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List of Top 10 Photographers in Africa

African photographers are making waves in the world of photography. Their talents and style have been getting high recognition from all around the globe. 

This list highlights the top 10 African photographers making their mark on the world stage.

Africa is home to many great photographers, even though they may be hard to find. It isn’t easy to know who the best photographers are in Africa because there are many artists from different regions.

These top 10 photographers in Africa share their stories of how they got started, their favorite locations, and the impact that photography has had on the world.

Keep reading for more information about these top African photographic companies and details on how they started and what they do daily as their company activities.

Top 10 Photographers in Africa

If you are looking for the top photographers and the most significant photography companies in Africa to work with, consider these ten companies.

The continent of Africa is known to be one of the most diverse in terms of geography, culture, and people. There are different countries with different styles and themes. The continent has a rich history that dates back over 6000 years.

These top 10 photographers in Africa include a collection of the best photographers from across the continent. It is not limited to one genre, so that you will find a great deal of variety here.

1. Christelle Rall – South Africa

Christelle is a professional modern wedding photographer operating from Cape Town to other parts of the world. She is one of the best photographers not just in Africa but across the globe.

Her work has publications in magazines and newspapers. She can also create an awesome online gallery for you, which you can share on social media with your friends and family.

The Broadcasting Media graduate, mother of two (2), and wife are passionate about creatively capturing special moments and emotions.

She produces her photos to artistically combine elements, including illumination, forms, and lines depicting unrefined emotions.

Specialty Areas

Christelle Rall specializes in offering around-the-clock expert wedding photography. Her passion lies in building a concrete relationship with the bride and groom while preserving your wedding to a lovely memory.

Her portfolio span from;

· Weddings

· Engagements, and

· Corporate photography

How She Started

Christelle Rall is a communication degree holder but started the transition into photography in 2006. She was interested in video production, TV, and film at the time.

But after completing her course, she found herself working as an intern at a local radio station when she had an offer for a two-week stint to do some photography work. She completely fell in love with it and never looked back.

However, in 2011, she became a full-time expert wedding photographer operating from Cape Town till date.

Noteworthy Projects

For over 15 years as a wedding photographer, Christelle Rall has been the primary shooter for more than 600 weddings she has covered.

The beautiful reviews from clients show her professional, inventive, exceptional, and artistic style.


Christelle Rall is a top Award Winning South African wedding photographer and has won more than 300 international wedding awards. She has the following accolades;

·        Highest Female Wedding Photographer in the World at NR 22nd by the prestigious ISPWP

·        The Wedding photographer of the year by Admired in Africa

·        Top 100 Fearless Photographers in 2021

·        Admired in Africa Wedding Photographer of the Year

·        WPJA Engagement Photography Awards

·        Fearless candid photo of the year

· SLR’s 150 best wedding photographers in the world

·        Fuji X-Ambassador

·        Currently the top Fearless Photographer in Africa

·        5-star reviews on Google

·        5-star reviews on Facebook and lots more

Location: 34 Drakenstein Road, Durbanville Hills, Cape Town, South Africa


2. Bayo Omoboriowo – Nigeria

Bayo Omoboriowo is a photojournalist, documentary photographer, and the present Chief Official Photographer to the president of Nigeria since 2015.

His portfolio includes more than 20 years of professional photography experience in international and national media with Reuters, Associated Press, and other international news agencies.

He is among the top African photographer and the Guinness World Book of Records holder for the most significant photobook.

Specialty Areas

The following are Bayo Omoboriowo’s Specialty Areas;

·        Photojournalism

·        Documentary photography

·        Creative and Cultural anthropology

·        Personal Photographer to the President of Nigeria

·        Official Photographer for the State House

·        Freelance photography

How He Started

Bayo Omoboriowo is a professional photographer who graduated from the University of Lagos in 2009.

He has been in the photographic industry for eight years and has mastered the art of capturing moments. He uses his skills to document weddings, family, and commercial events with a creative flair.

He is currently awaiting his master’s in Arts and Cultural Management from King’s College, London, United Kingdom.

Noteworthy Projects

Among the noteworthy projects of Bayo Omoboriowo are photo collections of;

Wasting Tomatoes

Red Gold

Colors of Hope

Discover Nigeria (won the Guinness World Record for the most significant photobook)


Due to Bayo Omoboriowo’s passion for empowering education and artistic skills, he created ‘Unabashed Africa’ for training and provided opportunities for African photographers.

He also travels across the cities of Nigeria to capture real-time moments/pictures he documents.


Bayo Omoboriowo has received numerous awards in Africa and across the globe, some of which include;

·        MTN Afrinolly film competition

·        Nigeria, the Sundance Institute Film Award, USA

·        NACCP Climate Change Photo Contest

·        The Future Awards for the Most Creative Artist of the Year in Nigeria

·        Discover Nigeria set a Guinness World Record for the most significant photobook in 2021

Location: Nigeria


3. Batool Al Daawi – Egypt

Batool Al Daawi is an influencer, director, and photographer from Cairo. She started Blow Creative Studio in 2006 and has since been holding workshops for photographers at the studio. 

She has a BA in Photography from the American University in Cairo and has had her work showcased by many prominent art galleries.

Specialty Areas

Batool Al Daawi focuses on offering a wide range of services;

· Photographic and Video Production

· Film library curation

· Fashion editorials, films, and lookbooks

· Talent Representation

· Online, Social Media asset, and content creation

How She Started

Al Daawi graduated from the prestigious School of Visual Arts in New York. When she was working on her personal project, a video about a woman who has to wear different outfits for different social occasions, she realized she wanted to work in the fashion industry.

She, however, ventured full-time into the photography and film directing scene in 2011. In 2012, the creative photographer founded her studio, which she expanded in 2016.


Some of our innovative ideas include hosting exhibitions such as;

– Photographia, Zen Gallery, Dec 2013, Cairo.

– At work – UN women, Darb 1718, Feb 2017, Cairo.

Location: 16 Sayed El-Bakry, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt



4. Alan Keohane – Morocco

Alan Keohane has been a professional photographer for over ten years. He prefers shooting portraits, candid shots, and lifestyle photography.

His favorite locations are Marrakech, Morocco, and the Moroccan Sahara desert, where he can capture sweeping landscapes and intimate moments.

The photographer has been supporting the charity Education For All Morocco and is also a British Business Association Morocco member.

Before studying photography at the Central School of Art & Design, now the Central St Martins, in London, Alan had studied fine art printmaking at Alistair Crawford at the UCW in Aberystwyth.

Specialty Areas

Alan Keohane specializes in offering expert commercial photography services in the areas of;

· Advertising

· Editorial

· Fashion

· Portraits

· Interiors

· Sports and

· Weddings.

How He Started

Though Alan Keohane is British, he has been in Morocco since 1986 and started offering photography services in 1993. In 2001, he created his photography company, STILL IMAGES, to cater to people’s needs.

Alan Keohane is a renowned local photographer in Morocco and has photographed for many international brands such as Sony, ExxonMobil, Marlborough cigarettes, etc.

Noteworthy Projects

Alan has worked with John Gregory Smith on his books “Saffron in the Souks” and “Orange Blossom and Honey.”

He is also the author of the books “Bedouin, Nomads of the Desert” and “Berbers of Morocco.” His contributions extend to Top 10 guide to Marrakech by Dorling Kindersley and Assouline’s book on the Mamounia.


Alan Keohane is the founder of ‘STILL IMAGES SARL,’ which is a professional photography establishment founded in 2001 in Morocco.

Location: Appt 10 Résidence Achraf, 10 Rue Ibn Atya, Marrakech, 40020 Morocco


5. James Barnor – Ghana

James Barnor, a Ghanaian photographer and photojournalist, is among the first to collaborate with The Daily Graphic newspaper in Ghana. 

The Daily Graphic has publications daily, and Barnor has contributed with his photos since its inception to help keep the paper afloat.

Specialty Areas

James Barnor specializes in photojournalism, art exhibitions, and publications across Ghana, Africa, and other parts of the world.

How They Started

James Barnor, a seasoned photographer and photojournalist, has spent the past five decades documenting Ghana’s evolution from colonialism to the modern day.

However, just two years after the independence in 1959, he moved to improve his proficiency in London, where he got exposure to color photography.

His color photography artistry discovery graced the front page of the South African iconic magazine Drum in 1951.

Noteworthy Projects

He was the first to establish a color laboratory in Ghana around the late 1960s, working for Agfa-Gavaert. Barnor worked as a freelance photographer at his studio X23 for 20 years before moving to London.

Locations: Ghana

Website: https://www.jamesbarnor.org

6. Michal Dzikowski – Tanzania

Michal Dzikowski is a commercial and wedding photographer based on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. His passion for photography started at university, where he majored in sociology.

After traveling extensively through Asia, Africa, and Europe, he got the inspiration to start his own business. 

He became an accomplished photographer who loved to document life around him, with over five years of experience shooting both documentaries.

He is also a trained photojournalist, adventurer, scuba diving instructor, mountaineer, tri-athlete, and kickboxer.

Specialty Areas

Michal Dzikowski offers photography services on occasion for;

· Weddings

· Couples

· Family and friends

On request, we also offer drone photography and video documentation on all kinds of events.

How He Started

Michal Dzikowski has always been passionate about photography. Initially, he used to take photos for friends and family as a hobby.

Later, he decided to go for formal education in photography to improve his skills and proficiency in his field. Michal Dzikowski is now a renowned photographer with over twelve (12) years of experience in the domain.

Noteworthy Projects

Michal Dzikowski has worked with more than three hundred and fifty (350) clients in different industries across the globe.


He has partnered with more than seven (7) global brands on diverse projects. Some of these brands include; Rab, Garmin, Skoda, Lowe Alpine, Swim Ireland, Kona, and Victorinox, among others.

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania


7. Mutua Matheka – Kenya

Mutua Matheka is an architectural and travel photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He is an Architect graduate of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (J.K.U.A.T) with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. 

He has published his work in many international magazines and journals as a professional photographer.

Matheka uses his architectural knowledge to produce artworks portraying African metropolitan, architectural, and urban landscapes.

Annual revenues and financials: Nil

Specialty Areas

Mutua Matheka specializes in African landscape photography. He also prints and sells T-shirts and other prints portraying his works.

How He Started

Mutua Matheka began his professional photography career after graduating from JKUAT as an architect.

Noteworthy Projects

Among his note-worthy projects is the ‘Unscrambling Africa.’


Mutua, in 2014 collaborated with UN-Habitat and David ‘Blackman’ Muthami to use his pictures to give a total facelift of African cities.

He also traveled to 10 South African countries and 13 cities to capture stunning landscapes to change people’s descriptions of urban Africa. 

Location: Prokraft Africa, Nairobi, Kenya


8. Kyle Weeks – Namibia

Kyle Weeks is a Namibian-born interdisciplinary photographer. He uses his works to explore the problems of self-expression, social norms, and identity.

Self-expression is a powerful tool that one can use to express what the artist wants to say. Kyle Weeks finds it hard to express himself through words and instead uses his camera as an instrument of self-expression. His works often focus on the problems of self-expression, social norms, and identity.

Born in 1992 in Windhoek, Namibia, he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in photography in 2013 from Stellenbosch Academy in South Africa.

Specialty Areas

He is a portrait photographer and contemporary artist focused on turning over artistic stereotypes. He makes a documentary about African youths from different countries.

How He Started

Before his photography BA degree in 2013, Kyle Weeks had taken pictures but made it a career from that year till date. He currently works and lives across Africa and Europe.

Kyle Weeks is a freelance photographer. His work has been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide, including the New York Times, National Geographic, The Guardian, and The Telegraph.

Noteworthy Projects

Kyle Weeks co-founded Cape Collective Assist in 2013. Cape Collective Assist is a cooperative society that assists various development programs for rising photographers in South Africa. His other noteworthy projects include the following;

· Palm Wine Collectors

· Ovahimba Youth Self-Portraits (2012 – 2014)


Characterized by a diverse range of subjects, Kyle Weeks’ works confront colonial effects amid documentary photographers and their themes by upholding the organization of those photographed and arranging their existing knowledge.

Location: Windhoek, Namibia


9. Linda Vos – South Africa

Linda Vos is a professional wedding photographer operating across Cape Town and Gauteng but offering services to any local location. She has a great passion for people and enjoys what she does.

Linda’s story is about a photographer and wife who are passionate about people and photography.

She has been married to her husband for over 12 years, and they have two beautiful daughters who keep them on their toes.

Specialty Areas

Her specialty is in taking modern wedding photography with a feel of creativity, timelessness, and romance.

How She Started

Linda Vos is a South African graphic designer and artist. She graduated with NH Diploma in Visual Communication with a specialization in Art Direction, where she achieved her degree in 2006.

After graduation, she has been taking wedding photography and traveling globally for destination weddings.

Noteworthy Projects

Over the years, she has photographed hundreds of wedding couples, real wedding moments, brides, African weddings, engagements, grooms, receptions, and so on.


Among her innovations are the publications and leadership events she has participated in by writing and speaking to young photographers and photography enthusiasts. They include;


Photo Plus Africa Speaker 2018

ProAlbums SA Official Brand Ambassador

Photo & Film Expo Johannesburg Speaker 2016

Admired in Africa Conference Speaker 2016


· Real Brides Magazine

· Weddingfriends

· Mooi Troues

· Photo Asia Exhibition, India

· SARIE Magazine


· Admired in Africa Awards Album of the Year 2018

· AIA Engagement Photographer of the Year 2018

· Admired in Africa Awards Top 10 Bridal Portrait, Lifestyle & Styled Categories 2018

· MyWed Best of Week & Editor’s Choice 2019

· Fearless Photographers Collection 41, 46 & 47 Finalists

· Mooi Troues Styled Shoot of the Year 2015

Locations: Cape Town and Gauteng

Website: https://www.lindavos.co.za/

10. Tolani Alli – Nigeria

Tolani Alli is a Nigerian-based documentary photographer that has won many awards. Her stories and photos are on Bella Naija, and BBC News, among other globally acclaimed media.

She is a small-town girl who discovered her passion for photography at 16 and has since become an internationally renowned photographer.

Specialty Areas

Tolani Alli specializes in offering documentary photography and freelance photography. She is currently the Guardian UK freelance photographer for the Niger Delta oil spill.

How She Started

Tolani graduated from the University of Michigan but became prominent as the Oyo state governor’s official photographer.

She, however, developed a great interest in photography after watching a commercial of Aston Kutcher as she battles her ailment. Though a medical student at that time, she started taking photographs as a means of storytelling.

Noteworthy Projects

She has completed over 800 projects across the globe. As a keynote speaker at the globally celebrated Fearless Photographers Conference in Split, Croatia, she challenged the crowd to change their perception of Africa as she believes photography can help change the story.


Tolani was the first African registered in the first appearance of the World Press Photo Noor Images and Danish School of Photojournalism/Media Documentary Program, and she finished with honors.

Location: 198 West 21st Street, Suite 721, New York

Website: https://tolanialli.com/

Bottom Line

Taking photos helps us remember events. We can never replay them vividly, so they are an excellent way to save memories.

The best photographers in Africa we listed have significantly impacted the photography industry. Some are fluent in wedding photography, photojournalism, and more.

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