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A Step by Step Guide on How Should You Dress For an Hourglass Body

If anything distinguishes the body clock sand, the distinct curves give the figure the appearance of an hourglass, as the name suggests. 

How do you dress for an hourglass figure to always seem attractive and elegant? 

This exciting article will go over the top tips for making your shape appear beautiful no matter what you’re wearing in depth.

How does an Hourglass Body look?

Curvilinear figures encompass a set of highly particular features by definition, which are as follows:

  • Hips and shoulders are in proportion to one another and have a similar width.
  • The waistline is pronounced.
  • The body has a lot of curves.

Whatever your weight, whether you are skinny or have a few more kilograms, this type of figure is always proportionate. 

However, you must be careful since so many curves can make excess weight noticeable, particularly in the hips and the chest. 

The physique that celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sofa Vergara, and Eva Longoria possess is similar to this one.

Few things you should avoid doing while working with this type of figure

The fact that curves are the ultimate expression of femininity does not mean that while dressing for an hourglass figure, you should avoid wearing clothes that draw attention to your form and choose more suitable clothing for your figure. 

As a result, we suggest that you do away with the following items from your closet.

  • The pants at the hip and this cut style make this area appear even more prominent, detracting from the overall proportion of your form.
  • Skirts with ruffles or pleats are particularly flattering since they elongate the hips.
  • Avoid t-shirts, sweaters, and big tops that will give you the appearance of being voluminous.
  • Finally, remove blouses, t-shirts, and other tops featuring ruffles, bows, and other embellishments that add volume, particularly in the chest area.

The pants with an hourglass shape

As previously said, this sort of figure merits the use of pants with a high waist or high hips, and you should avoid it at all costs.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • When it comes to very low-rise cuts that will make your hips appear excessively prominent, try and avoid it. 
  • Dark colors are always the most acceptable choice because they help to stylize the shape, making your hips and buttocks less noticeable than they otherwise would be.
  • Avoid garments with huge pockets and choose straight shapes that are not too tight around the waist. 
  • Fit cuts are ideal since thin jeans or skinny jeans that are too tight will draw attention to your curves and detract from the overall proportion of your form. 
  • Those models with vertical lines will also look fantastic on your body shape and size.
  • On the other hand, it’s advisable to avoid wearing leggings because they will accentuate your curves excessively, exaggerating them a little.

V-neckline with a supportive bra

When dressing for an hourglass figure, it is critical not to overlook the proportions of your chest and shoulders. 

One can easily distinguish these figures by having a big chest. 

It is critical to choose a nice bra that will raise the chest and make it appear correctly proportioned and balanced.

Parallel to this, V-necklines are excellent companions for this sort of body because they direct a portion of the viewer’s attention to this area. 

Shirts, tees, jerseys, and other clothing must always end below your hips, which is the ideal point for your figure. 

You should avoid wearing excessively long garments or having too much bulk in the top area, turtlenecks, and large prints, all of which will make you appear fatter, as we have previously discussed above.

Those shirts, tops, and blouses that can be adjusted at the waist or worn with a belt are ideal since they draw attention to this little area of your body, emphasizing your figure.

Dresses fitted at the waist are the best bet.

All celebrities with an hourglass figure have demonstrated that we must choose gowns with a “snug waist and tight body” to make our curves appear more prominent. 

Those that we can cinch in at the waist with a straight skirt also look excellent, as they provide a nice balance that exudes unique sensuality while remaining modest.

Avoid oversize cuts because they do not adequately stylize the figure or make it appear proportioned. 

If you desire to dress for an hourglass figure, dresses fitting at the waist are your best bet!

Pencil skirts are your closest friends in this situation.

Pencil skirts, tailored to the waist and fall in a way that draws attention to your form, are the ideal piece of clothing for looking both professional and elegant at the same time. 

If you wear them just above the knee, they will make you appear taller.

However, you can also choose shorter models that will enable you to show off your legs, which is the ideal option for a night out with friends.

The best accessories for this figure 

When dressing for an hourglass figure, it is critical not to overlook the importance of the accessories. 

Because they considerably stylize the shape and make the curves appear correct. 


Heels are typically an essential accessory for women with this body type. 


When selecting necklaces to wear, avoid wearing ones and heavy clothing. 

Instead, choose basic designs that are either long enough to reach the waist or short enough to reach just above the bust, with simple lines.

Parts with ornate detailing don’t look nice on these bodies.

Bottom Line

The fact that an hourglass figure is one of the most desirable body types does not mean that it is not vital to choose the appropriate clothing to balance the shapes and, if desired, conceal those more pronounced parts.

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