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Top 20 African Clothing Brands Every Fashionista Should Know

Africa is now housing several fashion design startups and some enormous clothing brands capable of discovery by fashionistas.

The African community believes in the general saying, looking good is good business. That is why we have too many lovers and followers of the latest fashion and promoters of styles known as fashionistas.

There are many clothing Brands in Africa that every lover of fashion needs to know, you can find this brand in all parts of Africa, and most of these brands are famous and trusted sources. 

Below are the some of African well known clothing brands every fashionista should know

1. Hanifa clothing brand [Congo]

Hanifa clothing brand is a top African cloth brand which is from Congo.

Hanifa clothing brand is a direct-to-go women’s apparel line brand that Anifa Mvuemba owns and started in 2011.

Her clothing brand was also referred to as the Pink Label Congo because she positions the collection to respect the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The brand owner focuses her attention only on designing luxury size-inclusive collections for women without limits. 

Hanifa clothing brand is now in Baltimore, and every female fashionista should take note of this cloth brand because they have quality and fashionable cloth that will suit them. 

2. Lisou clothing brand [Tanzania]

The lisou clothing brand is a women’s wear band located in Tanzania, and it is a top brand.

The brand is made explicitly for women, and the founder Rene Macdonald has an unconventional route into the fashion world.

The Lisou clothing brand has an entire collection of female wearable, classical shapes cloth with a modern twist, all made with the finest silks, and all the prints are all designed by the founder Rene Macdonald.

The Lisou clothing brand was founded in 2018 to make women add some stylish silkiness to their wardrobes.

Lisou clothing brand is the best option to the followers of the latest fashion due to its specialist in all forms of women wear with different shapes and colors the fashionista needs, to bring out their happy vibes. 

3. Kenneth Ize Clothing brand [Nigeria] 

The Kenneth Ize Clothing brand is another African brand that every fashionista should take note of. 

This brand can be located in Nigeria and is owned by a man known as Kenneth Ize.

 Kenneth clothing brand is now selling between Nigeria and Italy, and the brand was founded in 2013.

 The Kenneth clothing brand deals on both male and female wear, and the owner consciously produced fabrics in vibrant hues with sharp tailoring.

 One can get Kenneth Ize’s clothing brand in Lagos, Nigeria. Every African fashionista who wants to trend should look out for Kenneth Izu because he is reinterpreting traditional West African fabrics and Nigerian craft.  

4. Tongoro clothing brand [Senegal]

Tongoro is a lovely African clothing brand that focuses on promoting craftsmanship and the made in Africa label.

This cloth brand deals on cloth that offers style-conscious to consumer’s quality, in different designs at a cheap rate. 

Sarah Diouf owns the Tongoro cloth brand, and it opened in 2016.

This cloth brand, located in Dakar, Senegal, should be known by fashionistas in Africa. The designer takes her time to source material on the continent and then support it with local tailors and artisans to bring out a fabulous outfit that will suit fashionistas.

5. Osei- Duro clothing brand [Ghana]

This Ghanaian-owned clothing brand is a well-known cloth brand in Africa; Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh own it. 

These two Ghanaian designers devoted their selves to create textiles and turn them into clothes in Ghana.

 Osei- Duro clothing brand started business in 2011; their product is hand-dyed, using traditional techniques like West Africa batik, wood carving, hand printing, etc.

Osei- Duro clothing brand is a brand, which every fashionista should know in Africa because; it deals in all types of cloth, both for adults and children.

6. Kente Gentleman clothing brand [Cote D Ivoire]

Kente Gentleman clothing brand is well studied, elegant, and edgy clothing brand in Africa.

  The clothing brand is located in Abidjan, Cote D Ivoire.

Aristide Loua is the founder of the Kente Gentleman clothing brand, and he founded it in 2017.

 This top African cloth brand has changed people’s misconception about African fashion, which has a term to be more expensive than what a typical African should be.

 In the designer’s opinion, an African fashion should teach many traditions, cultures, and textures with many other things people hold very dear to them.

 Every fashionista in the African community must recognize this cloth brand due to his unique taste and views about fashion.

 Again, the Kente Gentleman clothing brand specializes in menswear.

7. Alledjo clothing brand [Senegal]

It is another African brand that was founded in 2017 by Kassim Lassissi.

 Alledjo cloth brand is a unisex clothing line produce by artisans in DakarSenegal.

Alledjo cloth brand is about the desire to merge a passion for travel and exquisite apparel and each collection to a destination and culture. 

They believe that their brand embodies the people on the move with a deep concern for ethics and preserving culture.

As a fashionista, you need to know this top cloth brand because the brand identifies the apparent simplicity of a design that is even complex.

8. Thebe Magugu cloth brand [South Africa]

This top African clothing brand is in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

It primarily deals with women’s ready-to-wear cloth, and the owner of this cloth brand is Thebe Magugu. The designer names his cloth brand after his name, which results from his passion for African fashion. 

Fashion designer Thebe Magugu founded his brand label in 2016. After that, he garnered critical applauds for his thoughtful and inventive collections that take the record on history. 

You need not tell the lover of fashions all over the African continent about this creative designer who has introduced a lot of cultural heritage into style.

9. Lemlem clothing brand [Ethiopia]

Lemlem clothing brand is among the top known cloth brands in Africa, located in Lemlem Ethiopia.

 It is an artisan drive brand of beautiful women, men, and children resort wear made in Africa.

 The founder Liya Kebede of Lemlem is committed to building a strong, fair, and sustainable fashion industry in Africa; by adding value in her production to uphold artisans. 

Liya was motivated to lunch the brand in 2007 to preserve the ancient art form and create employment opportunities for local workers who display hand-woven textiles.

Every fashionista within and outside Africa needs to know this top-notch cloth brand that is in the business of preserving the local art of weaving and promoting economic growth.

10. Ozwald Boateng clothing brand [Ghana]

Ozwald Boateng clothing brand is one of the topmost known clothing brands in Africa situated in Ghana; The then president of the Republic of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor, opened it.

Ozwald Boateng clothing brand was designed to show at the 9th Annual African Union summit. 

The cloth brand was founded in 1995, and it was when they opened their first retail store.

 Lastly, the cloth brand has a massive impact on menswear fashion, and this is why all-male fashionistas should know him.

11. Don Morphy clothing brand [Cameroon]

It is another known African brand you can find in Cameroon.

Don Morphy clothing brand is a handmade custom that comprises t-shirt, suits, and menswear which has gain recognition in the whole of the African continent.

 Daniel Mofor is the founder of this excellent cloth brand which has the ultimate global appeal.

The founder launched this bland in 2014; the Fashion Group International of Dallas nominated him as a Rising Star due to his in-depth knowledge in fashion which gave him an award of excellence in 2019.

 Daniel Moore has a piece of professional knowledge in fashion, especially in menswear, which is why every fashionista must know him.

12. Jermaine Bleu clothing brand [Ghana]

Jason Jermaine designs this famous African brand; the brand tells more about African cultural features, high slits, unique patterns, bold colors, and many others. 

Jermaine Bleu founded this top cloth brand in 2015, and it provides a set of unique collections to the customers every season.

The brand explores all forms of creativity and tells stories through modern-day Africa, informed by the culture.

Jermaine Bleu works with local artisans to create and express the rich culture and tell stories of Africa to the world.

 This is why all who love fashion should know the brand to join hands with the designer to transmit African culture. 

13. Kai collective clothing brand [Nigeria]

Kai collective clothing brand is a top brand owned by Fisayo Longe, and just as the name implies, it is joint wear based on London women’s wear.

When considering the top clothing brand in Africa, Kai collective will be mention, and it is located in one of the largest African countries called Nigeria.

 Kai established this unique cloth brand in 2016, and the brand is sustainable. You can see that the clothing brand prioritizes extensively based on each item available in various sizes. 

This brand collaborates with her fellow Nigerian and female business owner Adebusola Adetona to source quality materials for her brand.

All African fashionistas ought to know the Kai collective clothing brand because the brand deals on obtainable clothing with luxury aesthetics.

14. Katungulu Mwendwa clothing brand [Kenya]

Katungulu Mwendwa clothing is a famous brand every fashionista should know, and it is in Nairobi, Kenya, one of the African countries.

The brand is named after the owner Katungulu Mwendwa, and it was founded in 2014.

 The founder of this brand is experimental in its research to design, and she always comes up with innovative techniques and playing around with various fabrics.

 This brand is strictly designed for women who want modern functional, considered design.

 The designer designs timeless, stylish casual wear extended beyond any season, which is why all fashionistas must take note of the brand.

15. Laduma Ngxokolo clothing brand [South Africa]

 It is a known cloth brand located in Africa, and this cloth brand is now in South Africa. 

The founder Laduma Ngxokolo has an initial vision to create a modern Xhosa- inspired knitwear collection suitable for this market.

Laduma Ngxokolo cloth brand was founded in 2012; the primary purpose was to showcase the Xhosa people’s beauty, culture, language, and aspiration.

The brand is based mainly on male wear, and one can shop online or in the Maxhosa Africa store. It will be of great benefit if all lovers of fashion get to know this cloth brand.

16. Imane Ayissi clothing brand [Cameroon]

This is another top brand in Africa that you can find in Cameroon. The brand is named after the owner Imane Ayissi who was born to a Cameroon parent.

He incorporated his brand in 2004; basically, the brand focuses on preserving and promoting our African fashion. 

The above reason is why this brand should be known to all the Africans lover of fashion who wants to preserve and at the same time promote our Africa culture. 

The brand owner and the designer aim to blend craftsmanship with traditional materials and create a deal wardrobe for the Africans.

17. Prime Obsession clothing brand [South Africa]

Prime Obsession clothing brand is a quality clothing brand in Africa, and thehe brand business is in South Africa. 

This brand was discovered by two structured designers, known as Shelley Mokoena and Keneilwe Mothoa. 

They launched the fashion brand prime Obsession in 2014. Although it began as thrift clothing, it later developed into a luxury fashion line.

Prime Obsession clothing brand is the right choice for every African fashionista. This is because the designers exploit their knowledge of interior design to create evocative masterpieces.

 The clothing brand is a unisex clothing brand that considers all gender. 

18. Buki Akomolafe clothing brand [Congo]

Buki Akomolafe clothing brand is a top-notch brand in the African community, and it is located in Berlin, Congo.

 Like every other clothing brand, Buki Akomolafe is named after its founder, and it was founded in 2016. 

The designer combines German and Nigerian roots into her high-end clothing for men and women, based on flashy colors and androgynous touch. This is what made her collections different from others.

One would agree that all African fashionistas will benefit from this clothing brand because of the designer’s ability to bring together a diverse background of tradition, handcraft, design experience, and aesthetic vision into the fashion industry.

19. Afriek clothing brand [Rwanda]

Siven Breemhaar owns the Afriek clothing brand, and it is among the top cloth brand in Africa.

Afriek clothing brand is located in Kigali, Rwanda, and it was created in 2013.

It is also a Dutch brand that produces contemporary African print clothing.

 The founder has in mind to create a different image of Rwanda. The country was in the stage of a sad genocide, and the designer thought that fashion was a beautiful way to change the impression and bring more joy and a positive message about Rwanda.

 As a fashionista, you have to take note of this creative clothing brand and go for it if you want to make more impact in fashion.

20. Mayamiko clothing brand [Malawi]

This clothing brand is among the top clothing brand in Africa, and it is situated in Malawi.

 Due to the fascination and love of fashion, the founder Paola Masperi devoted more time to collecting clothes, accessories, and home wear, ethically made in Malawi. 

This brand focuses attention on contemporary design with traditional African techniques, and it was established in 2013.

 The founder of the brand believes that ethical production should not compromise the quality and design of the product, but instead, it should add to its exquisiteness and value. 

It will significantly benefit all the fashionistas around the African community to identify with the Mayamiko clothing brand. It is ready to provide them with high-quality, luxury ethical goods that are unique.

What are clothing brands made in Africa?

There are many clothing brands made in Africa; they are Buki Akomolafe, Mayamiko, Osei Duro. Also, we have others like Tongoro, Lemlem, and lastly Sakina M’Sa.

What is the most popular clothing in Africa?

The most famous African clothing is the Dashikis; it is a colorful and unique garment covering the upper part of the body. 

We also have Boubou, a type of Dashiki generally worn with matching pants and a long robe that covers the outfit.

 Lastly, we have the Kente and even the modern traditional African clothing.

Final words

Indeed African continent is fashion acquainted, meaning that they have excellent knowledge of style.

The above-listed cloth brand will help most, especially the infant fashionistas, to know the best clothing brand to meet to perform well in their field. 

In conclusion, we have researched and mentioned the tops brands considered best among others all over the African continents.

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