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The 9 Most Daring West African Fashion Trends for Men

In this article, we have listed the top trending West African fashions that will help African men or African American guys make their attire choices.

The details here take in the perfect styles of West African fashion trends and attires men that will suit traditional occasions or any casual event. 

With the ideas in this post, most West African men obtain the right choice of attire and fabric designs to look great and dazzle daring fashion styles, just as celebrities do.

Also, get ideas about how to match perfect colors and accessories. Check out the top 8 most daring West African fashion trends for men we’ve listed in this article. 

1. African men shirt and a matching pant 

African men shirt paired with matching pants is one of the most daring outfits for black men. It’s an original masterpiece handmade outfit that offers some African feels.

It entails combining a set of African wax print shirts and trousers or shorts with comparable bold and bright blocks of colors.

To become more daring in this fashion, dress in Ankara pants combined with a two-piece ensemble fashioned out of African cloth.

Most West African men aspire to dress in this outfit, and it suits all kinds of occasions and makes up unique, daring African clothing for men.

2. Kaftan

Kaftan comes in various great styles, designs, and colors, making it another impressive option for West African fashion trends for men. 

From a feeling of extreme relaxation, kaftans are 100 percent pure, and superior high linen makes a fantastic, loose African attire for men.

It’s stress-free; it’s durable; it’s remarkably breathable and absorbent. Whether you’re using kaftan as loungewear or a dressing gown, it suits all moments of a free and calm state.

Additionally, it’s right to wear for weddings, birthdays, at home, on the beach, anniversaries, after a spa or sauna, and many other occasions. 

3. Northern West African Cap 

Northern West African cap, also known as kufi cap, mallam cap, fulans, or men’s hats, is the creativity that started trending from the Hausa people of Niger and Mali. 

Today, the hat has become a dominating men’s fashion trend in most African continents and the western hemisphere.

They are either knitted or designed from decorative rich strips of cloth. It includes exceptional designs depicting some events that are culturally significant or spiritual.  

For instance, some come in designs that signify visual prayer for rain finished with decorative designs, especially a repeated one forming a pattern.

You can rock the kufi cap with different traditional ensembles stylishly for any occasion. 

4. West African ethnic dashiki

In West Africa, the Dashiki shirt has existed for a long time and remains typically progressive up to date. 

As an African man, dashiki is the best way to keep you cool and stylish all through the hot summer day at any event. 

It is made from fabrics and designed artistically with an attractive side slit, button closure, and Henley shirt lapel holding beautiful patterns, bold and avant-garde designs.

It can be made in fashionable long-sleeve shirts or short sleeves, depending on the choice of fashion.

Dashiki shirts offer men a stylish and attractive look, leaving statements wherever you go and are worn across all parts of Africa by all ethnic groups. 

5. Agbada

Agbada is often a long ankle-length, embroidered gown and loose-fitting West African fashion trend for men mainly worn by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. 

The English term is a gown, while other names in diverse ethnic groups are; Babban Riga in Hausa, Darra’s in Maghrebi Arabic, mbubb in Wolof, k’sa or gandora in Tuareg, and grand boubou in different French-speaking countries in Africa.

The sleeves of this garment are usually broad with a hole in the center of the head, featuring an outer robe from which it derives its Yoruba-given name, agbada, which implies “voluminous attire.”

A complete agbada outfit comprises a gigantic, flowy outer robe, called awosoke in Yoruba, an undergarment vest (awotele), a pair of extended trousers (sokoto), and a cap (hat or fìla).

It is a traditional outfit worn for big occasions like marriage events, ceremonial occasions, special religious events, funerals, and lots more.

6. West African Ankara Attire

West African Ankara attire has a large selection of styles and designs to offer. Most African guys, mainly West Africans, rock on Ankara fashion wear today, although women wear it.

Ankara has become the hottest fashion trend in Africa and one of the best native styles men wear for all occasions. It has influenced some cultural stereotypes that have led most African men to choose it over other fashion trends. 

Now spreading worldwide, Ankara offers unmatched glamour and comfort to men of all ages, hence making them stand out among the crowd.

Some of the most trending Ankara styles for men include Men’s Ankara shirts designs, Ankara bomber jackets, Ankara senator styles, and lots more – they offer a rich African vibe for a great, casual look.

7. The kendu pants

The kendu pants are from plain and pattern fabrics, which can be Ankara materials or durable textiles.

Lately, almost all fashion fans and celebrities in West Africa, especially Nigeria, have fallen in love with kendu pants shaped from fantastic, superior materials.

Kendu is a set of West African men’s fashion outfits, combined with a matching shirt and pants. Many wear it for church, parties, cocktail nights, or any occasion. 

8. Men’s Trench Coats

The sense of West African fashion for men in Africa has changed from what it used to be in the olden days. Perhaps this has changed because the fashion industry now develops contemporary sense systems rather than looking up each brand has to offer individually.

Long trench coats make men stand out down, thus bringing out the layering effect on the main outfit.

Trench coats are popular worldwide, but it makes one of the great outfits for African men, especially when they want to keep warm and stylish.

9. African street fashion with baggy trousers

For baggy trousers or jeans, we used “street style,” a mesh fabric that comes in different colors, which may be blue, white, black, green, white, etc. 

The main thing to remember about dressing in African street fashion with baggy is that matching the attire will vary by color.

It is from 100% cotton and beautiful contemporary prints with top pockets and varied designs.

African street fashion rocked with baggy trousers or jeans is mainly a spontaneous, casual outfit suited for everyday use. You can wear it to stay at home, stroll down the street, market, or make it leisurewear.

Bottom Line

Today, changes in the fashion industry have birthed fresher and newer ideas that African men should be open to considering. 

The kaftans, agabdas, and West African print shirts paired with shorts or trousers, among others, are all daring fashion trends for African men.

Whether you’re a man or woman, it feels good to look great at dinner parties, corporate events, casual occasions, and wherever you go. 

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