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9 Preventable Diseases Too Much Stress Can Cause You

The state of mental or emotional strain which results from the adverse circumstance known as stress is a very pressing issue that leads to uncountable disease.

Although one can prevent most of these sicknesses caused by stress, the fact remains that some of the diseases, if not prevented or treated well, can lead to critical conditions.

Below are some stipulated preventable diseases too much stress can cause you.

1. Sleepless Night

Sleepless night is one of the stress-related issues, and it is also called insomnia. 

Stress can make one tired, resulting in sleepless nights; an example is when one is stressed out, the person finds it very difficult to sleep, thereby making the person awake all night thinking about one family problem to another. 

But one can prevent this stress problem by ensuring that your bedroom is relaxed and comfortable before sleeping. 

Again you can also manage this situation by avoiding anything that has to do with coffee, as it can interrupt your sleep.

Lastly, try as much as possible to eradicate any problems or situations that will make you stressed out or disturb your thought before sleeping.

2. Depression

Another preventable disease, stress, can cause depression, and it has to do with one having feelings of severe despondency and dejection.

When you don’t tackle stress, it can make you feel unnecessary anger and hopelessness. 

One may start feeling that they are not loved or that they are all alone in the world and all these strange feelings. 

The best remedy to solve this situation caused by stress is to try as much as possible to look for one you can share your burden with, having in mind that a problem shared is half solved. 

Again you can also save the problem by meeting a doctor to know any other related issues.

3. Headache

Stress can lead to a tension headache when the neck and scalp muscles become tense or contract.

 The result has shown that stress can alleviate the movement of also the sensor in the intestines. 

Again stress can affect one’s immune system and cause more harm than we can ever think of.

The good news remains that this problem can be managed and handled at the same time. 

To prevent any form of headache caused by stress, all we need to do is have enough rest and avoid anything that will disrupt our peace of mind.

4. Low sex drive

One will start wondering how everyday stress, as many see it, will affect their sex drive.

One must know that stress can affect your hormone levels, which will automatically diminish your sexual drive.

You need not panic if you find yourself in this situation since you can manage the case because it is one of the symptoms of problems caused by psychological stress.

 To prevent it, all you need to do is to adapt to the regular sleep circle. Get enough rest, sleep, and as much as possible to engage yourself in exercise activities and rest.

5. Digestive upset

Digestive upset is any health problem that occurs in the digestive tract, and this is one of the problems caused by stress which one can correct.

When one is stressed out, it releases the hormone cortisol into your bloodstream, negatively affecting the impact of gut motility.

It can also affect the way our intestine and stomach squeeze and move waste through the body. 

This disease can be solved by frequent drinking water, taking a warm bath, and avoiding drinking alcohol and smoking.

6. Forgetfulness

Stress, anxiety, and the rest can lead to forgetfulness.

 This action is the inability of someone not to remember something or for one to be confused. 

Stress causes an inability to pay attention to happenings and the formation of new ideas and memories or even retrieving old ones.

It also includes someone finding it very difficult to concentrate and other problems affecting man’s activity. 

You can prevent forgetfulness by including physical activity, which is an exercise in your daily activity. 

Again, try to stay mentally active, get organized, and eat a healthy diet.

7. Weight change

Stress can also cause weight change or depreciation, this occurs by reducing the bodyweight of someone, and the person will start emaciating. 

Chronic stress or poorly managed stress may lead to appetite loss, bringing down your appetite, resulting in weight loss.

To prevent this problem, all we need to do is practice mindful eating, drink more water, eat healthier and comfort foods.

8. Negative attitude

The question here is, can stress cause one to behave abnormal or have a negative attitude?

 Yes, Stress and fatigue can make you, as a person, start acting strange; it does this by stimulating an aggression controller in the brain, which leads to higher stress hormones. 

For instance, you’ll start looking for whom to make trouble with, or you will begin nagging over a trivial issue that you can ignore under normal circumstances.

This listed action can contribute to the precipitation and escalation of violent behavior under stressful conditions. 

You can prevent this action simply by thinking before you talk, not holding a grudge, then using humor to release your tension or stress.

9. Lashing out

Stress makes one pick quarrel with one with no just reasons. An individual, who has a stress issue, is usually rigid in their actions and daily routine.

 You find out that when something disrupts the daily routine of this set of people with stress issues, the action becomes uncommon for them, and they find it difficult to know how to cope with the changes. Due to this, they will lash out in anger. 

To avoid lashing out, which is a symptom of stress, try involving yourself in physical exercise, taking a timeout. You can also identify other possible solutions.  

What disease can be caused by stress?

When you pay less attention to the level of stress you undergo, it can lead to many health issues like obesity, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and many more.

How many diseases are caused by stress?

Stress can vividly cause a reasonable number of diseases because it weighs one down with physical illnesses.

 Again stress contributes to about 75% to 90% of human diseases.

Can stress prevent illness?

Well, too much stress, however, can suppress your immune system and cause you to get sick more easily. 

Again, a prolonged period of stress can also increase your risk of several diseases, like heart disease and cancer.

Bottom Line

Since one can prevent several stress-related issues, it will be better for us to carefully go through some of them, just as have been listed in this write-up, to save ourselves from this causative agent.

Gradually following each solution attached to the problem listed will help us manage and prevent this disease with stress.

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