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Elephant Trampled Suspected Poacher to Death in South Africa

At the Kruger National Park in South Africa, an elephant destructively crushed a trespasser to death.

The National Park’s spokesman, Isaac Phaahla, said that during an intelligent operation aimed at reducing the rate of poaching, the disfigured body of the poacher was come across. 

Kruger added that none of the animals experienced any harm when the elephant stomped the poacher to death. 

After thorough investigations, the teams suspect the accomplices of the poacher fled away when an elephant was trampling on the trespasser. 

The rangers have turned over the poacher’s phone spared by the elephant to police as assistance to their endeavor to track down the deceased’s accomplices. 

Isaac laments that previously, a poacher was killed by a herd of elephants while lions indubitably devoured the body at the park. 

The spokesman went further to lament the continuous poaching at the park, especially that of rhinos, thus reducing its population. 

Eventually, the park made it known that the number of arrested poachers had increased by 29.41% within a short period. 

With the help of new technology and increased patrol, the park has reduced wildlife crimes, and suspects apprehended, Isaac said. 

He also added that COVID restrictions are a sort of respite to the park.  

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