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8 Reasons Why African Prints Are Getting Popular in Nigeria

The African wax print fabric, generally known as Ankara fabric or kitenge, is getting popular in Nigeria, although the Indonesian fashion industry is the original producer.

One notices that every dick and tom has about 2 to 3 Ankara cloth for an outing in Nigeria; they wear them for church or a special occasion.

During celebrations like traditional marriages, you’ll observe that mostly the brides and grooms wear the same uniform of Ankara cloth, even the Asoebis.

 Also, in burials, the deceased relatives wear a uniform march of Ankara cloth to mourn the person, showing how popular the African print has gone in Nigeria.

Below are the reasons why African prints are getting popular in Nigeria

1. Unique quality

African print, otherwise known as Ankara, is booming more in Nigeria due to its uniqueness, and again, Nigeria has the mindset that it sells its unique culture. 

One will notice that vividly all the celebration in Nigeria, almost half of the people that will be present there put on Ankara cloth.

Even the well-known new yam festival or the general chieftaincy title position, you will notice too that most of the traditional ruler’s attire is all in print cloth, thereby making the print cloth part of the culture.

An example of this again could be seen that the Yoruba people have a beadwork tradition that dates from the sixth century, and it is sacred in both its wearing and creation. 

Again, we can also notice that some tribe uses the marine shells to produce wampum beads that can serve as a currency, jewelry, etc.

Finally, one will also notice that another African continent prints cloth to protect their culture apart from Nigeria. 

An example of this is the Nilotic ethnic group in Kenya known as Maasai of Kenya trademarked their bead artistry to preserve their cultural identity.

2. Colorful and pleasing to the eyes

The African print terms are more trending in Nigeria because of their colorful designs and eye-catching sharpness.

Nigerians are in love with colorful things, and that is why they have more numbers of fashionistas – this set of people don’t joke with bright fabric; they do everything to look good.

Lovers of fashion believe that playing around with the best fabric, for example, wearing an African print of your skin tone, will help to bring out your personality and help you make a fashion statement.

African print, known as Ankara, is a great inspiration. One will begin to wonder what it means, but the Ankara material gives people a better option to add beautiful colors of cloth to their wardrobe, especially the ladies. 

3. Beautiful designs

Another reason why African print is more prevalent in Nigeria is the numerous unique and beautiful designs that captivate buyers the most.

Due to these beautiful designs, and it becomes more associated with Nigerian clothing. People like it more because of its intensity and how the print does not change compared with other printed textiles that fade quickly. 

Again its beautiful design helps it to belong to the high-class quality fabric that has excellent resistance.

For that reason, Nigerians get acquitted of the cloth design and increased the number of patronage from Nigerian buyers.

Nigerians all over African nations now wear more print fabric than others, resulting from their love for Ankara cloth. 

4. It adds style and also conveys meaning.

Indeed, African print has become popular in Nigeria that every household now has Ankara outfits in their closet. 

Nigerians believe that print and patterns can add interest and meaning to their style and convey a message.

From observations, people use most African prints for storytelling, such as traditional tales, and also people read meaning into any type of fabric that one wears.

For example, there are types of Ankara cloth that people will see you putting and automatically dictate that you are mourning someone. 

For instance, when one wears complete white cloth or black clothing, it becomes suspicious that they may have lost someone very dear to them.

Again, the same thing is applicable when the person wants to go for an outing. The ability of African prints to covey meaning and add style is why Nigerians incorporate very much to their fashion.

5. They come in vibrant patterns.

This Ankara fabric seems to come in different captivating ways, carefully crafted to many different patterns.

 Again this cloth is made with a certain degree of uniqueness, and assorted patterns are pushed into the market every day to satisfy lovers of fashion. 

Just as stated before, Nigeria is the center of attraction when it comes to fashion, and for that reason, they teach the African print into their fashion life, and it begins to boom for them.

 One will even think that this print is produced in Nigeria, due to its rampant use and popularity, without knowing that it is a foreign fabric they grab from other people, and it starts trending for them.

6. It Versatility

Another reason why Ankara cloth tends to be everywhere in Nigerian is that fashion designers can turn them into anything. 

It means that people can use African print to sew any style of choice. For example, you can use them to make tops, skirts, shirts, trousers with other cloth of your choice. 

Again, the versatility here implies that the African print can sew for both casual and official wear.

The widespread usage makes it possible for a constant supply as many people in Nigeria is willing to partake in this revolution in the clothing industry. 

Many business people, together with designers, have also introduced many vibrant and charming designs to their different brands.

7. It is pure cotton

Nigerians cue into African prints because the fabric comes in 100% cotton material, and people love cotton cloth due to its conformability when worn.

Not only do Nigerians love cotton cloth but everybody, and this is because people want to appear elegant and comfortable at the same time.

For this reason, Nigerians decide to embrace the idea of Ankara, and as things stand now, the material is not going anytime soon in Nigeria; it will continue to go viral and even more popular.

8. The ability of not being restricted

Ankara is now widespread in Nigeria because one can comfortably wear it to any occasion anywhere in the world.

You’ll notice that most schools in Nigeria now have days for wearing Ankara cloth to school. Even some banks now permit their staff to wear Ankara cloth on Fridays, which has gradually improved the popularity of the African print, otherwise known as Ankara.

You can happily wear your Ankara cloth to church, market, and workplace unapologetically.

Where does African print come from?

African wax print emerged from the Netherlands in the second half of the 19th century. The industrial revolution and colonial expansion fueled it. New markets opened in the Dutch East Indies, now Indonesia, as well as Africa.  

What does African print represent?

The African wax prints such as Kuba cloth and Mud cloth have a vibrant history of a great and indigenous people. 

While they may look fantastic for today’s modern fashions, the print can symbolize status, hierarchy, and allegiance to tribal roots.

What are African prints called?

The African prints are, so times called Ankara and Dutch wax prints. They are also omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa, especially in West Africa.

They are colorful cotton cloths with batik-inspired printing manufactured by the fashion industry.

Final words

One can see why the African printing terms rein more in Nigeria based on the explanation given above. 

It will also baffle some to know that this famous Ankara cloth known as African print is not even from Nigeria despite how Nigerians rock it.

Again the above-listed reasons have also revealed the secret why Nigerians value African printing and why it will not live anytime soon. 

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