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9 Things You Can Do To Firm Your Breast without Plastic Surgery

Sagging breast, breast ptosis, in other words, is a familiar change in women’s breast appearance, especially as they get older.  

The size and shape of a breast vary from person to person, but women’s breast changes and develops in the long run. 

When a woman’s breast begins to sag, the initial shape of the breast loses its elasticity due to the passage of time.

One can quickly correct or prevent their breast from sagging without undergoing plastic surgery. 

Read more to know things you can do to lift your breast without plastic surgery:

1. Aptos thread lifting

Aptos thread is a contemporary nonsurgical breast lifting technique that is minimally invasive.

If you’re seeking an instant way of lifting your sagging breast without undergoing surgery or any traditional method, consider Aptos thread lift.

Aptos thread lifting, otherwise called breast feather lift, helps lift the tissue surrounding the breast upward. 

The procedure involves the insertion of threads through a hypodermic needle under your skin, then securing and pulling them together in the direction of the clavicle.

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the ways one can lift the breast without plastic surgery. 

Because the breast doesn’t have muscle, breast tissue cannot firm up with exercise. 

That said, you can improve the overall appearance of your chest by exercising the fibrous connective tissue and muscles beneath the breasts. 

Different chest exercises that improve breast lift, muscle, posture, and strength include pushups, cobra pose, banded chest flys, bench press, arm curls, and swimming. 

You can achieve a nonsurgical breast lift through regular physical activities such as the ones listed below:


The pushup is a good exercise that helps strengthen the chest and the connective tissue under the breast. 

Also, it strengthens the triceps, shoulder, muscle, and it’s an effective exercise for building strength. 

To start this, get into a pushup position with hands underneath the elbows and legs straight; begin by widening your hands on the floor and perform the pushup by bending at the elbows until your breast gently grazes the floor.

Cobra pose

Cobra pose is almost the same as pushup except that you need to keep your legs flat while arching your back. 

You can practice this exercise, which helps lift the breast by lying face down on the exercise mat.  

Place your hands across your chest line; then, your legs should be straight out while you brace your core.

Squeeze your glutes, and now lift your upper body off the ground by straightening your elbow.

Banded chest flys

Another chest exercise that helps to lift a breast is banded chest flys, and it only requires a closed-loop resistance band. 

Start by placing your hands inside both loops, wrapping the band across your back, retracting your scapulae, bracing your core, and squeezing your glutes. 

Next is to press the band forward out in front of you in a straight line and as your elbow begins to lockout, start adducting your arms together.


10- 15 minutes in the pool daily will lift breasts naturally.

3. Oil massage 

A good massage will help relax and tone up the breast muscles, and it’s advisable to use almond oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, olive oil, clove oil, and their likes. 

It tends to increase blood circulation, which will conversely help in lifting the breast. 

Massaging with any of the oils mentioned in the first paragraph of no.2 is a fantastic method to firm a sagging breast as it is a rich source of antioxidants. 

These oils contain copious amounts of fatty acids that can restore the damaging effects of free radicals. 

The massage technique requires taking a few drops of olive oil onto your palm, rub till it generates heat, and then massage all over your breast in an upward motion for 15 minutes.

4. Ice massage

Ice massage is an operative way of gaining firmness in a sagging breast, and it is so because the cold temperature will make the tissue lessen and the breast firmer. 

The method of applying ice massage is by taking two ice cubes and massaging each of the breasts in a circular motion for 2 minutes, at most. 

Then dry the breast, put on a fitting bra, stay in a resting position for a minimum of 30 minutes.

5. Egg white massage

Egg white has some skin-nourishing properties that can be an essential treatment for a sagging breast. 

Egg white with the presence of hydro lipids helps lift the loose skin around the breast. 

Its application method is to beat one egg white until it produces a foamy texture, massage it on your breast in an upward direction and leave for 30 minutes. 

Remove the paste with cucumber juice or onion juice, and then wash it with cold water.

6. Cucumber and egg yoke

Mixing of cucumber and egg York is an efficient solution for lifting your breast with going for surgery. 

The mixture serves as a mask that firm and strengthens the breast tissues due to natural skin toning properties in cucumber and a high protein level in egg yolk. 

You can achieve this by applying egg Yolk and cucumber juice around the breast for 30 minutes. 

First, mix cucumber juice, one egg York and a teaspoon of butter to get a paste; apply for 30 minutes and wash off thoroughly with cold water.

7. Eat healthfully

Taking care of your diet and nutrition is the key to overall health management.

Maintaining good nutrition helps keep the body resilient, strong, and healthy, even for decades to come, and prevents some aging effects like breast sagging. 

Protein rich-foods play an essential role in tightening up the muscle tissues. Also, fruits and vegetables supply adequate nutrients such as calcium, minerals, and vitamins that offer a great deal of appearance improvement.

Therefore, you can firm your breasts naturally by incorporating such foods as fenugreek, lentils, cabbage, broccoli, dairy, tomatoes, cauliflower, carrots, and eggs.

8. Maintain good postures

A good posture can contribute significantly to lifting a breast as lousy positioning of the body, such as backward bending, can put more pressure on the breast. 

By keeping your back and shoulders straight, you’re maintaining good postures that work to supply the body’s weight fairly and help lift the breast.

9. Apply shea butter

Using shea butter to massage the breast can strengthen the cooper’s ligaments which help to hold the breast tissues.

Shea butter contains a rich amount of vitamin E that helps firm the skin around the breast region, giving you a firmer appearance.

To firm your breast using shea butter, apply it to your palms and rub together to warm it up, then massage both breasts using the butter in a circular motion for some seconds.

Apply this method twice or once weekly, and after each application, allow it to stay for 10 minutes before washing it off.

Can sagging breast be firm again?

When the breast tissues lose their firmness, it is hard to tone up the muscles behind them again without regular chest exercises or surgery at worst. 

However, lifting sagging breasts in older adult women might not be possible, but young ladies can achieve this and improve overall appearance using the above points.

How can I make my breast firmer?

You can firm your saggy breast again by exercising, massaging the breasts, and applying other tips detailed in this post.


Breast lifts are on the rise because plenty of young and mature women want theirs higher and tighter.

For women, the saggy breast is inevitable, but it still has ways you can manage it individually. 

Exercise, good posture, ice massage, and egg white massage can help lift breasts other than surgery that may pose a risk.

The ways and methods mentioned above will surely go a long way.  

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