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Egypt Acquire 2 Military Ships from British Naval Force

The Egyptians acquire two mothballed royal navy auxiliary ships, ‘Fort Austin’ and ‘Fort Rosalie’ from the naval force of Britain.

Naval force military ships that Egyptians purchase will be for the movement of troops and equipment to specific points for military actions.

At the early stage of the year, Egypt purchased two ships namely; food and ammunition equipped with weapons for seaside warfare.

Based on the report, the selling of royal navy ships to Egypt happens to be the first time in 30 years of British trading military vessels with Egypt.

Also, Egypt distributes its naval power due to the discovering of extensive offshore gas reserves in 2015.

Still, on the report, the terms and conditions of the business between the two countries are not yet reviewed. Still, there is a possibility that the sales will create jobs opportunities for the U.K. since the ships need renovation and services.

The British shipbuilding company, Cammell Lairds, reviews the level of work that the two ships can take. According to the company, the 23,500-tonne vessel was built in 1970 before it joined the civilian support branch of the navy called the royal fleet auxiliary.

Admiral Chris Gardner, the senior royal navy officer, said in his view that the fort Austin and fort Rosalie had served the RFA, royal navy, and many of their allies with a difference, across the world both in times of conflict and ordinary time.

Chris Gardner continues his speech by saying that selling the ship to the Egyptian navy shows a mark of investment in the U.K. partner nation and a chance to support their industry partners.

Still, in Admiral Chris’s words, he says that supporting their industry partners by the Egyptians will prepare the vessels to hand over, which is the major success of national shipbuilding.

Finally, selling the two mothballed Royal Navy supply ships to Egypt leaves the RFA, Royal Field Artillery of the British, with only the Fort Victoria FSS ship for exercise with the Indian navy.

The Fort Victoria FSS ship is under the disposition of the carrier battle group of the U.S. navy, Carrier Strike Group.

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