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12 Loveliest Rural Hideaways in Africa

Are you looking for where to take refuge within the African Premises, retreat around the African continent, or look for a perfect sanctuary with a memorable experience for hideout?

Look no further; there are many in Africa where one can comfortably hide and feel relaxed and have the list of the best ones in this post.

Keep reading as we list out perfect rural hideaways in Africa, where you can retreat for relaxation, sightseeing, safety, privacy, seclusion, and more.

We will list the beautiful features of the spots and the type of natural environment surrounding them.

1. Birdsong Hideaway – South Africa

Birdsong Hideaway in South Africa is a perfect location for those looking for an ideal spot for a rural hideaway.

It’s a rustic hideaway in the coastal fynbos in the rural Garden Route National Park, with remarkable, iconic natural wonders, perfect for nature lovers.

Interestingly enough, the Birdsong Hideaway has been called the Ramsar Site, and this means an international treaty protects the waterfowl habitat. 

Hideaway safety

It is safe to retreat at Birdsong Hideaway, South Africa, while enjoying a quiet time alone or with family and unwind from daily stress.

Exciting activities in Birdsong hideaway are:

  • Walking tour around the stretch of Langvlei Lake
  • Enjoying the sight of the bird sanctuary
  • Strolling down to one of the benches dotted along the property’s short walking path.
  • Early bird watch at the Malachite Kingfisher Bird Hide
  • Enjoy the short path walk amongst the Fynbos on the 4-hectare property

Several farms stay for rent in the wilderness, with spacious outdoor entertainment, providing the ideal place for families, couples, or friends to get together and enjoy a charming beachside gem.

2. Ngwo Pine Forest – Nigeria

Ngwo Pine Forest is another rural hideaway for those seeking rural settings to enjoy a purely natural environment free of interruption. 

Its location is in Ngwo, Enugu State, Nigeria, and the forest dynasty has succeeded in drawing many tourists from different countries for many years.

It consists of naturally-set pine trees, gently flowing streams, and waters splashing from the dark cleft inside the forest.

Beholding this incredible sight is a dream coming into reality and a picturesque that brings forth many emotional imaginations. 

Is it safe to hide away at Ngwo Pine Forest?

While enjoying a picnic getaway at Ngwo pine forest and cave waterfall, you need not fear any attack from humans or fierce animals because it’s very safe.

Among the fascinating things to spot at Ngwo Pine Forest are the following: 

– Attractive caves built from limestone 

– Pool formed at the base of the caves through the natural waterfall

– Different wild lives.

3. Kakum – Ghana

Kukuma is a rural hideaway for nature lovers seeking privacy or relaxation at mountains or hideaway beds, located on the coast of Southern Ghana, covered with tropical forest.

It is one of only 3 locations in Africa with a canopy walkway that connects seven treetops, providing access to the forest.

Kakum exhibits some local uniqueness because the locals constructed it with their initiatives instead of the State Department of wildlife, responsible for wildlife preservation in Ghana.

Among the animals you will see in there are: 

– Diana monkey

– Giant bongo antelope

– Yellow-backed duiker

– African elephant

Also, the Kakum is a natural conservation for birds hosting different species of birds that you can’t imagine.

4. Ewaso Nyiro River – Kenya

Ewaso Nyiro River, also called the River of brown or Muddy water, is another breathtaking sight to behold and one of the best places for anyone looking for a rural hideaway.

It extends to the west side of Mount Kenya and flows north, then flows over to the east and south-east, through Somalia.

Ewaso Nyiro River harbors many fascinating features that give tourists memorable experiences after their visit.

Also, the area is a fundamental component to the survival of the wildlife.

Most of the things to look out for in this river are;      

Rare northern species that lies in the river, which includes

– Grevy zebra

– Somali ostrich

– Reticulated giraffe

– Gerenuk 

– Beisa oryx 

5. Rubondo Island – Tanzania

Rubondo Island, located in Tanzania, is one of the perfect rural hideaways in Africa.

It is an important refuge and a home to animals like chimpanzees, forest elephants, giraffes, and rare sitatunga antelope. 

So fascinating, the island attracts so many people every year, especially game fishermen and bird enthusiasts – those who love the sight of birds. 

Among the activities one can explore at Rubondo Island are nature walks, game drives, and boat cruises on the lake.

6. White Desert – Egypt

The White Desert tops the list of perfect rural hideaways in Africa, situated in the western desert near the Bahariya oasis.

It houses over 800 distinct animal species, some of them are nocturnal, belonging to the animal kingdom, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish, and invertebrates.

Hideaway safety

The White Desert is a safe place where people can have some alone time to think things over without fearing any attack from dangerous wildlife.

Interestingly the white desert has features like white cream colorant massive chalk rock formations due to occasional sandstorms.

The environment is suitable for those who love dessert and adventurers; the weird playground is something spectacular to think about.

Scenic picturesque at this rural hideaway include: 

– Combination of the white sand with the sunshine 

– Spectacular natural scenery 

– Stunning environment

– Chalk that has been exposed for years

– Mushrooms shaped rocks

Enjoy a fantastic stay in Egypt’s White Desserts, exploring a very romantic getaway with an amazing safari, away from the rest of the world.

7. Ndar Fishing Village – Senegal

Ndar, also known as St. Louis, is another perfect location for a hideaway, which you can locate through the northwest of Senegal, near the mouth of the Senegal River.

Generally, Ndar is a fishing village and an old colonial island, which includes significant parts of the country and spreads out on a tiny island.

Also, there are beautiful beaches all over the spot, with warm water, soft sands, and breathtaking palm trees. 

 Things to do in the fishing village while retreating are as follows:

– Exploring the Parc National de la Langue de Barberie (an abode for finest birds you have ever imagined)

– Walking tour around the Murphy Saint Louis museum

– Miniscule strip of land

– Viewing the picturesque subtle marriage between land and water

While retreating in Ndar Fishing Village, you will enjoy the unique landscape and exceptional environment.

8. Kalahari Desert – Botswana

It is a rural area hideaway where one can get away from other people, also enjoy the natural wonders.

The Kalahari Desert connects with South Africa, Botswana, and the Namibia Desert and offers dazzling night skies experienced on the sleepouts.

Those seeking hideaway in this area should anticipate other attractions such as:

 – Fascinating iconic red sands

– Black-maned Kalahari lions

– Rare pangolin 

– Oryx 

– Kalahari desert habituated meerkats  

– Zebra migration

– Horse-riding safaris

It’s the second-largest desert in Africa and the best location to retreat while viewing the natural gift of nature.

9. Virunga Mountains – Rwanda

While seeking a suitable rural hideaway or hideout, the Virunga Mountains, otherwise cache Birunga or Mufumbiro Mountains is an excellent suggestion.

Located at Lake Kivu in east-central Africa, the mountain harbors reptile species and has the highest number of amphibian species.

Among the abundant wildlife you can get in this mountain are:

  • Elephants
  • Lions
  • Hippopotamuses
  • Rare mountain gorillas
  • Okapis
  • Antelope
  • Warthogs
  • Pelicans 

10. Awash – Ethiopia

Awash is a national park in the dry acacia savanna of the Rift Valley, one of Ethiopia’s top birding destinations, with over 450 species. 

It is the most visited zone for tourists and seekers of hideaways because it’s calm relaxation, highlights, and adventures like the Filwoha hot springs.

You can also spot the yellow-throated serin and the Ethiopian cliff swallow there while retreating in this area. 

The wildlife to view in this park are hippopotamus, Nile crocodiles, hyenas, lions, cheetahs, leopards, 335 East African oryxes, and Soemmerring.

11. Quirimbas Archipelago – Mozambique

Another charming rural spot for hideaway is the Quirimbas Archipelago, situated in the Indian Ocean of northeastern Mozambique, close to the Pemba, the capital of Cabo Delgado.

It has culture and exquisite natural wonders, including Africa’s most extensive mangrove forests.

While retreating in the Quirimbas archipelago, you can explore water adventures at the nearby 32 islands, which among them include;

– Ibo Island

– Matemo Island 

– Medjumbe, Island

– Quirimba Island 

– Mundo Island 

 – Quisiva Island

– Vamizi Island 

– Rolas Island 

12. South Luangwa – Zambia

South Luangwa is another good destination for rural hideaway, referred to as unharnessed premier wildlife zones, diverse grasslands, forests, and floodplains.

Among the things to expect in the South Luangwa are:

  • African largest elephant concentrations
  • True wilderness adventure
  • Walking safaris
  • Thorneycroft’s giraffe
  • Mountain biking in the bush at Tafika
  • Lillian’s lovebirds and paradise wydahs 

Final Words

If you’re seeking hideaways in rural settings of the African continent, have a passion for traveling, and at the same time want to explore countries with the above list.

African continents have many attractions where one can hideaway to enjoy a quiet time, retreat from their problems, stress, and people for a while before meeting them again.

These hidden locations will also rejuvenate your mind with the scenic sight of natural wonders.

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