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Kim Kardashian Helps Return Stolen Ancient Egyptian Mummy Back to the Country

Kim Kardashian, an American citizen, helps retrieve a stolen gold Egyptian coffin lost for many years.

Based on the information concerning the Egyptian coffin, people say that it started missing in 2011 during the Egypt 2011 revolution.

They believe the coffin was stolen from the region of Al Minya through the United Arab Emirates to Germany.

According to the report, the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased the coffin in 2017 for their public display known as “Heavenly Bodies,” which is supposed to occur the following year.

Still, on the information, Kim took a photograph with the missing Egyptian coffin during the annual Met Gala event in 2018 because of its perfect sparkle with her gold dress, and the viral picture reveals certain details that helped find it.

Stories have it that the coffin in question contains a corpse of one of the high-rank priests, Nedjemankh, who comes from the first Century B.C.

Evidence of the found corpse by Kim Kardashian surfaces when her photograph and the ancient gold coffin go viral.

People say that at a time, some group of curators of the exhibition want to buy the artifact for 4 million dollars, without knowing that it is an unlawful business.

Mathew Bogdanos, the assistant district attorney, gets information about the artifact after a picture of Kim Kardashian and the coffin went viral on social media.

Also, people tell a story about how an unknown snitch from the Middle East receives the image from some group who stole it seven years ago and gave it out.

After gathering the complete information about the coffin, an attorney, Bogdanos Mathew, demanded the picture of Kim Kardashian and the coffin.

After several investigations by Bogdanos, he traced the coffin with the help of Metropolitan Museum of Art’s officials, who verified the coffin and saw a mummified finger-bone in it.  

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