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10 Things Ladies Can Do To Be Irresistible To Men

Ladies can quickly draw men’s attention by creating enticing physical qualities, improving personalities and emotional features.

Being too needy or self-conscious can ultimately push off men, making them unable and unlikely to develop affection for you.

The science behind love, attraction, and companionship reveals that the following chemistry plays a pivotal role in making a woman irresistible;

Social chemistry: Some people call it physical chemistry, and it creates physical arousal, happiness, and desire, thereby making you physically irresistible.

Emotions: Although there’s no love or hate chemical in the brain, the emotional or psychological chemistry creates affection, care, and trust.

Mental chemistry: It regulates countless daily functions in the body system, and the total brain eclipse generates receptivity, interest, and compatibility.

Now, let’s deep-dive into the ten (10) tricky ways a lady can awaken the extraordinary qualities that make her irresistible to men.

1. Feel confident

Confidence is a personality trait that makes every woman feel super relaxed, innovative, and attractive, rather than focusing on her flaws.

A confident woman is an attractive woman. Have confidence, but not a big ego. Feel secure, take pride in every detail of your outer appearance, and assume you’re amazing in your own right.

When a lady feels confident, it wards off all nervous feelings and shyness, giving you the ground to command respect merely by how you carry yourself.

If you’re not a confident type of lady, you can fake complete confidence until it eventually comes.

Ways to build confidence and become more attractive and irresistible

  • Create an alter ego and embody it
  • Fill your life with motivation
  • Always be excited, don’t be nervous
  • Maintain good postures
  • Appreciate your strengths and forget your flaws
  • Celebrate wins
  • Say ‘yes’ more often than ‘no.’
  • Create a power playlist and then visualize your confidence

2. Have a good sense of humor

Be hilarious. No man prefers to be with a Sally. Therefore, you should wear an excellent facial look, smile a lot, and laugh – it doesn’t necessarily imply you should turn to a stand-up comedian.

A lady’s most significant asset is her sense of humor. Remember that when you smile or laugh, you look more attractive.

Okay, let’s quickly look at this instance; you are hanging out alone or with your girlfriend, and a guy sitting by accidentally spills his drink on your dress.

What do you do? Scold at him? Laugh it off in a way that the guy will find so attractive. You can tell him that he will buy you a drink of that kind to amend it.

3. Your body language matters

Body language is a physical magnetism. So, always mind your body language no matter the environment you find yourself in.

Whether you’re alone or in a group, improve outer appearances because someone might be observing you from another end.

During those moments where there is no interaction between you and a guy, but rather two separate individuals making decisions as to who’ll meet next if they happen upon one another by chance, maintain proper body language.

Even from a far distance, he will notice the little details of your physical appearance from the inside out. So, you should always look sexually appealing and be active wherever you find yourself.

4. Be smart and intelligent

A lady becomes more admirable and turns a man on through her intelligent, decent, and polite conversations. Be a good conversationalist.

It makes you feel you can dialogue smartly anywhere, at work, meetings, events, restaurants, or even in a family.

A guy can easily read your level of smartness through the statements you drop.

For instance, when you dialogue with a guy interested in you, he might ask you what you think about his personality just in your first meeting. You can answer intelligently by telling him that “you think there is more to a person than just one thing.”

Important note: If you lack competent conversational skills, you can improve by reading books, newspapers, updates about events, and watching the news.

5. Show your true persona

Be the best of whom you are. Do not fake an attitude or imitate someone else’s character to make yourself attractive to a man. It’s not going to work out well.

Be yourself. Guys usually like ladies who are open to showing their authentic selves. If you think he won’t like the real you, don’t fake who you are not because he’s not going to like it either when he finds out.

You might exaggerate a bit for the sake of making a good conversation but don’t tell lies about yourself out rightly.

6. Always show appreciation 

Showing appreciation makes anyone feel that they matter. Now, you want to become irresistible to men, as a lady, you should be appreciative of every little thing because it makes you more attractive.

If you’re already on a date, acknowledge and appreciate everything he does that makes you feel happy, and it makes him feel like he matters to you.

However, if you want him to notice you, do not hide in the corner. Be active wherever you are and appreciate good things happening around you.

When a guy stays close to an attractive lady, it’s hard not to resist that feeling of attraction.

Aside from personality traits, a lady has also to improve her physical appearance to be irresistible to the kind of man she desires to have by her side.

7. Wear comfortable clothes

Ladies, pay attention! You don’t dress for your friends to an event or a party; instead, you dress to appear more attractive to men.

As a lady that wants to catch a man’s eye, wear a timeless dress at all times, which is a classic outfit that is comfortable and works for you.

Remember that what you wear does not just make you attractive but also defines your personality quickly. So, take pride in your appearance and personality by wearing dresses that best highlight your assets.

8. Have a pleasant bodily smell

Do not leave any of your body parts unkept to avoid awful odor. Pleasant smell appeals to a man’s sense organ, whereas unpleasant smell pushes them away.

Don’t just look good outwardly. Observe personal hygiene to smell irresistibly delicious that will make you noticeable even while walking on the road.

Go to cosmetics stores, choose a lovely smelling fragrance, shower gel, and perfume that suits your personality as a lady. Test the fragrances before you finally decide on which one to buy.

9. Style your hair

Lady’s hair is a big turn-on for men. Give your hair proper attention; style it to make it shiny and beautiful.

Wearing a beautiful hairstyle complements the look of your face nicely, depending on the specific style and the shape of your face.

The hairdo has a lot to do with your facial and body balance as it gives a measurable effect to your outer appearances and attractiveness.

10. Do your makeup

Makeup highlights the best features of a lady, makes you look more beautiful, and covers blemishes.

It accounts for a certain percentage of the entire variation in your attractiveness.

Do not wear heavy makeup. Just apply your lipstick and eye-shadow to appear attractive and more beautiful.

Research from an online dating site shows that men of this day are pretty particular about women’s makeup when they’re dating.

What are the things men find most attractive in a woman?

Recent studies show men find a woman’s body shape attractive, mainly the ‘hourglass kind of figure.’ Also, the ability to be self-supportive and independent instead of being too needy attracts men.

What makes a woman so irresistible?

Body language through physical appearance is the main thing that makes a woman irresistible. It doesn’t imply a woman’s makeup or her hairdo; instead, it’s the grooming and the details of her outlook.

What should a woman do to attract a man?

If you want to attract a man, always put on a smile, hang out alone, or go along with just a friend, be active wherever you find yourself, don’t play a hide and seek, request his assistance, or whatever will make him think he’s smart, when you engage in a conversation with him.

Also, apply the following strategies;

  • Discuss your leisure pursuit
  • Dress comfortably in timeless styles
  • Maintain eye contact with him
  • Be quirky and eccentric instead of always showing a know-it-all attitude

How do I make myself irresistible to my husband?

For women who want to be irresistible to their husbands, you have to appear gorgeous at all times while maintaining physical hygiene, smell admirable, take care of your hair, and wear comfortable clothes.

Again, show independence, improve your intellectual ability, stay fit, show interest in his interest, look attractive, express love, and finally plan a surprising night date with him.


As a lady who wants to make herself attractive that a man cannot stop himself from liking or wanting her, you should spark up your physical, emotional, and mental chemistry.

In this way, you’ll generate the physical arousal, create affection, compatibility, and appreciation that he will not want to let go of you.

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