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Top 10 Phone Brands Commonly Used in African Countries

We are in a generation where the need for smartphones keeps growing by the day. 

In Africa, affordability matters, especially when it comes to smartphone-related issues, as there are different brands of phones penetrating the African market. 

Though Africa is home to many smartphone brands, the most commonly used brands are as follows:


TECNO mobile company manufactures affordable smartphones that can do whatever the leading smartphone in the world can do. 

The brand penetrated Africa and focused exclusively on sub- Saharan Africa with series like Spark, Camon, Phantom, Pova.

TECNO was the first brand phone in Africa to launch dual SIM, develop long-lasting batteries, bring a camera solution suitable for dark African skin. 

Tecno is one of the biggest-selling phone companies in Africa, and it also shot up to its game by creating affordable sets with features found on high-end phones like pixel and iPhone. 

2. Samsung

Despite its stiff competition with Huawei and Apple, Samsung is one of Africa’s most purchased mobile brands. 

The mobile company had released high-end phones at an affordable rate. In 2020, Samsung’s African market shrink and got a blow from TECNO. 

Hence, the ever-growing smartphone has got Samsung reconsidering its price.

The mobile device brands appeals to people with different budgets, from the premium S line to the affordable J line. That is to say that it has many devices with other price points.

Samsung was popularly known for its Samsung galaxy and the brand partnered with an audio expert corporation to offer a quality sound experience to customers.

3. Itel

Itel mobile company offers the most affordable smartphones in Africa, and in 2018, the company shipped over 2 million devices. Thus, the cheap smartphone contributed to their great sales in 2018.

The company’s directory listing has devices like Itel A32F, the cheapest fingerprint smartphone on the market.

Recently, the company unveiled the P32, which came with a brand new design and excellent features for a low price. Itel appeals to its fans primarily because of its product availability.

4. Huawei

Huawei is one of the most respected phone brands globally and the largest manufacturer of phones on the continent. 

The company has set the expectation so high for other brands with their significant sales of high-tech phones.

Huawei was the most purchased in Africa after the release of the device with a desirable camera. The company’s triple P20 Pro helped surpass their rival.

5. Infinix

Infinix is a mobile phone brand established in 2012. It gained its ground in Africa and, by 2018, peaked the 5th most bought phone through their brand ambassador, a top African musician Davido who understood the assignment.

Innovative marketing strategy aside, the got itself the most trusted low-budget phones for the average African. From the period Infinix was launched in the smartphone market in Africa, it was apparent it was a competitive device.

Sagem Wireless and Transsion Holdings is the owner Infinix phone brand, and the company once owned Tecno mobile. It might not have the most prominent presence, but it largely rates Ghana’s most successful phone brands.

Infinix has recently hurled five devices in the African continent, and the devices have spread over different price points with a stellar performance. The brand devices include Infinix S3, Hot 6, Hot 6 pro, Intelligent Note 5, and notched S3X.

6. Apple

Apple is one of the most popular phone brands globally and in Africa, to be precise.

Apple mobile phones offer superior design and features, which has become more of a trademark.

The phone brands have been keeping their quality with rapid technological developments over the years. Their latest iPhone series- Apple iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are evidence of their consistent improvement.

7. Gionee

Gionee smartphones have been in the African market for some time now, and the introduction of their marathon series boosted their popularity among smartphones in Africa.

Their battery capacity and efficiency added them to the list of the best and reliable brands in Africa. 

Gionee is a famous brand in Africa, and its unique selling point is the affordable and battery-focused device.

8. Xiaomi

Xiaomi has become one of the largest smartphones in Africa since its launch in 2011.         

The company introduced Xiaomi 10 in 2020; it’s a dual SIM device with an A90 Hz refresh rate, strong 4780 mAh battery, 6.67-inch, and 108+13+2+2 MP rear camera. 

Xiaomi has a subdivision like Redmi and several other series with excellent battery life.

9. Vivo

Vivo is a great phone that takes fantastic photos, videos and it’s a lighter-weight phone with powerful internals.

The Vivo X50 pro 5G has still photography quality in good lighting conditions and low light. It is one of Africa’s most commonly used because of its beautiful design, great screen, solid battery life, and class-leading photography.

10. Oppo

Oppo mobile device is a smartphone with a fantastic display and stellar battery life with pretty solid cameras. 

Oppo also has Find X2 Pro, Find X2 Lite. Though it is expensive, it still has Find X2 Neo for low-income earners.

It’s one of the new generation phone brands that is just getting its grip in the African market and for it to have gained an outstanding reputation means it is just a matter of time for it to strike.

The Oppo Reno series has been the talk of the town since its partnership with Big Brother Naija season 3, in line with having the people’s choice [Laycon] as the latest brand ambassador. 

Which phone do Africans use most?

In Africa, Tecno is a smartphone that has done well for the No1 spot. Tecno replaced Samsung for the first time in 2020, riding a successful launch of models in the affordable segment. 

Which phone is the No.1 mobile brand in the world?

Samsung is the most used mobile in the world and also has a sales network in 74 countries. It’s a big name in phone companies and has once sold 444 million mobile phones in a year. 

What are the five most popular phone brands in Africa?

In no particular order, the most popular phone brands in Africa are Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Tecno, and Oppo. These phone brands have indeed secured a spotlight for the company in the African market. 


Decision made easy! There are countless phones in Africa, but there are still the most commonly used ones. The list above will surely help select an excellent phone with a lasting battery and a clean camera without confusion. 

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