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First African Hybrid Toyota Car Launches in South Africa

President Cyril Ramaphosa launches a Corolla cross-car and describes the production as an excellent step for South Africa to convert the car-making business into a lucrative evergreen business. 

While speaking at the unveiling of the new Toyota South Africa production plant, the president assured the delegates that an excellent result only takes hard work. 

The Corolla Cross is the first production of the hybrid electric vehicle to come out from South Africa, and according to the president, it was more than a new model coming off a production line. 

South Africa being one of the global locations for the production of the hybrid car, is proof of the skilled, productive workforce of the country, and the president has since labeled the vehicle a fine historic achievement. 

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the Corolla Cross would be moved to 40 countries across Africa to boost the African Continental Free Trade Area. 

He thanked the company for its steady support and further emphasized that South Africa will only support companies that stood with the nation during difficult times in the coming years. 

Speaking of job creation, Toyota allocated 1775 jobs in the plant and the supplier companies altogether. 

Following the master plan, it aims at transforming the industry across the value chain by bringing in Black South African and young people. 

Toyota is also looking forward to increasing the number of new local suppliers, which is undoubted the key to economic reconstruction and recovery plan. 

Climate action being a hindrance can be curtailed through these three identified priorities: electricity supply commission reducing its carbon emissions, electric vehicles to be locally produced, and the green hydrogen economy to be fast-tracked. 

The South African president acknowledged the behind-the-scene heroes of daily production and the workers for making excellent safe vehicles.  

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