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6 Effective Ways on How to Look Slimmer in a Bikini

If you are interested in knowing how to look thinner in a bathing suit and more appealing in the summer despite having undergone a bikini operation or dieting to reduce those extra kilograms, you have arrived at the correct article. 

Take notice of all of the tips and tactics for looking thinner in a bikini that we show you in this article if you want to appear more stylish on the beach this summer!

1. Bikinis to make you appear thinner

Suppose you want to show off your body this year, and you have the decision to find a two-piece swimsuit to stylize your silhouette and appear slimmer. 

In that case, you must take into consideration some of the recommendations that we detail below.

The beach is quite beautiful, and you may walk along with it completely safe and without any form of the complex:

  • The breasts appear more separate and firmer if the bikini is knotted around the neck, forming a V-shaped neckline, and if the central area of the bikini has some type of washer in the middle.
  • In contrast, if you want to disguise the width of your hips and the volume of your lower body, the retro-style bikinis that are so popular right now, which contain high-waisted briefs and strapless bras, are a fantastic choice. They will also assist you in concealing your stomach and displaying a lot more stylish physique.
  • When it comes to bras, those with a broad back and hips but little chest are preferable with bandeau bras, which are strapless bras that will make their body appear narrower.
  • The use of bikini bottoms with side ties, frills, or beads is not a good recommendation if the goal is to diminish volume in the hips. Instead, choose smooth bases to distract the viewer’s attention away from this area of the body.

2. Swimsuits featuring a V-neckline to elongate and accentuate the physique

Swimsuits, without question, are the most effective tools for hiding the width of the figure and seeming more stylish and thinner.

Apple-shaped bodies, that is, people with a thick back, round shoulders, huge breasts, a wide waist, and hips, are particularly well-suited for these styles.

Additionally, one-piece swimsuits are the ones that aesthetically make the body appear leaner and thinner, making them a safe pick for any occasion.

There are many different types of swimsuits, but when it comes to creating a thinner silhouette, our recommendation is to opt for those sensual designs with a pronounced neckline, which mimics the V shape tied around the neck. 

Try on swimsuits with this pattern, and you will notice how your form is optically lengthened and stylized, in addition to being great for hiding the love handles and the volume of the stomach.

3. We recommend solid or dark-colored swimsuits

Those familiar with color theory will know that the dark hues make us appear thinner and aid in concealing the roundness of our figures.

And this is a strategy that you can apply while choosing your swimsuit: choose bikinis or swimsuits in solid hues such as navy blue, red, green, or white rather than prints or patterns.

On the contrary, stay away from bikinis and swimsuits in very light hues, such as white, because they will make your shape appear larger and more voluminous, rather than style it. 

Extremely eye-catching colors, such as neon or metallic tones, are also inappropriate.

4. Avoid prints that increase the volume

Many of us prefer to wear more lively and fun swimsuits in the summer, and as a result, we always choose a patterned model that differs from the more traditional plain models. 

However, if that is true and you want to appear thinner in a bikini, you don’t have to give them up completely. 

The trick is to choose models with broad patterns or vertical stripes. 

The latter is particularly well suited for stylizing the form and even making it appear taller.

Avoid, at all costs, bikinis with slim designs, polka dots, and horizontal stripes since these have the opposite effect and emphasize the voluptuousness of the body while also emphasizing its width.

5. Accept the trikini with open arms

A new swimsuit that arose a few years ago and has quickly gained popularity is the trikini, which sits in the middle of the bikini and swimsuit categories. 

They are beautiful, made primarily to stylize the form and conceal the tummy, which has led to many women daring to wear them throughout the summer season. 

Aside from that, it is a stunning piece of clothing for showcasing a slimmer and more defined waist. 

You must follow the recommendations we have provided in the previous sections when selecting a trikini that refines the silhouette: Dark and solid colors, a V-shaped neckline, and no accessories, such as bows, fringes, ruffles, or other frills, are preferred.

6. Take good care of your physical posture

In addition to following all of the above recommendations for finding a swimsuit that makes you look thinner, you must maintain good postures always to appear beautiful and sensual at all times.

Consider that if you stand upright, walking with your back straight and your shoulders back, you will appear much more stylized.

On the other hand, you’ll go hunched, which, in addition to reducing height, will increase the volume of your stomach and give your image a very unflattering appearance.

Last Words

The tips and tricks that we revealed in the lines above will assist you in finding the swimsuit that is most appropriate for you and allow you to visually reduce the volume of the parts of your body that you wish to conceal while flaunting your style.

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