music corporation record label, Mavin Records, assists many artistes and music groups in licensing, brand activation, content production, music marketing, and much more.

Some Mavin Records notable music projects include;

· Launching its official website and the Mavin league, a social networking platform that caters to its fans worldwide, on May 7, 2012.

· Signings of Johnny Drille, Ladipoe, and DNA to Mavin Records on February 28, 2017

· Signing of Rema (a Nigerian musician, rapper, and performing artist) to its record label in March 2019

· Unveiled the signing of Crayon on May 31

· Launching of a collaborative single, “All is in Order.” On June 1, 2019

· Unveiled the signing of Ayra Starr, an 18-year-old female Afropop singer, on January 21, 2021


In offering innovative solutions, Mavin works with significant producers such as Baby Fresh, Altims, London, Korede Bello, Andre Vibe, and many more.

With his dedication to delivering good music to Africa and the world, Don Jazzy largely inspired his label’s growth into innovative services such as music marketing, content production, and others.


285A Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Postcode: 100232.



3. Sout El-Hob Records – Egypt

Sout El-Hob Records is a record label in Egypt offering creative music solutions. It possesses the 4th most extensive Arabic music catalog in North Africa and the Middle East, with more than 500 albums. Its output includes artists from every genre of popular music, like pop, jazz, and rock.

The record label is committed to helping Egyptian musicians and producers with their sound recording, production, mixing, and mastering.

Specialty Areas

Sout El-Hob Records offers a diversified range of services to Egypt’s music producers, categorized under the specialty areas which include the following;

· Music Streaming

· Music Broadcasting

· Music Syncing

· VAS and Call Tones

· Content Valuation Service

How They Started

The Egyptian record label, Sout El-Hob Records, was established by Atef Montasser in 1972. As the record label expanded, it started distributing various movies locally and internationally under Sout El-Hob Movies.

Mohsen, an Egyptian media group in Cairo, worked with Atef as the movie distributor before opening up his own company.

The founder’s nephew, Sherif Montasser, later took over the record label in 2015 as the CEO through Sout El-Hob Entertainment.

Notable record labels

Some of the noteworthy record labels of Sout El-Hob Records are;

· Watary

· Takima

· El Sobky

· Sout El Delta

· Randaphone

· Sout El-Hob (Entire catalog)

· Sonar (Entire catalog)


Sout El-Hob Records has worked with some notable African artists who have helped the company execute its recording projects.

Some of the famous artists include;

· Radi Zeus

· Medhat Saleh

· Leila Mourad

· Omar Khairat

· Hamid Al-Shairi

· Warda Al-Jazairia

· Ahmed Adaweyah

· El-Masryeen Band

· Mohammad Fouad


122 El Tahrir street Giza, Giza Governorate, Egypt



4. Lynx Ghana Limited (Lynx Entertainment) – Ghana

Lynx Entertainment is the top Ghanaian music studio and record label. Established in 1997, they have been a significant player in the Ghanaian music industry, producing many hit songs.

It is a music production and recording studio that helps Ghanaian musicians and those from Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the USA, and many other countries worldwide revive their art.

Specialty Areas

For over ten years, Lynx Ghana Limited has been helping to promote, brand, and produce the most talented in the country’s music industry.

Their major specialty areas include;

· Record Label

· Commercials – Producing jingles, scores, and soundtracks for Television and Radio commercials.

· Label Services – Offering label services such as promotion, distribution, marketing, sync, sales, rights management, analytics, etc., to music artists not signed to the label.

How They Started

Lynx, a multimedia company and record label in Ghana, was established by Richie Mensah in 2006. It began as an online-based Media Company to produce high-quality video content to entertain Ghanaian audiences.

It has since evolved into more than just a media company and has become a leading entertainment brand. Lynx tackles everything from producing TV programs and hosting live events and concerts to creating brand campaigns.

The founder is a songwriter, video editor/director, singer, and sound producer, who have been striving to develop the music industry of Ghana through active participation with the key players in the music business.

Noteworthy Projects: NIL


Lynx Ghana Limited works collaboratively with the industry’s artists to provide enabling entertainment for promoting and encouraging music talents and ideas.

The record label, through its innovations, has gained accolades as record label of the year at the Ghana Music Awards in 2009.

It presently signed some award-winning artists, KiDi and Kuami Eugene, to its label.


Akweteyman, Okaikwei North Municipal, Accra Region, Ghana



5. Hiba Studio – Morocco

Hiba Studio is an award-winning recording studio in Morocco. Hiba Studio has established itself as a creative hub that aims to bring Moroccan culture to life through its music and events. 

With a wide range of services, they are paving the way for their clients to meet with international musicians, producers, etc.

The music studio operates under the HIBA Foundation – a not-for-profit organization committed to all artistic creations, including music, film, performing arts, visual arts, fashion, and design.

Specialty Areas/Facilities

Hiba Studio is an ultramodern music recording studio specializing in the following areas;

· Music

· Mixing

· Recording

· Dubbing

· Filming Music

· Post-production

· Broadcasting and PR

· Studios and Rehearsal Rooms

How They Started

Hiba Studio is the first Morocco recording studio established in 2006 by Fondation Hiba as a project of His Majesty the King of Morocco.

For ten years, Hiba Studio has been Morocco’s premier recording studio for recording, mixing, and mastering. It offers two studios with Avid Pro Tools HD3 with 36 input channels.

As the country’s top recording studio, the founding organization equipped it with outstanding facilities and acoustics held to international standards.


From experiences and collaboration with internationally recognized studios, Hiba Studio has gained recognition from Studio Ferber, France, and the American TV series, real World.


Studio d’enregistrement – Fondation Hiba, Bd Ahl loghlam, Sidi Bernoussi, Casablanca, Maroc



6. Hard-Time Productions – South Africa

Hard-Time Productions is a recording studio and film production facility located in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

They offer film, video, and audio services for large and small projects. 

HTVP can handle private workshops and significant events professionally and creatively.

It provides South African musicians with studio spaces suitable for audio, photo, film, video, shoots, and other productions.

Specialty Areas

Hard-Time Productions is one of the leading record labels in South Africa, diversifying into video and film production. 

Their major specialty areas include the following;

· Recording

· Mixing

· Mastering

· Music Production

· Film & Television Production

How They Started

Mbuso Masuku is a young, dynamic and fearless entrepreneur. He founded Hard-Time Productions with the primary aim of promoting performing artists in South Africa. 

His primary focus is on promoting all kinds of performing arts, including music, acting, modeling, and lots more.

Since the inception of this music studio, it has been contributing significantly to the country’s music industry, publishing visual art and audio materials in various forms in addition to its major especially. 


Hard-Time Productions strive for excellence, contributing largely, broadly, and positively to the South African and international entertainment industry by providing innovative quality entertainment services.


105 Simmonds Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa



7. Chocolatecity Music – Nigeria

Chocolatecity Music is Africa’s leading indigenous and most successful record label. It is the first Nigerian music company to gain recognition from the British Council.

They have also been nominated for a Grammy award and have collaborated with international artists such as Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Akon, R. Kelly, and many others. 

Chocolatecity Music has played a significant role in the success of the group.

The record label started in collaboration with some regional and international creative organizations.

It has affiliations with the Nigerian British Council, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, South Africa, the US, and the UK, towards promoting creativity in Nigeria.

Annual revenues and financials

The annual revenue of Chocolatecity Music is $6 million per year.

Specialty Areas

Music Production

Music Marketing

Promoting the recordings of affiliated musicians

How They Started

The idea of Chocolate City Music was conceived in 2004 when Audu Maikori and his brothers discussed the idea at a family gathering. The company officially began in 2005 with Yahaya Maikori, Paul Okeugo, and Audu Maikori as its directors.

Abuchi Ugwu is presently the chief executive officer of Chocolatecity Music. Its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria, with affiliates in South Africa, the U.K., and the US.

Noteworthy Projects

Some notable projects of Chocolatecity Music include the production and promotion of the following;

· The Blaq Force

· 2Baba Latest Single, Important

· Shakara by Superstar Ace, and

· Some Good Vibe Jams To Add To Your Playlist


Headquarters: 12 Olumoroti Jaiyesimi Street, Gbagada Phase 2, Lagos



8. Elite Focus Entertainment Africa – Kenya

Elite Focus Entertainment Africa is a full-house entertainment and music studio offering first-class voiceover production and professional music recording services. It has been operating in Kenya for the past five years.

Elite Focus Entertainment Africa is more than just a music studio; they offer a full range of music product solutions that enable clients to produce quality recordings, voiceovers, and videos in-house.

Annual revenues and financials

Research shows that the current revenue of Focus Entertainment is $0.16 B, according to the company’s latest financial reports in 2022.

Specialty Areas

The specialty areas of Elite Focus Entertainment Africa include the following;

· Voice-over Recording

· Music Production

· Voice-over Artist Actors Training

· Filming

· Events Coordination and Wedding Planning

· Artist Management

· Brand Development and Marketing

· Photography and Videography Services

How They Started

Elites Focus Entertainment was born out of a desire to provide quality entertainment for the people of Kenya. The company began as a collaborative business of two music people, Terril Edwards and Victor O’ Henry.

They soon realized that assistance was necessary because of larger projects they couldn’t handle alone, so they found other skilled music people to join them in their mission.

Since the company’s establishment, the founders have maintained professionalism in providing tailor-made services while working with skilled entertainers.


Terril Edwards and Victor O’ Henry continuously apply professionalism and prompt communication in their service rendering while signing smaller companies to gain market leverage.


Donholm – Greenspan RD Opp Deliverance Church Donholm., Nairobi, Kenya



9. Backyard Records – Tanzania

Backyard Records is a well-established recording studio that has created a niche in high-end music recording, mixing, mastering, and top-notch digital media production.

The company has been in operation for more than 20 years and provides various services to the client by understanding the specific needs of its clients.

Specialty Areas

· Radio and TV Voice Overs

· Voiceover dubbing and translation

· Music covers and songs

· Music audio and video production

· Vocal production for in-studio dramas and films shot on location

· Narration voiceovers and dialogues

· Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

· Short films and documentaries

· Local and remote direction of the voiceover recording

· Podcasts

· Adverts

· Audiobooks

Additional Services

· Script Writing

· Vocal Training

· Copywriting

· Consultation in various angles of sound engineering

How They Started

Backyard Records is a music studio that offers high-quality production services for artists, producers, and companies. They provide various services, including recording, production, and mastering. With their state-of-the-art equipment and experienced engineers, they can provide clients with the very best sound possible.

It also produces and sells its music brands across the country.

Some expert sound engineers that have worked with Backyard Records since its inception are;

2001-to current: Samuel Mbwana, a.k.a Braton

2002-2005: Yusuph Mirambo

2000-2004: Abdiel Mengi Aka Xosa

2002-2004: Late Saimon Ersto Sayi, a.k.a Complex

2003: Keppy Kiombile

2003: Saganda

Noteworthy Projects

With twenty years of experience in the music industry, Backyard Records have handled projects for major corporations, companies, and organizations, both governmental and non-governmental.

Since establishing Backyard Records in 2000, it has executed over 750 projects in the United Republic of Tanzania.

Some of the clients and partners they have worked with include;

· BBC Music

· Bank of Tanzania

· Bayport

· Graffitti Studio

· Synergy Media Ltd.

· VoiceArchive Tanzania

· Sikika

· Jackson Group, etc.


Backyard Records Tanzania has achieved novelty with blends of contemporary standards to promote its reputation through some practical innovations.

Some of its notable achievements are;

Launching an audio production studio in 2001

Establishing its video production studio in 2005

Expansion of its products and services in 2007


42, Block St, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania



10. Flame Studios – South Africa

Flame Studio is a sound and music recording studio and creative hub in Johannesburg, South Africa, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

In addition, Flame studio has quickly become the go-to destination for musicians and entrepreneurs looking to produce high-quality recordings.

Specialty Areas

Flame Studio offers services to music artists, organizations, and experts in music and audio recording in the following specialty areas;

· Music recording, production, and engineering

· Voce-over recording and production

· Audio archiving

· Event management

· Mixing and mastering

How They Started

Flame Studios, South Africa, named for the ‘Flame of Democracy, is a world-class music recording studio that began operation in February 2021.

The Flame Studios is a large studio that can accommodate many people, from small bands and choirs to orchestral orchestras.

Again, this studio has become well-known for producing and performing music and collaborating with other musical artists.

Since its foundation, it has created a rich heaviness of history and optimism in the music industry.

Noteworthy Projects

Flame Studios South Africa has handled several north-worthy projects for many businesses and organizations, which include;

· Sonos South Africa

· Yamaha

· Rise Telecoms

· Striped Horse


The world-class music studio facility creates many innovations by assisting home studio musicians and project studio producers in making a more significant musical impact.


Flame Studios Recording Hub: The Old Fort, Constitution Hill Human Rights Precinct, 11 Kotze St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001



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