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13 Top Tourist Destinations You Must Visit in Kenya

Stretching from the ultramodern cities to the old hubs, this part of the British East Africa Protectorate has diversified cultural heritage from numerous national parks to pristine beaches that have beaten all stereotypes in the African wildlife safari destinations.

In this post, you will be amazed at the best attractions, landmarks, and sightseeing spots you’ll find in Kenya. From spectacular coastlines to wildlife safari, Kenya has a lot to offer.

Without a doubt, Kenya appeals to travelers – you have to visit certain iconic attractions to uncover a patch of the country’s culture and history.

Need some tourism inspiration in Kenya? Look into this overview of the 13 top tourist places you must not miss on your next trip.

1. Maasai Mara Reserve 

The panorama is a nature lover’s paradise featuring Kenya’s most stunning game park. Y Narok, Kenya, where Maasais have resided over the years to manage the reserve.

Maasai Mara Reserve is prominent for its annual wildebeest migrations and reserved savannah wilderness which can be spotted viewed from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

Most visitors come here to see everything wildlife from hippos, cheetahs, lions, elephants, to zebras. July – October offers the best time to watch the wildebeest and zebra migrate from Serengeti to this area.

2. Mombasa

Located in the southeast of Kenya, along the Indian Ocean, Mombasa, the blue and white city, is the second-largest and oldest.

It’s famed for its old monuments, corals, beaches, and lively street markets with major attractions that have remained tourists’ magnets all year round.

Explore snorkeling, diving, and wildlife safari at Nyali Beach, Diani Beach, and Mombasa Marine National Park, respectively.

What’s more, the Fort Jesus and Mombasa Old Town are also notable hotspots in Mombasa for shopping and do other exotic things.

3. Amboseli National Park

Previously called Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, Amboseli National Park remains one of the cool places to visit in Kenya, housing numerous wildlife wonders that trill tourists.

The park’s fragile ecosystem is about wildlife animals, majorly the giant elephants in Africa, comprising up to 1000 species.

It’s also a popular place for spectating 500 species of mammals, which amongst them are giraffes, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, and their predators and inestimable species of bird.

Spotting the majestic views of Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain peak in Africa, surmounting Amboseli National Park is one thing you can’t afford to miss.

4. Samburu National Reserve

With idyllic wildlife and safari, Samburu National Reserve offers tourists ample opportunity for relaxation. It draws enormous crowed to Kenya every year to see its most famous inhabitants.

Safari tours and watching of elephants count among the most popular pastime for visitors to this destination. It’s indeed a fantastic place for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers visiting Kenya.

5. Diani Beach

Another ideal destination for beach holidays and family vacations is Diani Beach which sits on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya, just about 30 kilometers away from Mombasa city.

 It’s one of the most beautiful beaches as far as the African continent is concerned.

Diani beach is known for its white sands, offers breathtaking opportunities to relax under a beach umbrella and view the lush greenery with a refreshing drink.

The panoramic ocean views while relaxing at the beachside are as incredible as anything you’ll see elsewhere. There are also several beach resorts for water lovers, luxury spas, and outdoor pools.

An additional advantage is taking an hour’s drive to explore nearby attractions at Mombasa city in Kwale County.

6. Malindi

Another absolute favorite place in Kenya that will take your breath is Malindi, which is in southeastern Kenya amid strand tropical beaches.

Plan your next Kenya vacation to this awe-inspiring destination. A highlight of the things to do here include:

  • Sawa Sawa dhow excursions
  • Watamu Turtle watch at Watamu National Marine Park
  • Reconnecting with nature at Ndoro Sculpture Garden
  • Touring around the archaeological mystery, Gedi ruins
  • Overlooking the most extensive collection of snakes in East Africa at Bio Ken Snake Park
  • Taking a tour at Falconry of Kenya private zoo, and
  • Exploring Malindi Marine National Park, among many other things.

7. The Great Rift Valley

Another popular tourist area in Kenya is the Great Rift Valley. It is prominent for its remarkable geographical structure consisting of intra-continental ridges that span from north of Kenya through its south.

The major draws at this spot include the safari opportunities and the fantastic national parks enriched by wildlife adventures.

One benefit of this tourist hotspot is the opportunity to explore two attractions in one place. The beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park lies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley, providing the avenue to spot a vast species of birds.

8. Mount Kenya National Park

The view of this mountain alone, which measures 5,199m/17,057ft high, offers an awe-inspiring panorama. Mount Kenya is the leading beauty of this destination and is the second-highest mountain in Africa after Kilimanjaro.

It has three different peaks, making it the best destination in Kenya for mountain climbers. While at this location, explore other mountain trails, guided hiking, and several park adventures.

Hiking the highest peak, “Batian Peak,” offers a thrilling experience requiring technical skills. 

For amateur climbers, roaming the side peak of the mountain, Point Lenana, or taking the worlds’ highest view through the Ferrata route is another exciting thing to do at mt. Kenya.  

9. Fourteen Falls (Thika)

The next 14 falls of Kenya converge at the natural landmark on Athi River in Thika town to form this tourist attraction. It sits off Thika-Garissa road turning at Makutano junction, about 21 kilometers near Delmonte fld 59 and 65 km in Nairobi’s Northeastern end.

This destination has it all for adventure seekers who need a quiet relaxation and serene atmosphere for a great weekend getaway.

The spectacular 14 falls of Kenya offer the best destination for relaxation and photography, a good time for boating tours, boat riding, fishing adventures, and wholesome interaction with nature.

10. Uhuru Gardens Memorial Park

A commemorative open space park in Nairobi, Kenya, located the Langata road, just about 15 minutes away from the city center.

It commemorated Kenyan independence from the Empires of Great Britain on 12 December 1963 and got its name from the Swahili word, Uhuru, which implies freedom.

Uhuru Garden is about great outings for kids, great museum of Kenyan heroes and histories. Also, there’re good dine-in restaurants and where to stay if you plan to spend a day or two at this spot.

11. Lamu Island

Aside from the savanna and safari reserved, which Kenya is famous for, the Indian Ocean Coastline is another thing that adds to the beauty of the country, which you must miss.

The Lamu archipelago is one of the coastlines in Kenya that brims with history and multicultural influences. Manda Bay in the Manda Island and other attractions are worthwhile spots in Lamu.

Explore beach tours at three different towns of Lamu. Also, take a boating tour to the bobbing offshore destinations. There’re also several mosques numbering up to 23 that you must visit to see the histories embedded there.

12. Aberdare National Park

It’s picturesque with steep forested ravines, lots of game viewing, and trials in open moorland. The national park is home to black rhinos and elephants situated in central Kenya.

The views of the Treetops and the Ark, Aberdare Mountain, majestic peaks, intriguing falls, and stilted timber monoliths are breathtaking.

The best things to do at Aberdare National Park are indulging in moorlands camping, trout fishing in the rivers, and picnics in the countryside.  

Be sure to view 250 species, including the eagles, Sparrow hawks, sunbirds, plovers, goshawks, and Jackson’s Francolin. African wild cat, blue duiker, giant forest hog, bongo, African civet cat, golden cat are exceptional sightseeing here.

13. Nairobi

Exploring Kenya attractions is never complete without visiting Nairobi’s lively city, mostly called “Green City in the Sun.” 

Stuffed with museums and world-class sights, Nairobi has unique spots you really can’t miss.

Nairobi has it all – the fantastic culture, national parks, wildlife, and rich historical destinations are second to none. Above all, the sheer natural beauty of this great city will astonish and inspire you with awed delight.

The city makes an excellent place for exploring the Art centers, Giraffe Centre, National park and museum, Paradise Lost, Maasai Ostrich Farm, and the Kenyatta International Convention Centre that hosts thousand of African events year in, year out – to mention but a few.

What are the most famous places to visit in Kenya?

We’ve listed in this article the top-rated attractions and the most famous places to visit, including Lamu Island, Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, and Maasai Mara National Reserve, among others.

Why is Kenya the best tourist destination?

Kenya is the best tourist destination because it has private conservancies, reserves, and parks housing a varied population of magnificent wildlife worldwide.

What is the #1 tourist destination?

The no.1 country tourist visits yearly in the world is France, which had 89.4 million international tourist arrivals in 2018. While in Africa, Egypt has ranked no.1 tourist destination with a total number of 11.3 million international tourist arrivals in 2018.

What attracts tourists to Kenya?

Expedition to see wildlife in their natural habitat and visit spectacular coastlines attract millions of tourists to Kenya all year round.

Final Words

Indeed, Kenya is just stunningly beautiful. It’s home to some African jewels known as the world’s leading landmark for individuals and families seeking adventure.

Kenya has a great appeal for travelers who are interested in archaeological discoveries, nature reserves, and cosmopolitan cities. These and more is what you will not like to miss in Kenya cities and their surroundings, whether you’re a visitor, a day-tripper, or a tourist.

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