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Eni Discovers New Three Oil and Gas Deposit in Western Desert of Egypt

On Tuesday 26th of October 2021, an Italian multinational oil and gas company pronounces its discovery of three oil and gas deposits in the Western Desert of Cairo, Egypt.

The minister of oil and gas who works for Egypt confirms that the information they pass is accurate.

In the Jasmine W-1X, after serious drilling, Eni discovers up to 113 feet of net pay in the Jurassic sandstones, alongside the SWM-4X well of 36 feet and Jasmine MWD-21 of 51 feet. 

Also, the minister continues by saying that as it stands now, the oil and other minerals they discover will flow at 2,000 barrels every day and 7 million cubic feet of other gas-related minerals daily.

Eni, the minister of petroleum and mineral resources, also says that this mineral resource’s second place of appearance in Egypt is the Jasmine MWD-21.

They furthered the statement by saying that 51 feet of net pay of Jasmine MWD-21 came from the Cretaceous sandstone, and as of now, they have started production at the rate of 2,500 barrels of light crude every day.

Lastly, the minister said that the last location where they discovered the third position for oil and gas in Egypt is in the SWM-4X well in Cretaceous sandstones at 35 km South of the Mellieha field. 

He says that the discoveries bring about the production rate estimated to 1,500 barrels of oil every day.

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