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Somali Film Won the Best Film Award at Pan-African Film Festival

A romantic film from the Somali filmmakers brings home $36,000 [E26, 000] cash price and a golden stallion statue in the Pan African film festival.

The Gravediggers wife happens to be the first entering film of Somali in the international feature film classification in the Oscars.

The news includes what attracted the win of the cash price to Somalis love story film in the Pan-Africa film festival irrespective of 16 other rivalries that compete with them.

The movie Gravedigger’s wife specifically dwells on struggles and love stories using the protagonist’s lifestyle in the movie.

Guled, the protagonist of the movie, happens to be a gravedigger who works in the hospital, and he has to bury the dead, and funny enough, he is doing that to raise funds to save his wife, Nasara, who was bedridden as a result of kidney failure.

According to the director of the movie, Ahmed, he got inspiration through the incidents that took place family and the experiences from his family background.

Again, he states that the film is ten years in the making, and he decides to direct it in other to perfect himself in the directorship field.

Although he was not present to get the award by himself, he stated that the secret behind the movie the gravedigger wife is a personal experience life story.

Still, in Ahmed’s words, he states that “Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for this type of love from the continent.”

The director of the Mauritanian film, Abderrahmane Sissako, in his speech at the ceremony conducted by President Macky Sall of Senegal and the Roch Marc Kabore of Burkina Faso, states that the film is a beautiful film that has a sense of humanity and as well deals with a love story.

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