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5 Hard Truths about Sleeping With Phones & How to Face Them

In the society we live in today, it’s now so common that mobile phone is the last thing to look at before sleeping and first to see upon awakening.

Below are the reasons to keep your phone out of your bedroom.

1. Emitted radiation

Mobile phones produce radiation that puts our health at risk. Hence, a cell phone shouldn’t be anywhere close to the sleeping bed as it can cause headaches, muscle pains, and many other health issues.

At times, people keep the phone very close to them to serve as an alarm one more email, music lulls you to sleep, waiting for a call, etc., for one should keep these excuses meters away. 

If the radiation from a phone is too high, the possibility of causing brain tumor, morphological changes, increased fibroblast activity of the skin, exocytosis in skin cells is very high. 

The only control measure of this emitted radiation from the phone is nothing more than keeping the cell phone away from your body. 

It’s so because the dose of radiation decreases drastically as you increase your distance from the sources. 

It’s just more or less like the way you distance yourself from the heat of a fire. If possible should be kept in a separate room.

2. Reduction of sleep

The smartphone, which is just the way forward of the present generation, seriously affects bedtime. 

The uncountable activities in a cell phone may cause a subconscious desire to continue refreshing, checking, responding, reading, scrolling, posting, clicking, playing, laughing, searching, etc. 

The feeling is incredible, and that alone makes it difficult for one to stop, coupled with its limitless opportunity for additional stimulation.

The difficulty may lead to a delay in bedtime, which on the other hand, contributes to sleep deprivation. 

Studies have also proven that LED screens hinder the production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin and decay in the circadian rhythm.

For that proper sleeping, ensure you switch off lights and devices with LED screens like smartphones, tablets, TVs, Computer monitors, laptop screens, etc.

The screen light makes it more difficult for someone to fall asleep and fools the brain into thinking daytime.

3. Compromise alertness the following day

Since you spent most of your sleeping hours reading emails or anything, you will be more tired throughout the day. 

There is every tendency that phones that are not on “do not disturb” can interrupt a deep sleep or repeatedly wake up to the sound of phone notification and make one less alert for the next day. 

A person with loads of work to carry out the next day doesn’t need to sleep anywhere close to their cell phone because you will be less aware and more sluggish throughout the day.

A being that has set goals to achieve daily shouldn’t compromise bedtime. Therefore, you should attend to the necessary emails and posts before sleeping time. 

It’s of high importance to also switch the phone to an airplane mode or, better still, “Do not disturb” mode. You can also have a sleeping bag outside the bedroom where you put your phone before bedtime.

4. Affects male fertility

Keeping a smartphone somewhere close to the body can affect male fertility, and this mainly occurs to the male because of their external and exposed reproductive organs. 

The duration exposure decreases sperm count, motility which is the ability of sperm to swim, and viability meaning the percentage of live sperm. 

Studies have shown that men who reach out for their smartphones at night damage their fertility either by thermal or non-thermal mechanisms.

It is advisable always to try and distance cell phone from the trouser pocket and away from the bed. It is better off when a cell phone is sly into a jacket pocket, purse, and a smaller backpack. 

Mobile phones and sperm motility correlates, and the idea is never to keep phones against the body while sleeping.

5. Can cause fire outbreak

Sleeping while the phone is under the pillow can start a fire. As a result, where generated heat can’t dissipate, and the phone becomes hotter, the pillow is likely to catch fire, leading to untimely death and loss of properties. 

Keeping the phone under the pillow, bed, cushion it’s a significant fire risk and severe injuries to the user. 

Many people are so attached to mobile phones that they unintentionally sleep next to them or keep them under their pillows. 

It’s advisable to keep the cell phone some distance away from the bed you are sleeping on. Also, one should keep the vent in devices open to dispel heat freely.

How dangerous is it to sleep next to your phone?

Sleeping next to your phone can be very dangerous and seriously messes up sleep. The radiation smartphones emit capable of causing unbalance to the biological clock. 

Sleeping next to your phone can also change the sleeping pattern to always being awake even when you are tired and pressing the phone.

How do phones ruin sleep?

Indeed, the light emitted from smartphones delays melatonin production, adding that the brain is sensitive to light. The absence of melatonin can lead to insomnia and weariness.

Why shouldn’t you sleep on your phone?

Sleeping with your phone is very harmful to the body, especially the eyes, and more to it is that the blue light emitted by the phone screen controls the hormone in charge of the sleep-wake cycle. 

At a point, it becomes more difficult to fall asleep and wake up the following day.


Sleeping with a phone is harmful to body function. Therefore, learning the above effects and solutions will go a long way in keeping you safe and enjoying an excellent bedtime without the mobile phone.

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