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6 Spots for Mountain Biking Trips in Africa

There are several spots in Africa for mounting biking trips to enjoy the adrenaline rush of the high-octane sport while experiencing outdoor uniquely and excitingly.

Embarking on a mountain climbing trip in Africa will bring you closer to uncovering the unique cultures, charming nature, and distinct local flavors the African countries offer. 

Read more to find out the perfect locations and destinations for your mountain biking trips in Africa. 

Here are the destinations for mountain biking trips in Africa

1. Mpumalanga, South Africa 

Mpumalanga is one of the suitable destinations for mountain biking in Africa, you can locate it in eastern South Africa, and it shares a border with the Eswatini and Mozambique.

The Nkomazi game reserve found in the Mpumalanga gives several mountain biking opportunities to biking lovers.

The reserve center in Mpumalanga makes available all sorts of equipment needed for mountain biking.

Some of the equipment they make available are off-road bicycles, helmets, and water bottles; they ensure that the equipment is all ready for guests who need them.

Best Mpumalanga mountain bike trails 

  • Misty Valley Trail
  • Tranquilitas Red Route
  • Secunda Green Belt Loop
  • Tranquilitas Blue Route
  • Penryn MTB track 2010
  • Tranquilitas Rim Route
  • Valencia Uplands MTB Challenge
  • Pilgrims Rest to Mac Mac Forest
  • Penryn School MTB track

Mpumalanga biking tips

One good news about mountain biking in Mpumalanga is that they provide guides for visitors, meaning that you don’t need to carry out the exercise alone.

In the Nkomazi game reserve, an experienced coach will guide you in the right directions throughout the mountain biking trip.

Touring around the breathtaking routes for the best mountain biking experience you anticipate won’t be a hassle because the coach will lead you through.

Best time to bike at Mpumalanga: There is no stipulated time or season for mountain biking in this area. Go any time you are ready.

2. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

It is another notable location for mountain biking in Africa; the mountain is the world’s highest free-standing mountain and the most sought-after summits. 

Kilimanjaro Mountain is part of the famous Kilimanjaro National Park and is a perfect destination for mountain bikers and hikers. 

Top ten (10) Kilimanjaro mountain bike tours 

Biking enthusiasts who visit mountain Kilimajanro for cycling or biking can explore the following bike tours:

  • Mount Kilimanjaro Great Bike Tour 5 Days Itinerary
  • Materuni Cycling Tour
  • Chagga Villages in Mount Kilimanjaro Cycling Day Trip
  • 5-Days Kilimanjaro Bike Trek Via Marangu Route 
  • 6-Days Mt. Kilimanjaro Bike trek -with- Burigi Chato Safaris Co. L.T.D
  • Kilimanjaro bike park safari
  • Kilimanjaro 360 Challenge
  • Moshi Bike Tour by a local guide
  • Rau Forest Bike tour

Things to note about Kilimanjaro biking

The only route to climb mountain Kilimanjaro with a bike is the Kilema route, the track where a motorcycle can climb to reach the mountain’s peak.

Sports enthusiasts who visit Kilimanjaro mountain explore biking challenge at its peak in Ngorongoro Crater.

Best time to hike or bike at Kilimanjaro

You can also visit for mountain biking or hiking at any season of the year, but make sure to explore when there’s lower precipitation possibility.

As a result, you can visit around December through early March or mid-June through late October, the dry season.

3. Makgadikgadi Pan, Botswana

While considering African destinations for mountain biking, Makgadikgadi should come to your mind – the largest salt pan globally lying within northeastern Botswana.

Makgadikgadi Pans bike riding tours

Mountain biking lovers visiting this spot are sure to explore luxury quad bike safari and exciting biking adventures such as:

  • three-day 150km ride across the pans restricted to 30 riders
  • Quad biking over the Makgadikgadi salt pans
  • Riding a quad bike across a lunar expanse 

Makgadikgadi Pans mountain bike adventure and best time to explore

The Makgadikgadi pan consists of igneous rock islands comprising several baobab trees and shorelines, providing the best trails for mountain bikers.

The muddy, flamingo-filled pans turn hard in the dry season, making the crusty dessert perfect for a rugged bike trip.

That implies that those going mountain biking will enjoy it more in Makgadikgadi during the dry season.

4. High Atlas Mountain, Morocco

Another place in Africa that is good for mountain biking is the high Atlas Mountain, also called the Grand Atlas Mountains, found in the central of Morocco. 

Riding a bike on this mountain requires an experienced mountain biker who can ride on a single track.

Best time for mountain biking in High Atlas Mountain, Morocco

Going for a mountain bike ride in the heart of the dry and rugged Atlas mountains is a memorable experience, coupled with the ancient paths walked by generations of Berber traders.

Sometimes, you will notice pretty steep and rocky sections that its places are loose and technically tricky.

Mountain biking tours in the Atlas Mountains 

  • Atlas mountain bike tour Anougal (the Almond land)
  • Three days Atlas mountain bike tour – Berber Mtb escape
  • Eight days Atlas bike Morroco – Rock the Kasbah, Ride the Oases
  • Ten days Atlas bike Morroco – Atlas to Sahara

Things to note about High Atlas Mountain

Before embarking on a mountain biking trip at this destination, you should be used to riding intermediate and advanced red and black trails.

And to enjoy the trip, you should not fear more about mountain heights.

Note that there are many refreshment centers around the mountain to dine and wine, such as the simple, authentic Berber Gite, just at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

5. Namib Desert, Namibia

The largest and oldest desert globally, the Namib Desert extending inland from the Atlantic Ocean, covering large swathes of Namibia, parts of South Africa, and Angola, makes a perfect destination for mountain biking in Africa.

Usually, a world-class multi-stage mountain bike eventDesert Knights, occurs in the Namib Desert annually.

Mountain bike safari tour in Namid Desert, Namibia, Africa

Biking lovers and visitors to this place can explore the stunning Namibian desert by bicycle, experiencing the sheer thrill of riding;

  •  Quad bike through Namibia’s boundless expanse of shifting dunes
  • Half-day Windhoek city and township cultural tour
  • Scenic desert tour by bike
  • Swakopmund scenic desert tour

Exciting things about mountain biking in Namib Desert, Namibia

Excitingly, both amateurs and skilled bikers can go mountain biking in this area because you’ll have the opportunity to bike at your own pace.

Sometimes, you will notice that you are all alone in the middle of the desert, without any locale or tour guide. 

Again, while biking here, the guides will provide you with a sweep wagon for medical assistance just behind you as you bike.

Also, there are water points along the way to refill your water supply. You can also eat snacks and chat with your fellow participants.

6. Nalut, Libya

Nalut, located about 270 km southeast of Tripoli in Libya, is one of the most interesting Berber settlements of Nafousa Mountain, suitable for mountain biking.

People who visit Nalut for mountain biking see it as the “mountain bike heaven,” covering more sights in less time on two wheels.

Nalut is a mountain bike heaven because the entire environment comprises miles of ideal trails for mountain bikers and hikers.

The fascinating thing about Nalut in Libya

The fascinating thing here is that the spot has perfect viewing, standing right next to the Nalut Qsar. 

Also, the weather in Nalut is perfect and precise too, without any form of humidity, making it an ideal place for training.

Related activities in Nalut

Apart from mountain biking, one can also go for other things like hang-gliding sport, and many others.

Mountain biking physical requirements and what to wear 

Mountain biking entails off-road, often over rough terrain, using specially designed mountain bikes, and it demands several preparations. 

Necessary physical requirements 

While embarking on any mountain bike sports trip, you require certain things, such as core strength and balance, self-reliance, endurance, and bike handling skills.

These qualities are required because the sport (mountain biking) deals with completing a defined round circuit or point-to-point long trail on a terrain that ranges from a single track or even paved roads. 

What to wear mountain biking

Although personal style, atmospheric condition, and comfort determine what you wear for mountain biking, downhill and trail riders usually opt for baggy kits. 

The baggy kit comprises the following:

  • loose-fitting shorts 
  • a pair of padded Lycra shorts underneath or full Lycra for more race-focused cross-country riders 
  • a loose-fitting jersey, and more, depending.

Which country is best for mountain biking?

In the whole world, the countries that are best for mountain biking are Finale Ligure, Italy, Vermont, the U.S., Sardinia, the Fjords of Norway, and the Andes of Peru.

Additionally, other countries such as Africa, Dachstein Tour, Austria North Shore, and British Columbia, and Canada make good destinations for such sport.

Why is mountain biking bad?

Mountain biking may appear bad when not handled properly; it can create imbalances by strengthening some muscles and lead to tight bands and overuse injuries.

What is the global mountain biking capital?

As claimed, the global mountain biking capital is Bentonville city in Arkansas, U.S. It comprises 130 miles of biking trails that link to the downtown area, with over 250 miles of trails connecting Arkansas’ Ozark Trails System.

Final words

As a mountain biking enthusiast seeking to cruise through Africa’s iconic golden sand dunes, why not choose any of the listed spots to explore the enchanting natural environment.

Along the African routes, you’ll also have the opportunity to visit stunning natural environments, gardens, castles, and other notable historical landmarks.

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