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The Top 7 Dangers of Watching Too Much Television Programs

Too much of everything, as they say, is terrible, irrespective of the positive effect of watching television programs is still wrong when someone devotes more time to watch it.

The dangers of spending too much time on television programs affect both adults and children who form it as their daily routine to watch TV programs always.

Below are the dangers one will get from watching too much of a movie.

1. It strains the eyes.

Too much concentration in one direction or image affects the eye and increases the chances of eye strain.

Eye strain can lead to many adverse effects, including feeling headaches, eye burning, itching eyes, and watery eyes. 

Also, it can make one’s vision blur in some critical cases; the person will have double vision or dry eye.

2. Causes heart problems

As most people see it, one will wonder how a mare enjoyment can cause a deadly cardiovascular disease.

Apparently, yes. Too much sitting down on a TV set can lead to heart disease, a significant component of cardiovascular disease.

Sitting down in one spot for a long time leads to cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, stroke, and others. 

Also, when people glue their inner mind and attention on watching television programs, it can lead to a slow response to the flow of actions, leading to cognitive dementia.

Again, we can see that some people often begin to cry or laugh in line with what the movie portrays. They feel the reaction of what they watch all the time, increasing the danger of having a heart attack, which is the main form of cardiovascular disease.

3. Psychological problem

Too much television watching affects the mental reasoning of people, most especially children; it does this by draining their thinking skills and ability, thereby making them dumb.

Again since television provides them with vividly all the answers they need about things, they can rely on it, forgetting that they have their sense of reasoning. 

When one gets addicted to TV, it misinforms you, makes you not read your books, and deprives you of a sense of sound judgment. 

Not only that, over-focusing on television programs makes one useless. It also causes a lack of the ability to speak and temporarily unable to speak reasonably and the rest.

It will be good to curtail watching TV programs, especially children, to save their mental health.

4. Leads to Asthma

Constance watching television programs leads to asthma, especially in children. According to scientific research, paying too much attention to our TV set makes one develop a particular lung disorder.

The problem, in turn, causes one to breathe with a whistling or instead rattling sound, which gradually leads to asthma. 

Again this asthma disease affects children who spend up to two hours or more watching their TV set. To be free from this health menace, let minimize the hours we sit watching sitcom at home.

5. Depression

Over watching a television program will make you both emotional and physically far from people, thereby leading to depression.

Depression is one of the deadly diseases that cause death, these feelings set in when one starts having self-doubt, sadness, and the rest.

This feeling makes one lack the sense of belonging both socially and also lacks engagement with others. 

All these occur as a result of one spending more time on television programs. It also contributes to one having a minimal number of social contact.

They will hardly go out or associate with people because they glue all their attention to television programs at home. 

6. Can lead to emotional trauma

Emotional trauma often occurs due to additional stressful activities that smash one’s sense of safety, making one feel insecure and incapable.

The attitude is common among children who have formed the habit of watching television programs day in day out. Often some negative characters children display come from the experiences they get from violent movies, horror films, and similar ones. 

The effects of this are feeling insecure and displaying some strange characters.

This action is why parents should closely watch their children and reduce the hours they spend watching movies. 

7. Leads to Obesity

Obesity is an abnormal health condition caused by excessive weight gain that presents a risk to human health. It is also called overweight. 

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is one significant cause of obesity, and habitual watching of television programs is such a lifestyle.

Relying on studies, every two hours we devote to watching TV programs increases the obesity level by 23 %.

Again watching TV may cause children to become overweight or obese by increasing the exposure to unhealthy food advertisements or shaping unhealthy dietary habits.

When one is at a spot for consecutive hours without going out or working, the chances of adding weight or becoming obese are just in the corner.

What is the side effect of watching too much TV?

The side effect of watching too much TV includes affecting our physical activity, making one snack, and making poor diet. 

Watching too much TV makes one socially isolated, makes you have poor sleep quality, and finally changes your behavior.

Why is daily watching of TV for so long a harmful habit?

Watching too much TV is a harmful habit because once one is addicted to it, it causes what are known as behavioral problems.

It includes social and attention problems, which are likely to be seen in children who watch a lot of TVs. 

Excessive TV viewing also has a relationship with violent actions, impaired academic performance, and less time to play.

Is it good sometimes to watch TV all through the day?

People who watch TV all day ask this question. It is not good because too much of everything is terrible.

 So, it will be better we watch our TV at most 3 hours or even three and half hours, as any apart from this time is excessive.

Why is watching too much TV bad for our eyes?

Watching too much TV or constantly sitting close to the TV may make the eye tired, or it may give you a headache. 

These symptoms happen most especially when you are watching the film from the dark.

Final words

Being a television addict is not a trivial issue because it causes more harm than good, and it has also contributed to social problems.

Carefully go through the damages and problems case by getting addicted to television programs, you’ll see that the best solution is to minimize the ratio of time we spend watching films.

It will also help us and society at large, considering that it’s better to prevent harm than look for a cure.

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