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12 Effective Tropical Foods to Keep Your Stress Level Down

Don’t look further! We have, in this article, the lists of tropical foods at your fingertips that can relieve your stress in a blink. 

Yes! You can control the stressful part of your life at home without having to break the bank if only you could include the following in your meal.

1. Sweet potato

Sweet potato is best for promoting relaxation, calmness because it contains a high amount of magnesium.

As an essential nutrient, magnesium helps to level out the body’s stress response system and helps the energy level be stable. 

The amount of magnesium in sweet potatoes can regulate heartbeat when stressed, providing energy to support muscle and nerve function.

Sweet potato helps the body system when under great stress to satisfy sugar cravings and urge for carbohydrates.

2. Mango

Mango contains a good amount of essential vitamins that help to reduce physical stress and better psychological wellbeing. 

Vital nutrients in mango can quickly move through the brain cell membranes and interact with a molecule that has something to do with mood. 

Studies reveal that eating a single mango per day provides the body with 90% of the daily recommended dietary intake of vitamin C.

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate has a much greater possibility of improving memory and as well reducing stress. 

The intake of dark chocolate changes brain ware frequency. 

The epicatechin and catechin are compounds present in dark chocolate, and it acts as antioxidants that help fight stress. 

One average size of dark chocolate candy can help fight hormones that the body release due to physical and emotional stress, known as catecholamines.

4. Avocados

Avacado contains essential nutrients such as stress-relieving B Vitamins, which lessens stress and improve mood. 

Also, avocado is rich in other vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, C, K, and more. 

The fruit can reduce stress because it has roughly 20 vitamin content, which offers abundant nutritional benefits.

5. Citrus Fruit

The presence of vitamin C in citrus fruit like orange and grape has a significant role in reducing stress levels because vitamin C is a might antioxidant that boosts the immune system and reduces stress. 

Citrus fruit has the function of lowering cortisol levels, which is a hormone that causes stress. 

Vitamin C in citrus fruit helps to reduce stress by providing calmness to the nerves and muscles. A high level of vitamin C eases stress levels.

6. Egg

Eggs contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants that give a healthy stress response. 

Egg contains a high level of choline that regulates bodily functions and fights stress.

Also, it is a rich source of vitamin B-12 that plays a vital role in relieving brain stress and physical stress.

Incorporating eggs as part of the diet is necessary because it improves mood, memory, behavior, etc., manages stress, anxiety, and sleep.

7. Organ Meats

Regular consumption of organ meats (animal organs), also called “offal,” can reduce stress because they’re very rich in B-vitamins and essential minerals. 

The organ meats include the heart, liver, and kidney of animals like cows and chickens. All these animal parts are better sources of B vitamins, especially B12, B6, which are essential for stress control.

8. Shell Fish

It includes mussels, clams, and oysters, and it maintains stress response because they are rich in amino acid-like taurine. 

The taurine helps to generate neurotransmitters like dopamine, whose role is to control the stress response.

9. Kimchi 

Research shows that fermented foods may reduce stress. Kimchi is a fermented food pack full of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics.

Also, it contains copious amounts of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help regulate mental and physical stress. 

A dose of kimchi per day can offer a healthy mind and relieve social anxiety.

10. Garlic

The garlic has high sulfur that increases glutathione which is an antioxidant that works against stress. 

Garlic fights stress and depression. Vitamin B6 in garlic builds the immune system, and it’s the surest way of beating stress.

11. Warm Milk

Warm milk is essential in reducing stress, and it has loads of B vitamins that tend to reduce stress. 

It is very high in calcium and tends to lower cortisol levels. 

The protein in milk known as Latium helps keep stress in check. Therefore, a glass of milk will go a long way.

12. Grains 

Eating tropical grain legumes and nuts such as cowpea, lentil, soybean, peanut, mung bean, chickpea, etc., help reduce stress. 

Naturally, grains contain an amino acid known as tryptophan, which helps to reduce nervous feelings, stress, tension, and anxiety. 

Those that eat grains are not likely to experience a stressed day because grains have a nutrient (serotonin) that serves as an anti-stress hormone. 

Which fruit is good for reducing stress?

All fruits that contain a rich amount of vitamin C can ease stress. However, citrus fruits and strawberries are good for reducing stress because of the level of Vitamin C in them. 

What drink reduces stress?

One can have some intake of water, lemon balm tea, and chamomile tea for stress reduction. 

Warm milk, tart cherry juice, and kara tea have the powerful effect of reducing stress, and finally, one can take green tea, which also helps reduce stress.


Following the above is a win-win situation to enjoy good meals and relieve that stress from your body. 

Therefore, try to incorporate almost all the foods mentioned here in your daily meals, especially the tropical foods that give you quick stress relief.  

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