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12 Good Things You Can Observe in a Successful Relationship

People have many perceptions as to what a successful relationship is. In truth, every relationship is unique in its way; thus, it faces many ups and downs at some point.

That notwithstanding, a lot of people have been in beautiful relationships for a long time. 

In successful relationships, the parties play essential roles to make it work and at the same time make it desirable.

1. Honesty 

In every successful relationship, there is honesty which brings about uprightness that flows between each partner.

Honesty implies that the partners in a relationship are willing to tell themselves the truth regardless of how hard it may be.

Straightforwardness, loyalty, fairness, sincerity, and mutual empathy are all the virtuous attributes of honesty in a successful relationship.

When honestly exist among partners, they become an open book to each other; neither lies nor deceives.

2. Respect for each other

Respect is another crucial point in a successful relationship, which deals with deep admiration and regard for each partner.

They always respect each other’s dreams, values, and many other things despite the variation in how they see things. 

Once the relationship is healthy and thriving, respect is the owner of the day, implying that a good relationship must involve mutual respect.

Partners involved recognize each other as equals, most times address each other and treat themselves nice.

3. Open communication

Open communication is another good thing in every successful and admirable relationship, and it’s the culprit of all the relationships moving smoothly today.

There’s a saying that communication is the life wire to every healthy relationship.

In every successful relationship, partners feel free and open to communications without holding back.

4. Commitment

Being committed to one another is another good thing you can see in a relationship that works out well.

It includes agreeing or pledging in unison about everything they are doing, especially when it comes to improving conditions for the future.  

Also, you will observe that both parties are always eager to solve and meet each other’s needs and, at the same time, rekindle the fire of their relationship.

5. Forgiveness 

The ability to let go of the past is another thing you can observe in a healthy and successful relationship. 

The partners accept each other flaws and forgive them too. 

Also, in a successful relationship, the partners not only let go of grudges but also avoid anger, bitterness, retaliation, and have less desire for revenge.

6. Affection without limitations

Affection without limitations, unconditional love, true altruism, or whichever way you may put it, means love between two parties without conditions.  

It’s one of the significant ingredients you can quickly a successful relationship. In this case, both parties sacrifice for each other without terms or rules.

You cannot enforce true love because it dost work that way. Partners in a successful relationship share meaningful love for each other as individuals and friends at all levels.

It then bonds them together and brings about desire, well-rounded happiness, and admiration for the parties.

You can quickly notice these qualities in relationships where things are working out right for the parties.

7. Gratitude or appreciation

Friends or spouses in a successful relationship are always grateful for everything and more appreciative no matter how small a kind gesture is.

You will see them thanking each other and showing appreciation countless times.

When one notices this element in a relationship, know that the relationship is healthy.

8. Mutual decision 

Another criterion of a successful relationship is the partner’s ability to share decisions; you will observe that the decision-making will flow between the two parties, not one-sided.

Also, when they have problems at hand, they solve them jointly, not individually, and anybody is permitted to bring a suggestion or even a solution to a problem.

 When you notice this behavioral pattern from partners, know that their relationship is healthy and flourishing. 

9. Playfulness

Playfulness is one good sign you can easily observe in a successful relationship. 

Partners in this kind of relationship always play with each other, crack jokes, and keep things lighthearted like that initial stage of the relationship.

Be it a long-term dating, friendship relationship, or marriage with kids, the partners maintain a good sense of humor without taking every little thing too seriously.

10. Intimacy

Call it closeness, togetherness, or rapport; you will commonly notice this character among partners in a healthy relationship.

Most time, people mistake intimacy for sex, though it’s one of the culprits in a successful relationship, especially when it’s marriage.

When you observe partners always going together, spending sweeter time, and showing care to each other, know that the relationship is flourishing.

It’s also geared towards more profound understanding and attachment to each other, which means more than physical attraction.

11. Lasting or true friendship 

A successful relationship also depicts true lasting friendship with true feelings among the partners.

Whenever you notice a great bond or tie of reciprocated affection among two parties, it simply implies that they have a true friendship which makes their relationship successful.

Partners help each other to solve certain problems that may come up in their relationship.

Also, you will always notice that both parties are in a state of enduring affection, intimacy, esteem, and trust.

12. Mutual support

Mutual support is one of the qualities one can easily observe among partners that have a healthy relationship.

They always provide task assistance for each other, social support, feedback, and work as a team.

People easily forget that their spouse, fiance, or fiancee is their teammate, playmate, and best friend.

A relationship is more successful when you work with your partner as a great support system, not against them.

What are the five essential things in every relationship?

The five most essential things in a relationship are respect, boundaries, trust, communication, and support. These essential attributes make a relationship healthy and happy.

What are some positive things about being in a relationship?

One cannot overemphasize the positive things about being in a relationship. Among these positive things are chances to take care of another person.

Other positive things in a relationship include promoting physical well-being, offering support, and giving your life a better meaning in many ways.

What qualities make a successful relationship?

The truth remains that as we are all unique and different, so also are relationships. Therefore, what works for you might not work for the other.

However, the common qualities that make up a successful relationship include; 

  • Understanding
  • Healthy communication
  • Mutual respect
  • Trust and honesty
  • Anger management
  • Healthy sexual relationship for married partners
  • Self-confidence, and fair fighting, among others.

What are the four characteristics of a positive, healthy relationship?

A positive, healthy relationship requires a mutual feeling and involvement of the two parties involved. The four major characteristics of a positive, healthy relationship include respect, trust, boundaries, and communication.


Relationships are inimitable, just as people are unique. Despite the differences in many relationships and the failures people face in many relationships, some still are successful.

The ideas above are tested and trusted observations you can make out in many successful relationships, and you can apply them to yours to make it work.

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