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14 Top Tropical Paradise in Africa

14 Top Tropical Paradise in Africa.

Are you hoping for a vacation with dreamy beaches, lush scenery, and warm seas? Africa has several places in which you can find your ideal tropical paradise.

Not only can you find year-round travel options in parts of the world that may be traveling off-season, but you can also find places to visit without restrictions.

The fourteen (14) African destinations listed below are perfect for a tropical paradise, including many islands and recommended activities for each.

1. Seychelles 

Seychelles Island is beautiful and pleasant and catches the stunning view of the bluewater lapping at its shores.

Seychelles is a tropical paradise in Africa with turquoise waters and excellent beaches. It’s filled to the brim with marine wildlife and has a vast lagoon that is perfect for snorkeling with enthusiasts.

Seychelles has excellent opportunities for both snorkeling and scuba diving. For example, they have low mountains, lush flora and fauna, and a beautiful sea that is great for exploring.

The island’s landscapes and scenery offer a cool-off spot on the coast, where many people go on luxury honeymoons.

Top-rated Attractions in Seychelles

Seychelles has a lot of top-rated attractions for tourists. These include 115 islands, beaches, and resorts, including

  • Petite Anse, Mahé Petite Anse, Mahe
  • Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Félicité
  • Banyan Tree Seychelles, Mahé
  • Constance Lemuria, Praslin
  • Anantara Maia Seychelles Villas, Mahé
  • Anse Georgette, Praslin. Anse Georgette, Praslin
  • Anse La Passe, Silhouette Island. Anse La Passe 
  • Hilton Seychelles Northolme Resort & Spa, Mahé

Things to do in Seychelles

  • Go beach-hopping
  • Meet giant tortoises
  • Boat trip around the top islands
  • Hike along trails on Mahé Island
  • Visit the tiny town of Victoria
  • Explore the Vallée de Mai on Praslin
  • Spend the morning at a local market
  • Tour around La Digue’s coconut plantation
  • Watch baby Hawksbill sea turtles venture into the sea

2. Zanzibar

Zanzibar Island is a gorgeous island off the coastline of Tanzania. The different parts offer lush coconut plantations, lush landscapes with tropical vegetation, and a spice farm.

It’s known as ‘Spice Island,’ and the beaches here are perfect for relaxation and leisure. The Island is ideal for wading into the warm waters while you scarf down some falafel.

Zanzibar is a tropical island in East Africa that is well-known for its sea breeze, iconic dhows, cuisine, beaches, and sails.

The interior of the Island has unique flora and fauna, the indigenous forest that houses species of monkeys only seen in Tanzania.

The island is a land of relaxation and calmness where you can find peace of mind no matter what day you visit. It has a lot of culture and history that continues to grow. The white sand beaches offer relaxing views as the water glows from the sunlight peeking through tree-tops.

Attractions and Things to Do on Zanzibar Island

  • Cultural city tour at Stone Town
  • Day trip at Jozani Forest
  • Nungwi Turtles and Cruise Excursion
  • Witness Zanzibar Special African Holiday at Forodhani Market
  • 5 Days Zanzibar Beach Holiday at the Palace Museum
  • Full private day tour at House of Wonders
  • 4 hours Spice Tour in Tanzania
  • Walking tour at the Old Fort

3. Mauritius 

The Republic of Mauritius is a tropical paradise where you can explore different types of food, water, and other natural fields. What makes the island grand? There are over 700 species of plants, rare birds, and many more things to discover.

Touted as one of Africa’s most beautiful exotic destinations that is also the ideal place for a luxurious holiday, Mauritius Island does offer everything you could want for your next holiday.

The beaches and sun around this island are on par with other famous islands. It’s an excellent destination for culture lovers, travelers, and water sports enthusiasts. It also offers a range of opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and more.

Mauritius Island Scenery 

Mauritius is well known for its stunning natural beauty and the various complex of plant and animal life it preserves. It includes unique environments like waterfalls, oceans, and forests.

The Caribbean is known for its beaches which comprise golden dust, coral reefs, and eucalyptus trees. Its water is so clear that you can see its color of it – shades of blue and green.

Attractions on Mauritius Island

Mauritius is one of the most spectacular and diverse African islands, with multiple breathtaking points of interest worth going out of your way to check out. One such point is under the ‘waterfalls at Save,’ which is full of an aquatic paradise. There are also some incredible coral reefs to explore and pretty white beaches dotted everywhere around the Island.

Here are some of the many things you can do on Mauritius Island.

Aapravasi Ghat – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Flic En Flac Beach – Longest beach

Chamarel Waterfalls – Largest waterfall

Tamarind Waterfalls – Amazing thing to see

Casela World of Adventures – Wildlife sanctuary

Rochester Falls – Amazing gush of water

Trou Aux Biches – A place to lose yourself

Pereybere – Water sports and more

La Cambuse – Swim your heart out

Sugar Museum – A great learning experience

Le Morne – A nature paradise for water sports

Ilot Gabriel Beach – For beach tour and cruise

Domaine Les Pailles – A cultural hotspot

Chamarel Coloured Earth – Witness the seven-colored sand.

Ile Aux Cerfs – Perfect weekend getaway

Belle Mare Plage – Explore sunrise amidst greenery 

Mont Choisy Beach – Natural wonder near an airport

Black River Gorges National Park – Breathtaking scenery

Light House of Albion – One of the best attractions

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden – World of flora

Mauritius National Botanical Garden – Witness the enormous variety of plants.

Adventures on Mauritius Island

Canyoning & zip lines

Sport activities

Sightseeing tours, hiking & trekking

Safari wildlife adventures, children’s activities, and horse riding

Nature & adventure activities at top attractions, parks & sites

Sea & water activities such as deep-sea fishing, diving, speed boat trips

Quad activities, catamaran cruises & 4×4

Divisions of Mauritius Island

The Island offers nine districts with exciting attractions, popular activities, and culture. Below are the divisions;

  • Moka
  • Flacq
  • Savanne
  • Grand Port
  • Black River
  • Plaines Wilhems
  • Rivière du Rempart
  • Pamplemousses
  • Port Louis (Capital of Mauritius)

4. Paradise Beach, South Africa

Paradise beach might be a fantastic place to visit, but it’s also a quiet suburban area with some serene areas for photo opportunities.

The beach in Paradise has soothing blue water and soft white sand and encompasses wildlife such as antelopes, otters, and birds.

Paradise Beach is an excellent destination for those looking to do more than swim and lay out in the sun. It is one of the best beaches for water sports, with plenty to offer tourists and locals.

Paradise Beach works annually in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Location: Jeffreys Bay Suburb, Sarah Baartman District Municipality, Eastern Cape Province

Sightseeing at Paradise Beach 

Paradise Beach has many attractions, including outdoor water parks, miniature golf, and other sights to behold, such as;

  • Dolphin Beach Entertainment, JBay
  • Seal Point Lighthouse 
  • Jeffreys Bay Beach
  • Shell Museum
  • Fountains Mall

5. Diani Beach, Kenya

Diani Beach is a tropical paradise situated in Kenya. It’s a beach surrounded by a physical jungle and provides peace inside the natural hush setting of the region.

Diani beach is one of Kenya’s most culturally diverse beaches, with beautiful coral reefs and a great set of natives.

It is a beautiful modern beach in East Africa with white sand, palm-lined streets, and warm turquoise waters.

Diani Beach is where the coast of Kenya, Africa, meets the Indian Ocean. It’s a fantastic spot, perfect for visitors who want to enjoy zen-like sunsets or go waterskiing and wakeboarding as you drift across waves while floating on your back.

Diani beach is a fantastic place to visit if you’re looking for a new place to explore. Any of the attractions there would be a great start. One top attraction at this cultural site is the Marine parks – an incredible spot where you can learn more about marine life and help preserve the ecosystem.

What would you like to explore next? What sounds like a lot of fun activities to enjoy during your vacation? 

You’ll find plenty, including kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet-skiing.

Things to Do at Diani Beach 

Diani Beach is perfect for sunbathing, jet skiing, and kite surfing; abundant wildlife and clear waters are suitable for snorkeling.

Diani Beach, a natural paradise and the Best Beach Destination in Africa for five years, combines tropical coastline with diverse landscapes and offers beautiful beaches for everyone.

Location: 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, Kwale county. 

Accommodation at Diani Beach 

Diani Beach has many villas for tourists wishing to stay longer, and it includes the 

  • Zubeida
  • Sunset Villa Boutique
  • Manyatta resort and apartments, etc 

6. Nosy Be, Madagascar

Nosy Be is one of the most beautiful beaches in Africa that offers great snorkel opportunities, vibrant sunsets, and a chance to observe sea turtles.

The Big Island has some of the most idyllic landscapes in Polynesia, including vineyards, waterfalls, blue-green lagoons, and fascinating wildlife. There are also unique attractions, such as whale sharks and humpback whales.

Nosy Be, the largest Island in Madagascar, has four gorgeous islands tourists like to explore. These are Nosy Komba, Nosy Iranja, Lokobe National Park, and Kulay Volcanic Island.

Nosy Be is a fantastic island for scuba diving, speedboat ride, and jet-skiing. It’s also a great place to have that midday snooze as the sun shines brightly over the ocean.

Places to stay on Nosy Be. 

The best stylish places and upmarket hotels tourists can stay in include Tsara Komba and Constance Tsarabanjina.  

Location: Kilometers 8 off the northwestern shore of Madagascar.

7. Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

Benoni, a city in the region of Gauteng, is a tropical paradise suitable for vacation, with numerous beaches that are good for sightseeing and relaxation.

Beaches and Attractions at Benoni include;

  • Bunny Park
  • CR Swart Park
  • Benoni Museum
  • Tsunami Beach Bar
  • Korsman Bird Sanctuary
  • Rietvlei Nature Reserve
  • Kaya Beach East Rand
  • Homestead Dam & Recreation Park

Accommodations in Benoni

There’re cheap accommodations for tourists at Benoni, including Anka lodge, CIELO, the Lakes and conference center, Summer Garden guest house, Kempton Park, etc.

Location: Benoni is a town in Ekurhuleni Gauteng, South Africa.  

8. Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique

Bazaruto will be a significant tourism destination over the next few years owing to its reputable and attractive ecosystem.

At Bazaruto Archipelago, Mozambique, sand dumps that formed the six islands’ unique ecosystems and unparallel beauty make them a must-see attraction.

Pristine coral reefs on the Island are home to over 2000 fish, whales, and dolphins.

Yes, those classic Bazaruto moments are unforgettable and leave a thrilling taste in your mouth after.

The Islands have turquoise waters, deserted white beaches, inland lakes, swaying palms, forests, savannah, etc.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is a volcanic island group in Mozambique, Africa. It’s ideal for peace, privacy, and viewing sunsets.

Attraction & Accommodations in Bazaruto Archipelago

Among the top attractions and affordable accommodations at Bazaruto are;

Benguerra Island Lodge

Bazaruto’s Lighthouse – A picturesque landmark

Bazaruto Nationa Park with five Islands 

Azura Benguerra Island 

Anantara Bazaruto Island resort.

Activities in Bazaruto Archipelago

Tourists can engage in diving, parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling in a natural pool, etc.

Game fishing opportunities are also available for tourists because of the Island’s protected nature that houses a variety of rare animal species.

Weather Condition

Barazutohas has a humid tropical climate with less precipitation, giving tourists access to all outdoor activities.

With its high humidity, the rainy season (November to May) really sucks. Other months, however, are a nice break for those who enjoy the sun.

9. Sao Tome Island

Sao Tome, also known as Saint Thomas, is a small island surrounded by Portuguese coffee plantations.

Around the 15th century, the Portuguese explorers discovered what would later be named St. Thomas. 

Sao Tome, an island off of Africa, holds waterfalls, green valleys, the Pico de Sao Tome volcano, and cocoa plantations. Coffee is also present at this location due to its volcanic soil.

Surfing season in Sao Tome (including June to September) is when waves are best, thanks to the waves created by tide changes.

The Island includes many things that are unique and intriguing to explore. The landscape is full of varied terrains, the beaches are unique, and there is a wide variety of local food. Foreign visitors will love this Island for its vibrant culture and exciting attractions.

Exciting Things to Do in Sao Tome

There are many things to do in Sao Tome, including scuba diving, hiking, strolling around a fishing village, and whale and bird watching.

Climatic Conditions on Sao Tome Island

Sao Tome Island usually experiences an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius year-round. There are two seasons, with the “shuva” being summer and the “gravana” being winter.

The weather is always hot and humid since it is close to the equatorial belt.

10. Sal, Cape Verde

Sal, the most popular Island for travelers, holds unique white sand beaches and bright turquoise shores.

The sun shines 360 days a year, so it’s the perfect location for all your beach-related needs! Sal Island is ideal for becoming a big part of the local culture while enjoying some of the world’s most fantastic hospitality.

The Island was first known as Liana on December 3, 1460, by the Europeans till the discovery of two large salt ponds (padre de Lume and Santa Maria).

Activity available on Sal Island 

Activities one can take in Sal Island are diving, stargazing, fishing, surfing, and four times four buggy rides in the desert.  

The climate in Sal Island

In Sal Island, the wind mainly blows from the northeast, and the Island experiences 350 days of sunshine per annum.

Although there are two seasons on the Island, it’s alright. There’s also a lot to do in August through October, although July is worth exploring.

11. Mumbo Island, Malawi

Mumbo Island sits on the waters of Lake Malawi, a place designed for inspiration, relaxation, and contemplation. It’s an escape from the everyday hustle.

Mumbo Island is an untouched isolated tropical island floating on the unrestrained waters of the Lake Malawi National Park.

The Island possesses calm, clear water, huge underwater rocks, and immeasurable species of colorful fish.

Exciting activities on Mumbo Island 

  • Swimming in the warm crystal clear waters
  • Snorkeling and kayaking around the islands
  • Exploring hidden caves and coves
  • Hiking on cautiously laid trails
  • Swinging in a private hammock

Other Must-see Attractions near Mumbo Island

Some attractions you must not miss while at Mumbo Island include;

  • Domwe Island
  • Lake Malawi National Park
  • Nankoma Island
  • Thumbi West Island
  • Lake Malawi National Park Visitors Center

Accommodations in Mumbo Island 

Accommodations on Mumbo Island are the bathrooms, Green Décor, Chalets, and tents.

12. Mohéli, Comoros

The Pliocene-to-Pleistocene Mohéli Island, also known as Mwali, is the smallest Island among the three in Comoro country.

Mohéli Island is composed of a plateau and covers an area of 112 square miles (290 square kilometers).

Visiting the Island allows tourists to appreciate the clear waters and swim with humpback whales, dolphins, and turtles.

The abandoned beach is a great place to experience scuba diving, with clear visibility and gorgeous rare sea creatures.

Getting to Moheli Island

To visit Moheli, you must first arrive at Moroni using Turkish Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Ethiopia Airlines.  

Once you arrive at Moroni, the capital of Comoros in the Comorian Islands, take one of the local ferries to Moli (Moeili)

13. Chief’s Island, Botswana

Chief’s Island is a massive sand island in the heart of Moremi Game Reserve known for its predators.

The Island is the most mountainous of all the islands in the Delta River and covers about 1000 km2. Mombo Concession is also in this region.

Chief’s Island, once a private hunting ground of the local chief Moremi, gained recognition as Africa’s big game reserve in 1976.

It is an island with a higher chance of showing visitors rhinos and is only accessible by boat or light aircraft.

Chief’s Island houses the wealthiest wildlife, grasslands, blue waters, and bright woodlands.

It was named Chief’s Island because it was formerly the sole hunting preserve of the then-local chief.

Chief’s Island receives flood water yearly at the center of the Okavango Delta, leading to fertile plains and a wide diversity of vegetation.  

Accommodations in Chief’s Island

Some of the cheap and affordable accommodations available for tourists at Chief’s Island are;

  • Chief’s Camp
  • Mombo Camp, and 
  • Little Mombo.

14. Lamu Archipelago, Kenya

Lamu Archipelago is one of the largest islands in the Indian Ocean, close to the northern coast of Kenya.

Lamu Island shows off the finest beach in Kenya and an incomparable collection of villas and houses.

It’s a premier beach due to its reputation in the 1960s as an alternative to India’s Kathmandu.

Top attractions in Lamu Archipelago

The attractions in Lamu Archipelago include Nabahani Ruins, Shanga, Lamu museum, Shela beach, Donkey sanctuary, etc.


Africa is overflowing with potential for those willing to explore its culture and spectacular beauty. 

Experience the hidden gems, remote islands, and tropical resorts on this continent with a trip to these top-rated destinations.

You can enjoy a scenic, pristine island getaway in Africa without breaking the bank.

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