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South African Cricketer Refuses to ‘Take the Knee’ for BLM Quits World Cup

Quinton de Kock, wicketkeeper-batter from South Africa, withdraws from the World Cup against the West Indies.

The action was due to the symbolic gesture against racism unanimously agreed by the country’s Cricket South Africa (CSA) board on October 26, 2021.

The symbolic gesture involves a situation whereby an individual gets to kneel upon one of the knees in place of standing at attention for the national anthem, generally known as “take the knee.”

The board of directive for South African cricket sports became curious to know why Quinton de Kock refused to obey the order.

They asked one of the South African skippers, Temba Bavuma, the reason behind Quinton’s act. In his reply, he says that Quinton is old enough to decide what he should or should not do.

Temba continues by saying that Quinton is an adult and for that reason, they should respect his decision and that in as much as he doesn’t know how long the new development will continue, because he just got the news of recent.

Still, in Temba’s defense, when asked if he already has an idea of what brought about the refusal of the new instruction by Quinton, he defends himself by saying that there is no reason for such instruction.

However, Quinton de Kock says that the reason for his refusal to obey such instruction is his personal opinion. And for the fact that no one forces anyone to do anything in life, he will keep the reason to himself.

Another Indies skipper, Kieron Pollard reveals too that he doesn’t know about the trending happening; to him, he sees the information as a topical issue.

Kieron backs up his point by saying that the refusal of Quinton to adhere to the instruction given by the CSA directives has made his team, the West Indies, more substantial and that they will continue without going back.

In Kieron’s words, he says, “Everyone has an entitlement to their own opinion, and again he used to tell others that their level of education should enable them to understand things and why you are doing it.

Again, people should not abide by the instruction based on solitude or the idea of feeling sorry for others.

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